Otoplasty in Iran

Recovery time

Recovery time :

10 - 12 days
Stay in Iran

Stay in Iran :

4 days
Clinic stay

Clinic stay :

1 day

Cost :

From 1200€
Otoplasty in Iran

What Is Otoplasty?

Generally, we do not consider our ears to play a significant role in our appearance. Seldom judged, they remain insignificant unless they are unappealing, protruding, or big. If your ears are prominent and look abnormal, they may blemish your entire look, casting a shadow on your overall pleasant appearance. Don’t worry about it with the best Iranian specialists and surgeons in Mediranco, but read through everything you need to know in this section.

Otoplasty is Ear Cosmetic Surgery and has become fairly common in both adults and children. It is performed to change the position and shape of the ears. In other words, it makes your ears appear less protruding.

If you or your child has disproportionately large ears – which make you feel embarrassed, otoplasty in Iran can be a solid permanent cosmetic solution. However, before you decide on undergoing this procedure, it is essential that you weigh its pros and cons to determine whether it is worth it or not.

Ear reshaping can be done for adults as well as for children. With adults, it is important to know that the ear is fully developed, and will not be remolded after surgery as easily as the softer cartilage that children have.

For best results, an otoplasty should be done after the ears reach their full size, which normally happens by the age of 5 years. Surgery can remodel the cartilage to create the missing folds and position the ear closer to the head.

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What should you do in the initial consultation Otoplasty in Iran?

Several important factors that you will discuss with your surgeon in the initial consultation when deciding if this procedure is right for you are:

  • Skin type
  • Ethnic background
  • Individual healing rates
  • Age

During the initial consultation, patients will have the opportunity to express their specific concerns. The anatomy of the external ear is then evaluated, and measurements of the ears are taken. Photographs are also obtained, and an operative plan will be formulated based on each patient’s unique needs.


Is otoplasty painful?

For most otoplasty (ear pinning) surgeries, post-operative pain is often not too bad. You will frequently only need over-the-counter medicines and anti-inflammatory medications to treat the pain. Nonetheless, there are hazards linked with any surgical operation. Thus, depending on the details of your otoplasty, your relative pain may be larger or worse. You can contact your surgeon at Mediranco to discuss details regarding your case and the pain related. Otoplasty is typically minimally painful. A compressive dressing is placed upon the head and ears consisting of soft cotton and an elastic (Coban) gauze. This is not painful, but feels somewhat tight. Any pain that occurs the first night is easily eliminated with oral pain medication given as a prescription to be filled before surgery. The next day the dressing comes off, and virtually all discomfort is gone. During the first one to two weeks if the patient bumps the ears, they will be tender. After this time, patients are essentially pain free and swelling has resolved.

Other requirements for the Otoplasty in Iran are:

  • being Able to Quit Taking Certain Medicines
  • To Anticipate Outcomes in a Reasonable Manner
  • Reasonable Expectations Regarding the Process Itself
  • To Comply with Post-Op Directions

Otoplasty in Iran

What to know about otoplasty recovery?

You could anticipate experiencing a great deal of pain and suffering after your otoplasty surgery. Remarkably, people who have this surgery often feel far less discomfort than they would have thought. In actuality, otoplasty is not a very invasive treatment, and the ears usually lend themselves to manipulation better than other facial features. Your recovery will happen rather quickly, and most likely without any problems. Knowing when your body will start to heal and what symptoms to anticipate might help you plan for your recovery. Otoplasty patients can often anticipate the following healing stages as they recover:

  • Initial 24 hours: You should obtain plenty of rest and drink plenty of water during this crucial healing period. You’ll wear a little compression dressing over your ears during this period. It will hurt and swell your ears.
  • 24 to 72 hours: While your swelling might start to gradually go down, by the end of your third healing day, you ought to see a significant difference. Also, you will continue to wear your compression bandage during this time.
  • from three days to seven: At this point, many patients start to feel more at ease, and some are even given the all-clear to resume their jobs.

