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Infertility Treatments

Infertility and its impacts on couples’ lives

Infertility has become one of the most problematic issues that couples may confront. Big lives are reliant on children, having them is crucial to stabilize the family and increase its intimacy, this factor has made infertility a threaten to marriages. Everyday lots of marriages get ruined because of either the wife or husband’s infertility. We are here to tell you the good news that at this age there is no worry for infertility, with modern medications and treatments it would be easily cured just like influenza.

Diagnosis of infertility

First, the doctor would ask you for your medical history and physical condition, there would be also questions about your sexual history. These files are essential for the doctor to determine whether you are infertile or not.

For men, a physical exam and sperm analysis are taken to asses sperms productivity. Women are also first examined with their physical condition, the doctor would then make sure that you are ovulating and that your ovaries are releasing eggs, an ultrasound or X-ray device is used in this procedure. A blood test is also taken from you to evaluate your hormones level.

Infertility treatment methods

There are different solutions to this reproductive defect, it could differ in men and women.

Treating male infertility methods

  • Surgery: If you are diagnosed with varicocele (Enlargement of scrotum veins), surgery could help you by sealing off the scrotum veins and directing the blood into your normal veins.
  • Antibiotics: In order to cure infections existent in your reproductive organs, this method will be effective.
  • Hormone Treatment: If the low or high level of specific hormones have made you infertile, this treatment would be the best for you.

Treating female infertility methods

In women also, there are some almost identical steps to treat infertility:

  • Surgery: To obviate the blockage problems (such as endometriosis) emerged in areas like fallopian tube.
  • Fertility Drugs: These prescribed drugs would help you restore your normal hormone level and ovulating.

    Infertility could also be cured with the help of new reproductive assist technology called ART. There are several kinds of ART:

  • IUI (intrauterine insemination): Sperm is taken and is then posed directly in woman’s uterus when it is releasing eggs.
  • IVF (in vitro fertilization): Sperms and egg are grown in the laboratory for 3-5 days, after that, the embryo will be placed in woman’s uterus.
  • GIFT (gamete intrafallopian transfer) and ZIFT (zygote intrafallopian transfer): In GIFT Sperms and egg are collected in the fallopian tube, in ZIFT, the egg after fertilization is put into the tube at 24 hours.

Infertility is a worldwide phenomenon, the couples infertility rate is around 10-20 percent worldwide, any couple who are without no pregnancy while not using any contraception for over a year are considered to be infertile.

Many types of treatments such as Ovulation Induction, IVF, IVM, IMSI, ICSI, IUI, PGD, assisted hatching, reproductive surgery and surrogacy is available in Iran.

What is Iran quality-price ratio in fertilization?

Iran ranks as the first nation in western Asia in fertility research and treatment, with more than 50 infertility clinics, Iran is highly qualified and experienced in this field.

According to stats, among 20 million couples in Iran, 4 million couples are suffering from infertility. This means that a lot of infrastructures are made to wipe away this issue from their lives. Considering Iran’s recent advancement in Genetics, we now have become one of the boldest countries in resolving fertility related diseases. Iranian endocrinologists are now so adept that a big number of medical tourists visit Iran to eliminate their infertility.

Royan infertility clinic is one of Iran’s best in infertility treatment and is world renowned.

The costs of infertility treatments in Iran

The price of this procedure in Iran is a number around 1500-2000$. This number could vary from 10000 to 12000$ in USA and Canada, from 2000 to 4000£ in Europe, based on the region, and from 3000 to 4500$ in eastern Asia countries. Comparing its price and efficiency with other countries, it would be a really wise choice of you to choose Iran as your medical destination.

Our package for fertility treatment includes airport transportation, accommodation, doctor visits and consultations, laboratory tests, medical photography, surgery, recovery, post-operative care and follow-up on treatment.

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