Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Iran is one of the safest countries in the middle east as a matter of fact Iran is safer than many popular tourist destinations, a good example would be Turkey.

All females over the age of nine should wear a Hijab, the Islamic dress code for women.

The Hair should be covered with a scarf, the colors doesn’t matter.

The Chador(head to toe black dress) and Burqa aren’t compulsory but a knee length skirt or trouser and a long-sleeved dress is compulsory.

There are few restrictions for men, only shorts are forbidden, ties are not forbidden.

Yes, alcoholic beverages are strictly forbidden.

No, Smoking is not forbidden in Iran but smoking Marijuana is not legal.

Unfortunately due to sanctions international credit cards don’t work in Iran, we advise you to bring suitable amounts of cash.

You can change your money in Melli banks available in airports.

Yes, you are allowed to bring in filming and recording devices, but you should declare it at the customs and get a filming permit.

Yes, Internet is widely available in Iran, there are numerous internet cafes around Iran and free Wi-Fi is available at hotels and hospitals.

Mobile services also provide a wide range of network connection options.

Mediranco offers a wide range of services from taking visa, providing translator to booking hotel for our dear costumers, we are with you every step of the way.

You can get a reception by filling in the “request a quote” section, we review your request and medical documents, and prepare a suitable medical package for you.

Most Iranian hospitals International Patients Departments(IPDs) offer their services in both Arabic and English.

Citizens of all internationally recognized countries can get an Iranian visa, you should visit an Iranian embassy or consulate and present necessary documents, those include your passport, two photographs(women should wear a headscarf), your filled application form and the receipt for your visa fees.

Waiting line for visa is usually ten working days.

Citizens of the USA and UK need an invitation letter that can be issued by tour agencies in Iran.