Liposuction In Iran

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Liposuction In Iran

What is Liposuction?

If you are in the group of people that are eager to cosmetic surgeries , certainly you are familiar with different kind of weight loss surgeries. Today we want to speak about Liposuction and the condition of this surgery. What is liposuction? In fact liposuction is fat removal surgery which it is popular among the people that they want to reduce their fat mass. In other hand Liposuction is a kind of cosmetic surgery that breaks up the fat from the body. In medical term for remove and breaks up the fat we use the term “ Sucks “ . as a result , Liposuction sucks fat from the body. Generally we call liposuction as : lipoplasty , liposculpture suction, lipectomy and lipo. This surgery is carried out under general anesthesia . Stay with us we want to speak about Liposuction in detailed.

Advantage of liposuction

The slogan of this surgery is “ don’t go under the knife “ and this is exotic point of this surgery.

This cosmetic surgery never limits you ,because Liposuction can be performed all over the body .

Liposuction done for cosmetic aims but sometimes it can used for medical purposes.

Perhaps you have fatty tumors name Lipomas which it is benign .in this situation you can use liposuction to resection tumor.

If you lose more than 40 percent of your BMI you need a way to remove excess skin and Liposuction is the best way for you.

Its amazing because this surgery can eliminate the fat which it is accumulate under the mans breasts

Sometimes fat accumulate in one part of the body which it has a bad shape , by liposuction you can solve the problem easily.

This cosmetic surgery is used to improve your appearance

Generally its not a weight-loss method

The people who undergo liposuction wants to remove fat mass in the specific part of the body

Liposuction is an powerful tool to help remove unwanted fat .

Liposuction In Iran

Kinds of Liposuction

Generally we have three kinds of liposuction: Traditional Liposuction-VASER Liposuction - Non-Surgical Lipo / Fat Reduction

Traditional liposuction : the popular way of liposuction which remove fat mass from your body
VASER Liposuction : the latest technology in liposuction is called these method you achieve your goal fast and you experience slim fit time.
Non-Surgical Lipo :

In these advanced method you can shape your body in the unique way and you can easily reduce your fat mass with no knife.

The operation

In the first step you have to undergo some important health test that ensure about the surgery condition. for example the group of patients who use aspirin and anti –inflammatory drugs they should pay attention more to stop taking them at least 2 weeks before the day of surgery. for the woman , they should be more patient and stop taking the contraceptive pill and then they can be ready for the next level of surgery. pay attention to your blood level and if you have problem like anemia you have to take iron supplement regularly before Liposuction surgery.


The different surgeries carries various risk like bleeding ,infection and reaction of your body to the anesthesia. after surgery , certainly you faced Severe bruising which it is normal after your surgery .don’t worry it can last for several weeks. In addition you face Inflammation after surgery that it is normal in the majority of surgeries, after Lipo you will see swelling that needs 6 month to settle.Thrombophlebitis that is inflammatory process that causes a blood clot. And maybe the patient be allergic of medication.

Expect After Liposuction Surgery

I know you want to observe the result of the surgery as soon as, but you should be patience because after the inflammation goes down the result will be clear and obvious step by step. And this process take several month. After surgery if you have just a local anesthetic you can leave hospital on the same day but if you have a general anesthetic every thing is different and you have to spend the night in hospital , and then you can leave.

Ideal Candidates For Liposuction

Liposuction surgery is ideal for the person who do not smoke or use related products

Individuals who wants to have an appropriate body shape

The group of people who has a good muscle tone and skin with ideal weight but they have fat mass


If you have good skin tone and elasticity the liposuction method works best for you. These method impact on undesirable deposits of body fat and influence in these parts:
Double Chin
Back of Neck
Bottom of Upper Arms
Female Breasts
Outer Thighs or Saddlebags
Bra Strap Area
Abdomen or Belly Pooch
Muffin Top
Love Handles
Male Breasts

questions to ask the surgeon:

How long will my recovery take ?

What will my body shape look like?

kinds of results can I expect from my liposuction surgery?

What are the risks of this procedure?

Tell me about your experience, How many years have you spent doing this surgery?

Will I be treated in a private hospital or a clinic ?

What is the scheduling time before my surgery ?

Can I walk after liposuction?

What are the side effect of Liposuction ?

First 48 ours

After surgery you will experience mild pain which it can control with oral oral medications we mean codeine and acetaminophen. the pain begin to decrease after 48 hours . after 24 hours discharge of fluid from incision is so normal but if your pain increase you can call your doctor.

How much does liposuction cost in Iran?

Perhaps you want to have a Liposuction in Iran and you needs to know about the Liposuction cost in Iran. different factors Like city, hospital and doctor can influence on the cost .first off all you need general information like these point:

Cost : $ 1500- 2200

Anesthesia: General

Hospital stay :1 Day

Back to work: 1 to 2 weeks

Duration of operation : 1-4 hours

Minimum stay in Iran: 7 Days

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