You will need to take more time out of work if your job requires a lot of hard labor. When you style your hair, your ears will likely look much less puffy and may be simpler to conceal. two to four weeks: Most of your daily (and social) activities can be resumed at this point as your ears won’t be visibly enlarged to others. three months later: Even while you’ll feel better before the three-month mark, it could take another three months for all of the swelling to go down.

What to know about otoplasty recovery?

Throughout your otoplasty recuperation, taking good care of oneself can speed up and facilitate your recovery. Start by carefully following your otoplasty surgeon in Iran at Mediranco’s instructions and keeping him or her informed of any questions or concerns you have along the way. Take extra care to avoid any strenuous activities until your surgeon gives the all-clear for the greatest recovery. Also, you must use cold compresses on the area surrounding your ears as instructed to keep it cool. To reduce pain and discomfort as well as any physical stress that can hinder the healing process, take your pain medication as prescribed. Avoid getting the region wet or taking a shower, keep your head raised to decrease swelling, and don’t sleep on your side, especially at the start of your recuperation. You’ll establish the groundwork for your effective recovery after otoplasty surgery by following these simple steps.

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Otoplasty in Iran

Who is a good candidate for otoplasty?

Here at Mediranco, we will go over your medical history, check the size, shape, and location of your ears, go over what to expect in detail, and address any questions you may have during your initial Otoplasty appointment. Here are some fundamentals about who makes a suitable candidate for this otoplasty operation before you visit your surgeon:

Individuals Who Are Five Years Old or Older

The auricle is 90% of its adult size by the age of five. Someone might make a decent candidate at this time. Your child’s ears may seem abnormally small or huge throughout the first year or two of life. Your child’s pediatrician may have also told you that your child’s ears have a structural problem that was present at birth.

Nevertheless, this process won’t work until the auricle is practically finished growing. The earliest opportunity for a corrective operation is when your child is five years old, despite the fact that you might desire to have it done as soon as feasible.

Individuals Under the Age of 66

It is occasionally allowed for patients older than 65 to undergo this operation. This is due to how crucial having good general health is. But if you’re in good health and above 65, you’re probably a suitable candidate for this treatment.

Mediranco surgeons seek for someone who is generally healthy, maintains a healthy lifestyle, and is interested in ear augmentation, pinning, or reduction, to put it bluntly.

Those Who Don’t Smoke

A non-smoker is the ideal candidate for otoplasty. It is imperative that you abstain from nicotine use for the six weeks before or after your operation if you smoke. We advise smokers who are thinking about having this operation to start quitting two months in advance. This, gives users two weeks to gradually cut back on their nicotine use and six weeks to completely abstain from it. It’s crucial to be nicotine-free at the time of your treatment because this medication raises blood pressure. The effects of general anesthesia on your body are consequently impacted by this. Moreover, it prevents your skin from healing.

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Otoplasty in Iran Before and After

What should I ask from my otoplasty surgeon?

  • Otoplasty is a type of process which is mostly done among children and teenagers, but nowadays some adults are volunteering for having it. Children who volunteer for otoplasty surgery should be five years old or older, so the ear’s cartilage is stable enough for operation, as the ear has achieved 80% of its adult size by this time. Teenagers and adults who are good candidates include healthy patients who do not smoke, and who have realistic expectations for the outcome of their operation.

  • Otoplasty is a safe and effective procedure in patients who have addressed large or protruding ears. Despite all, like all surgical processes, there are complications that can happen, such as hematoma, infection, abnormal contours, over-correction, under-correction, and exposed sutures.

  • The length of your stay in Iran for otoplasty surgery is about 10 days ( 2 days before surgery and 7 days after the surgery). However, this depends on the situation of the patients and the speed of your recovery.

  • Otoplasty mostly creates permanent changes in your ears. If you follow your plastic surgeon’s instructions after you get this operation, your ears should maintain their novel appearance for your lifelong. So the outcome of the surgery lasts forever.

