Breast implant in Iran

recovery time

Recovery time : 10 - 12 days

How long must I remain in Iran?

Stay in Iran : 7 days

How long it takes?

Clinic stay : 1 day

How much does it cost in Iran?

Cost : From 2100$

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Breast Augmentation in Iran

What is breast augmentation?

For some women, breast augmentation is a way to feel more confident. For others, it’s part of rebuilding the breast for various conditions. Breast augmentation can create beautiful breasts for women who are unhappy with the size and shape of their breasts. It is a procedure that makes women feel more feminine and attractive, as it creates breasts that are uniquely sized to complement their frame.

Breast augmentation is also known as augmentation mammoplasty or a “boob job.” It’s an elective cosmetic surgical procedure designed to enlarge or bring symmetry to your breasts. The implant type and size depend on several factors, such as how much bigger you want your breasts to be, your breast anatomy, skin thickness and elasticity, and body type but it may also be performed for reconstructive reasons. In reconstructive surgery, implants are used to restore anatomy due to congenital, traumatic, or post-cancer deformity.

Breast implants can be used to:

enlarge small breasts

restore breast volume after weight reduction or pregnancy and breastfeeding

even up with asymmetric breasts

reconstruct a breast after mastectomy or injury.

There are two types of breast augmentation each volunteer can ask for including; breast implants and fat transfer augmentation. Within those two main types of breast augmentation, there are various options based on the expectations of your breast’s look. There are some other factors that affect the chosen type for example breast implants are only FDA-approved for certain ages. Try to know all aspects of breast augmentation and the pros and cons of each method and talk with your plastic surgeon before making decisions.

Breast Augmentation in Iran cost

Cost of Breast implant in Iran

As was mentioned above breast augmentation or boob job has different methods that you can choose among them based on your expectations. The costs of various methods are different but you can ask mediranco for high qualified hospitals and experienced surgeons at very affordable prices. As a comparison, you can find out that the costs of most aesthetic surgeries in Iran are cheaper than in European countries. You can experience a journey to a wonderful country and have your surgery at an affordable price.

While breast augmentation procedure costs $10,000 in the UK, $12,000 in Australia, $7,000 in Canada, $4,000 in Thailand and $6,000 in the USA, the average breast implant cost in Iran is $2,100 which includes all parts of your costs like doctor consultation, anesthesia, post-op recovery, follow-up, etc.

Does health insurance cover breast surgery?

Surgery for breast cancer or other medical reasons is mostly covered by health insurance. Elective surgeries also known as cosmetic types which are performed to change the appearance of your breasts are generally not covered by insurance. Before scheduling any kind of surgeries you can talk with your health insurance company and regard your possible possibl.

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How Painful Is Breast Augmentation Surgery?

Not as unpleasant as you might imagine. In fact, the discomfort experienced during recuperation is so little that it may be controlled with over-the-counter pain relievers like Advil or Tylenol. The amount of pain you feel while recovering from breast augmentation surgery will, of course, depend on two primary elements.

Your pain threshold is the first consideration. Some people may tolerate discomfort better because they have a higher pain threshold than others, who have lower pain thresholds and are therefore more sensitive to pain. Everyone has an innate capacity for pain, but having a greater pain threshold may help you feel less pain during your recuperation.

The passage of time, which is divided into four stages, will also affect how much pain you can expect:

1-Right after an operation

You will feel the least uncomfortable throughout this phase of your rehabilitation. You will feel a slight hurting or tightness in the breast when you begin to feel yourself again after the general anesthetic used for your procedure causes you to lose weight on your chest from the implants. Most of the time, though, the general anesthetic will leave you sluggish and confused.

2-Hours Postoperative

The hours following your surgery will still see some little soreness or tenderness in your breasts. Some women, especially those who have implants, liken the sensation to pulling a muscle.

3-Days After Surgery

The 3 to 5 days after your treatment are probably when you’ll experience the most discomfort. This is because your body is adjusting to the procedure and there may be some irritation around your incisions and implants. The healing process has also started.

Most women experience slight aches, twinges, and tenderness, but this level of discomfort typically subsides within a week and is easily treatable with over-the-counter drugs.

4-Weeks Post-Operative

Your soreness will progressively go away in the weeks after your surgery as you recover from the treatment. Between two to three weeks, most women experience only mild soreness and at most minor to no pain. Most of your pain should be gone by the time one month has passed since your operation. Some women liken this soreness to the PMS-related breast tenderness.

Simply said, two to three weeks after breast augmentation, there may be some pain and sensitivity, especially in the area around the incisions. Once more, the best way to prevent issues that could result in more discomfort is by according to our postoperative instructions, including incision care.

It may take three to four weeks for edema to go down and six weeks before you can resume all of your routine activities after tightness has. During your follow-up visits, we will advise you on the appropriate timing for resuming particular activities.


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Breast lift vs breast augmentation vs breast implants

You might have noticed the interchangeability of phrases like “breast lift,” “breast augmentation,” and “breast implants.” We will describe the variations and who can benefit from each operation to assist clarify them and provide more information.

Breast augmentation – What is it?

Breast implant surgery and breast augmentation are two terms for the same treatment. In these cosmetic procedures, silicone or saline implants are inserted into the breast to improve size, shape, and volume. Although less common, fat transfer may also be mentioned in connection with breast augmentation.


