Mediranco is an international tourism and healthcare company whose mission is to facilitate health tourism in high-profile medical destinations for patients and seekers of cosmetic surgery, especially in Iran. We try to provide world-class services to patients in the high-quality hospitals and clinics we work with. Mediranco.com and all associated websites and services (Hereafter, “Mediranco”, “our Services” “We” or “The Website”) are owned and operated by  Mediran Teb Farapouyesh an Iranian Private Company Limited. We have drafted this Terms and Conditions of Use Agreement which you can understand your rights and obligations relating to the use of the Website and any services offered and provided by Mediranco. You can have a copy of the following Terms and Conditions of use (Hereafter, “The Agreement” “Terms”, or “Terms of Service”) by mailing us at Info[at]mediranco.com.    

Patients’ rights

Your health is very important to us, so you may be asked for documents, information, and images related to the services you are looking for. We assure you that all these documents remain confidential with us and we are responsible for their security.  

Website content

All content on our site is to increase your knowledge about the services that can be provided. These articles have no diagnostic or therapeutic validity. We are very happy if you find anything wrong with the content, let us know.  


Hospitals cooperating with us in Iran have the highest standards and use the best modern facilities. It should be noted that all our partner hospitals in Iran have certificates of evaluation for the admission of international patients.  

Terms of services

Thank you for choosing us to help us make our services better day by day:
  • We will be with you to meet all your travel needs such as ticket reservation, hotel reservation, transportation, and even leisure tours.
  • We are with you at all stages of the journey, from being greeted at the airport to seeing your smile of satisfaction
  • Your interpreter is with you during the service period
  • Receipt of your visa authorization code will be done at Mediranco.
  • Your medical records will be shared with the hospital and physician to provide the best and most appropriate services.


We have provided our services to you as a package for your convenience. These packages are designed for one adult. It is not possible to combine and change packages to use the discounts of one package for another. After the initial consultation, the price of the services you need will be provided to you, which is valid for only 60 days. If you are charged for those services, your reservation will be valid for up to 6 months. You will be fully informed of any unforeseen costs that occur during the on-site examination and before surgery. You must pay the full cost of the package before surgery or receiving services.  

Medical documents

At the initial consultation, we may ask you for medical records such as lab tests, CT scans, MRI, colonoscopy, etc. The patient must provide us with all the required documents before traveling to Iran. If these documents are not available to us and lead to further tests in Iran or lead to the cancellation of surgery or services, all costs of tests outside the package are provided and the cancellation of services is the responsibility of the patient.  

Your Medical history

The patient must fully inform us of his medical condition. We must be informed about any surgery, illness, or medication used. The responsibility and cost of canceling surgery or services due to lack of proper information are on the patient and must be paid in full before leaving Iran.  


Our company applies for a visa at the request of the patient. Any incorrect introduction that leads to the rejection of the visa application is the responsibility of the patient and the application fee will not be refunded.  


The patient must not purchase a ticket before the visa is approved. We will not be responsible for any damages resulting from the purchase of the ticket before the visa is approved.  


We are responsible for accompanying the interpreter in the treatment packages. Citizens of the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada must have interpreters approved by the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA), which costs $ 80 a day. The interpreter who will be at your disposal is obliged to provide services at the time of receiving the medical services provided to you. If you need an interpreter outside of the hours of receiving our approved medical services, the patient must pay the interpreter for extra hours to purchase, tour the city, and other items.  

SIM card

The SIM card that is available to you has limited services. If you need more services, you are required to charge the SIM card  

Nursing services

If the patient needs the presence of a nurse during the recovery period, the cost varies depending on the hours and type of services required. The patient can request a nurse daily while at the hospital or hotel.  

Treatment devices

Some medical services require equipment and devices that are used or injected into the patient’s body. The brand of these cases is chosen by us and any change in these cases is the responsibility of the patient.  

Change of trip plan

The patient cannot cancel or change his schedule at any stage of receiving services. Any change of schedule or cancellation of services is the responsibility of the patient and our company has no obligation in this regard.