When and how can I shower after rhinoplasty?

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12 December. 2021
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After rhinoplasty, the postoperative care is essential for improving nasal shape and recovery. Taking a bath is one of the most remarkable aspects of nasal aftercare and you have to do it carefully, because if the splint or nasal plaster gets wet, the results of the operation may be changed.
There are specific instructions for taking a bath and showering after rhinoplasty that we will cover in this article to diminish the risk of infection and other nose job complications. In addition, reading this article will help you know the suitable time for showering after nose job.

Can I shower after rhinoplasty?

Of course. Proper hygiene is essential for surgical recovery, but you have to know detailed pre-op and post-op instructions. In the first week after nose job due to the fact that the dressing, adhesive bandage and plaster should not be soaked, you can only wash the neck down.
A man showering after rhinoplasty
At the end of the first week and before visiting the doctor to remove splint, you can take a bath and wash your face and head without shampoo. Even you can pour water on the adhesives and make it ready to be removed easily.
In the first few weeks, you should avoid hot water. Also, after taking a bath, you should take the adhesives out and re-apply based on the instructions provided. Up to two months after surgery, you must visit the doctor twice a week for taping.

How to shower after rhinoplasty?

The first two or more days after nose job, you could have sponge bath and use a damp washcloth with lukewarm water to clean your body.
A woman taking a bath after nose job

Tips for taking a bath after rhinoplasty

Follow these steps in order to take a shower after nose job:

  1. Sit on a plastic chair
  2. Bend your head backward
  3. Ask someone to wash your hair gently
  4. Use lukewarm water
  5. Use shampoo at the end of the first week
  6. Dry your hair gently

During the first few days after rhinoplasty you can use dry shampoo or talcum powder to keep your hair fresh and clean.

make sure you follow these guidelines:

  • Keep surgical area dry
  • Use lukewarm water
  • Use the Gentle Shower Settings
  • Shower briefly and just wash your body
  • Pat your body dry gently
  • Avoid rubbing or scrubbing the surgical area

When can I shower after rhinoplasty?

A woman having her hair washed
showering after rhinoplasty cast removal can be done normally as you used to do before your nose job. Cast removal could be near two weeks after surgery, but it may vary based on your doctor's advice. Pay attention that you can take a shower after two days but you can just wash your body with lukewarm water and you should not soak the splint and plaster.
In addition, you can wash your hair and body after one week based on the instructions we said before. Be sure to discuss this with your surgeon and follow their advice.


Bath after rhinoplasty
Taking a bath after rhinoplasty might be challenging and we tried to provide you with some useful tips in this regard. In conclusion, you should avoid washing your hair and face for a minimum of 7 days after surgery. You can clean your face with wet sponge and wash your body with lukewarm water. You can shower normally after splint removal.
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Frequently asked question

  • Avoid tub bathing after your surgery because the incision areas are not fully closed and warm water can cause infections. You can have hot tub bathing four weeks after nose job.

  • You can gently clean your face and your nose area with wet sponge. While you are still wearing the cast or splint, you can use cleanser and don’t get your plaster case wet.


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