  • Otoplasty also improves the shape of the ear to correct the appearance of protruding ears and specialized techniques may also enhance deformities of the ear. This is why otoplasty operations have a 96% worth-it rating on RealSelf. So if you are not satisfied with how your ears look and it affects your self-confidence, try otoplasty.

  • If you are thinking of having an otoplasty operation, we recommend you have it in Iran. Iran is by far the best country for all types of surgeries whether it is medical or plastic surgery, and Iranian surgeons are skilled, professional, and innovative. They are able to perform any surgeries at reasonable costs.

  • Based on statistics created by patient’s idea who have had otoplasty in Iran, Dr. Saeedi, or Dr.Hashemi is the best surgeons who perform it. Our team works with the best surgeons and also guarantees that you will achieve the best outcome from the operation due to highly experienced surgeons and also best-utilized methods.

  • In most patients, the realistic expectation for recovery time following Otoplasty is at least 6 weeks. Although the recovery time is long, you’ll begin to feel significant enhancement in the appearance of your ears in just 2 or 3 weeks.

  • Days before the surgery:

    It is recommended to avoid smoking two weeks before and after your surgery. Chemicals such as nicotine and tobacco are believed to delay the healing procedure and might lead to scarring.

    Avoid consuming specific drugs such as aspirin, ibuprofen, naproxen, and other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications, Vitamin E, herbal supplements, and medications containing these compounds for two weeks before surgery. However, if you have specific needs or questions regarding the usage of drugs, our experts at Mediranco are more than eager to help you.

    Keep your skin safe from sun damage for two weeks before the surgery using appropriate sun protection.

    The day before the surgery:

    Avoid eating or drinking (including water) for 8 hours before the surgery. This is required so that the anaesthesia process is done correctly.

  • Of course, from the vast range of applications attributed to otoplasty, making ears less protruding is a common one. Otoplasty might be the best option if you are bothered by how far your ears stick out from your head. Don’t hesitate to contact our consultation team if you feel unsure about the necessity.

  • Otoplasty is among the procedures that can be done through adulthood. Although it is more commonly performed on children or teens, it may be done at any age after the ears have reached their full size, usually after five.

  • Depending on the case, ear surgery usually consists of three or four steps. In most cases, otoplasty is started with a local anaesthetic and sedation. However, this might differ if the patient is too young or has special conditions. Next, the area behind the ear is incised so the surgeon can access the cartilage and get it in shape, enhancing the overall look, including symmetry and size. The third step is done if the ears need to be repositioned, called ear pinning. Finally, the surgeon will close the incisions and wrap the area in bandages, so the healing process begins.

  • Otoplasty is a cosmetic ear surgery which can change the shape, position or size of the ears. If you are unhappy with any of the mentioned aspects of your ears, you might consider contacting us. We at Mediranco are 24/7 available for your queries.

  • Our surgeons at Mediranco are among the best, with the lowest rates of surgery-related complications in Iran. Otoplasty, as with any other type of major surgery, has risks, including the risk of bleeding, infection and hypersensitivity to anaesthesia. Another risk associated with cosmetic surgeries is scarring. In otoplasty, while potential scars are permanent, they’ll likely be hidden behind your ears or within the creases of your ears. However, with the delicacy of our surgeons and post-operative tips given to you, the risk of complications is minimal.

  • After several months, your scars will begin to fade, although they will never disappear completely. It takes about six months to a year for a scar on the ear to completely heal.

    Scars will begin to fade after months; however, they won’t disappear completely. The healing procedure of marks usually takes about six months to a year. As mentioned in the previous answer, scars will likely be out of sight.

  • The cost of otoplasty depends on several factors, including the chosen doctor and location of operation, medications, tests and hospital costs. However, all prices considered, Iran is the most affordable country for cosmetic surgeries with unmatched quality. For a better estimation of expenses, you can contact us any time!

  • Yes! You might want to undergo other procedures to decrease your recovery time and have a better overall look. Facelift and browlift are among the common surgeries combined with otoplasty.