Breast Augmentation in Iran

Who is it for?

For healthy individuals who meet the minimal age requirements, all breast implants are FDA-approved. Saline implants are available to healthy patients who are at least 18 years old, but silicone implants are not available to them until they are 22.

Breast lift – What is it?

Implants are not at all used in a breast lift. Instead, the breast is lifted and tightened by the surgeon using the breast’s natural tissue. This helps any sagging, drooping, or slight asymmetry you may be experiencing due to conditions like age, pregnancy, or illness and provides your breasts a more natural contour.

Who is it for?

Women who just want to partially restore the natural youthfulness of their breasts will benefit most from breast lifts. This technique produces a very natural look and feel and does not add volume, making it a suitable alternative for ladies who already have a lot of natural breast tissue.

Simply said, it gives the breasts a firmer, perkier, and younger appearance.

What’s the end result?

Compared to implant surgery, a breast lift’s final appearance is far subtler and natural. You can imagine it as going back in time to when your breasts were at their most voluminous and firm. It won’t, however, raise your cup size or the fullness of the top of your breasts, as only implants are capable of doing these things.

Can I get a breast lift with breast implants?

Combining breast augmentation and breast lift surgery is a growing trend among women.

Due to the considerable changes that pregnant and postpartum women’s bodies go through, they frequently benefit the most from this combination therapy. Mothers frequently experience a loss of form and volume after giving birth and nursing, making them ideal candidates for a lift plus augmentation to improve the fullness and perkiness of their breasts.


Recovery from breast augmentation

Breast augmentation is a complex procedure that necessitates extensive pre-operative planning and post-operative recuperation. Like with any operation, the key to a positive outcome is taking care of your health and paying attention to your doctor’s medical instructions.

Recovery times can vary because every woman is unique. Recovery times can be influenced by a number of variables, including implant size and type, placement, and even the surgeon’s surgical expertise. A full recuperation time typically lasts four to six weeks on average. During this delicate period, it’s crucial to avoid physical activity, moving large objects, and overexerting yourself.

Postoperative recovery stages


You’ll probably feel sleepy and sore when you first wake up from anesthesia. Although it could feel a little like a hangover, these effects should go after a few hours. You will, however, require a driver and an overnight companion.

The first five to seven days

The most difficult period usually lasts for the first three to five days. In order to relieve discomfort for the first 72 hours, your doctor will probably offer pain medicine, and your surgeon might even suggest getting an injection or pain pump.

Most women may manage postoperative discomfort with over-the-counter pain relievers after the first few days. Also, the majority of women can resume desk work around a week after surgery.

The upcoming weeks

Patients are advised to gradually ease back into light activity and a regular daily schedule after the first week. During this time, the discomfort should be mild, but doctors urge women to avoid severe or jarring activities like running, riding horses, or intense workouts. They are advised against doing any heavy lifting until they are fully recovered.

It is advised that patients with physically demanding professions take at least three weeks off.

full recovery

Your doctor will be able to determine how far along your recovery has advanced during your follow-up appointment. In general, patients are totally cleared to resume all routine activities after two months.

To ensure that your implants heal properly, it’s critical to carefully adhere to your doctor’s care instructions at Mediranco.

What questions should I ask my Breast implant surgeon?

  • Breast implant operations costs in Iran about $3000 or more depending on the method you choose to have (this amount of money includes doctor visit, clinic, anesthesia, post-op recovery, follow-up, and …). Although you can have these surgeries with affordable prices, you must know that the same procedure would costs you about $10,000 in the UK, $12,000 in Australia, $7,000 in Canada, $4,000 in Thailand, $6,000 in the USA and $4,500 in Turkey.

  • Now days based on the statistics, India, Mexico, Thailand, South Korea, and Turkey are the best countries for having plastic surgeries specially breast augmentation. Patients prefer to choose countries which provide high qualified services with affordable prices. Although these countries are perfect, one of the newest destinations for medical tourists is Iran. Annually many patients come to go under the knife of surgeons!

  • Although you can have breast augmentation surgeries with affordable prices in a perfect country like Iran ( about $3000), you must know that the same operation would costs you about $10,000 in the UK, $12,000 in Australia, $7,000 in Canada, $4,000 in Thailand, $6,000 in the USA and $4,500 in Turkey.

  • A type of enhancement or plastic operation in which a body part (here is about breast but it can utilize for other parts like buttocks, cheeks, chin) is enhanced with Gore-Tex, fat, fibrous tissue, and …

  • Before searching about various methods of breast augmentation it’s better to know about the meaning of the breast augmentation phrase. Surgeons during breast augmentation utilize implants, fat,… to achieve the expected contours. The only difference between these two words is that: augmentation is the process which is done for breast enhancement, while implants are the mechanism utilized.

  • During the breast augmentation operation, you will not feel any pain or discomfortable feeling as the process is done while you are under general anesthesia. Following the operation and during recovery and returning home and the time that anesthesia begins to wear off, you may feel soreness, pulling or stretching under your armpits and around your chest area and this is completely normal. This feeling may last for about two or three weeks. Realistic expectation is to feel better and stronger each day, although you need to consume pain medicine for a week or two.

  • Breast augmentation involves various risks like all types of surgeries, like Scar, infection, bleeding, and …

    But as the statistics show the mortality rate of this procedure is very low and it’s not a type of high risk surgery.

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