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What Is Otoplasty?


Generally, we do not consider our ears to play a significant role in our appearance. Seldom judged, they remain insignificant unless they are unappealing, protruding or big. If your ears are prominent and look abnormal, they may blemish your entire look, casting a shadow on your overall pleasant appearance.Don’t worry about it with the best Iranian specialists and surgeons in Mediranco, but read through everything you need to know in this section beforehand.


Otoplasty is Ear Cosmetic Surgery and has become fairly common in both adults and children. It is performed to change the position and shape of the ears. In other words, it makes your ears appear less protruding.
If you or your child has disproportionately large ears – which make you feel embarrassed, otoplasty in iran can be a solid permanent cosmetic solution. However, before you make the decision of undergoing this procedure, it is essential that you weigh its pros and cons to determine whether it is worth it or not.

Are you a good candidate for otoplasty?


Ear reshaping can be done for adults as well as for children. With adults, it is important to know that the ear is fully developed, and will not remold after surgery as easily as the softer cartilage that children have.
For best results, an otoplasty should be done after the ears reach their full size, which normally happens by the age of 5 years. Surgery can remodel the cartilage to create the missing folds and position the ear closer to the head.

What should you do in the initial consultation?


Several important factors that you will discuss with your surgeon in the initial consultation when deciding if this procedure is right for you are:


  • Skin type
  • Ethnic background
  • Individual healing rates
  • Age

During the initial consultation, patients will have the opportunity to express their specific concerns. The anatomy of the external ear is then evaluated, and measurements of the ears are taken. Photographs are also obtained, and an operative plan will be formulated based on each patient’s unique needs.

Risks and safety of otoplasty in Iran



  • Otoplasty is not different from any other reconstructive cosmetic surgery. The aim here is to enhance your facial appearance. If your ears are large and appear too far from your skull, the most professional surgeries in iran can help reshape your ears and make them more proportionate.
  • Being bullied or teased because of the shape of your ears is not only common but also emotionally discouraging for both a child’s and an adult’s self-esteem. Bullying can be a significant factor behind disliking your own ears. This ear cosmetic surgery will help you and your child retrieve that lost confidence.
  • The surgery can restore the original shape of ear if it was injured during an accident
  • The surgery can help treat different types of defects in ear structure
  • The results are long-lasting while the surgery requires very little time, usually complete within a couple of hours.



  •  Otoplasty involves complications like bleeding, cartilage infection, skin infection and prolonged pain.
  • The cosmetic surgery sometimes takes an extended healing time, especially for scars to fade away or if the patient has health problems such as diabetes.
  • There have been otoplasty cases where patients experienced permanent numbness of the face and ears.
  • The surgery majorly depends on the efforts and skills of the primary physician. If your chosen plastic surgeon is not professional and competent, you may face perilous side effects after surgery.

What are the steps of a ear surgery procedure?

In most cases, ear reshaping cosmetic surgery will be a relatively less invasive procedure, requiring only a local anesthetic along with sedation for an adult patient. Children will, however, usually require general anesthesia to undergo ear pinning surgery.

Incision and Cartilage Reshaping
Following anesthesia, the procedure will begin with the surgeon placing an incision behind the ear.
The surgeon will perform the reshaping of the cartilage in precise and delicate manner to enhance the proportion and symmetry of the ears.

Ear Repositioning
If the ear is projecting far from the head, the surgeon will reposition it closer to the sides of the head after the reshaping of the cartilage is done. This is called ear pinning.

Incision Closure
Once the ear reshaping is done, the surgeon will use traditional or removable sutures to close the incisions. The incision area will be temporarily wrapped in bandages.

Top 4 Things You Have To Do Before Otoplasty

  • Stop smoking for at least 1 week before surgery.
  • Perform laboratory tests or clinical tests.
  • Avoid taking aspirin pills, anti-inflammatory drugs and some herbal remedies that may increase bleeding during surgery.
  • Take care of your skin.

Top 4 Things You Have To Do during recovery

  • Avoid touching or rubbing your ears.
  • Don’t panic if you see discharge coming out of your ear.
  • Keep your head elevated for the couple of weeks.
  • Avoid prolonged sun exposure and extreme temperatures for about a month or two.

When Will I See Results After My Otoplasty?

The results can be seen almost immediately with some minor changes over several weeks as the ears completely heal. Otoplasty results also depend on the experience of the surgeon as attention to detail and using the correct techniques are vital.It is important to follow up with your surgeon as directed to make sure the otoplasty is healing well and the desired results are achieved. Otoplasty revisions can also be performed if a patient is unhappy with the results from prior surgery.

How much does otoplasty cost in iran?


The cost of cosmetic ear surgery varies between different doctors and different areas where this is done. And it depends on the surgeon’s wages, hospital costs, medications , tests and the surgical procedure you are considering. But don’t worry , Iran is the most affordable country for otoplasty and other cosmetic surgery with high-experienced surgeons and high-quality services. If you are interested in traveling and treatment in Iran, and wish to get a rapid assessment of what plastic surgery might be able to do for you, then you can call us and ask any questions you have.

What should I ask from my otoplasty surgeon?

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