Plastic Surgery in Iran

Plastic Surgery in Iran

What is plastic surgery?

Plastic surgery, deriving its origins from the ancient Greek word “plastikos,” meaning molding or giving novel form, is a specialized branch of medicine aimed at two primary objectives. Firstly, it seeks to enhance one’s appearance, and secondly, it focuses on reconstructing facial or bodily defects resulting from various factors such as illnesses, traumas, birth disorders, and more.

This field is delineated into two main branches:


  1. 1. Cosmetic (Aesthetic) Plastic Surgery
  2. 2. Reconstructive Plastic Surgery


While cosmetic plastic surgery primarily aims at improving aesthetics, reconstructive plastic surgery endeavors to restore and enhance the functionality of various anatomical parts, excluding the central nervous system. Plastic surgeons undertake a range of objectives, including:


– Addressing Birth Defects: Plastic surgery plays a pivotal role in correcting congenital anomalies such as cleft palate, facial asymmetry, and severe birthmarks, thereby affording affected individuals the opportunity for a normal childhood.

– Maxillofacial Reconstruction: Plastic surgeons address congenital anomalies such as deformed ears, cleft palate, and cleft lip, among others, to improve both aesthetics and function.

-Treatment for Dog Bites: Plastic surgery serves as a vital aid for individuals globally in recovering from severe dog bites. These incidents often result in torn flesh, soft tissue loss, and skin damage in the affected area. In extreme situations, only plastic surgery offers the means to effectively repair the inflicted harm. Not only does plastic surgery address the visible damage, but it also focuses on repairing underlying nerve and connective tissue injuries to restore facial expression and overall appearance.


Choosing the Right Surgeon

Embarking on a plastic surgery journey necessitates careful consideration in selecting the right surgeon, especially when considering undergoing procedures abroad. It’s crucial to meticulously evaluate potential surgeons based on their qualifications, experience, reputation, and adherence to safety standards. Mediranco is dedicated to offering you skilled plastic surgeons to guarantee optimal results, along with providing you with all the necessary information to help you select the most suitable surgeon for your needs.

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Plastic Surgery Costs in Iran: Affordable Options for Quality Procedures

Wondering about the cost of plastic surgery in Iran? Look no further! Iran presents an excellent opportunity for significant cost savings on cosmetic and plastic procedures compared to countries like the United States. With notably lower expenses, Iran has emerged as a preferred destination for medical tourists worldwide.

For instance, liposuction in Iran costs approximately 700€ per area, making it an attractive choice for those considering liposuction, tummy tucks, and various cosmetic surgeries. Consider rhinoplasty, for example. When comparing global costs, Iran shines as a cost-effective option. Nose jobs in Iran start at just 1300€, a significant reduction compared to the typical 3,000€ to 15,000€ price range in the United States. Rising expenses for medical services, particularly plastic surgeries, have been attributed to the demand for advanced technology and limited health insurance coverage.

At Mediranco, we offer exceptional deals with minimal price fluctuations from the previous year. Take advantage of our free online consultation with our professional experts to gain insights into the entire process, including visiting, booking accommodations, and detailed cost breakdowns.

Cosmetic Surgery

Aesthetic or Cosmetic surgery is a type of process that reshapes your body in order to improve your appearance and beauty. Because cosmetic surgery is elective, it is generally not covered by health insurance. The most common examples include:

Breast implants :

A surgery that uses either saline or silicone implants or fat from other zones of the body to increase the size of your boobs or restore breast volume after weight reduction or pregnancy.

Tummy tuck :

Abdominoplasty, often known as a “tummy tuck,” aims to eliminate excess skin and fat from the abdomen while enhancing the strength of abdominal muscles. The primary objective is to achieve a more aesthetically pleasing abdomen, employing both direct excisional methods and liposuction if necessary. With the increasing popularity of bariatric surgery, abdominoplasty has emerged as a valuable solution for patients dealing with excess abdominal tissue post-weight loss.

Liposuction :

A procedure that reshapes and slim parts of the body by removing fat deposits. The most common areas of the body on which this procedure is done are the thighs, hips, buttocks, abdomen, and waist.

Plastic Surgery in Iran

Reconstructive Surgery

An easy way to define reconstructive surgery is a surgical option to remodel the form and function of the body. Frequently, reconstructive surgery is needed after some type of disease or trauma to the body. Some of the most common examples are listed below.

Breast reconstruction :

Surgery for women who have had all or part of a breast removed (mastectomy), mostly because of breast cancer. Trauma reconstruction – Imagine you’ve been in a serious car accident and suffered a bad injury, such as an acute fraction, a severed limb, a severe facial injury, or burns — all of these types of trauma can lead to reconstructive plastic surgery in Iran by a plastic surgeon.

Skin cancer removal :

Cancerous growths or lesions of the skin may need to be removed by plastic surgery in Iran, which can be done by a plastic surgeon using specific techniques to preserve your health and appearance.

Traumas :

surgeons can treat injuries including broken bones, torn ligaments, and cut tendons or nerves in plastic surgery.

Hand and Wrist Surgery :

Plastic surgeons undergo specialized training to restore function to fingers, hands, and wrists through surgery. Hand surgery addresses conditions like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (causing pain, tingling, numbness, or weakness due to pressure on the median nerve) and Arthritis (which can deform fingers and hinder movement).

Plastic surgery in Iran

The right plastic surgery procedure could make you look—and feel—like perfection. But taking the time to do your research is key, as there are renowned and talented plastic surgeons all over the world who can help you look your best at an affordable price. It’s no wonder that so many people are choosing to undergo a variety of plastic surgery in Iran.

If you have been thinking about plastic surgery but the doctors in your home country are too expensive, or if you are hoping to find the best doctor and medical facility for your needs, looking abroad could be a wise move.

If the factor of quality is important for you and you would like to obtain favorable results, you should know that Iran is equipped with numerous clinics and hospitals in which renowned surgeons perform plastic surgery with the highest quality. The surgery results are simulated by the surgeon and proceed provided that you are satisfied with the simulated results. All these facilities are provided with lower costs compared to all other regions of the world.

Best Plastic Surgeons in Iran

Where is the most affordable place for plastic surgery?

nose job is also known as Rhinoplasty! According to NBC News: “nose jobs in Iran start at around $1300 — considerably less than the $3,000 to $15,000 they tend to cost in the U.S”. Liposuction is another type of surgery that costs about $ 700 per area in Iran. that shows why so many tourists choose Iran as their destination when they are planning to get liposuction, tummy tuck, and other kinds of cosmetic or plastic surgeries. Each year the costs of medical services get more and among these services, the increase of plastic surgeries is much more than others because of the need for high technology facilities and not covering the costs by health insurance. The good news is that Mediranco provides you with unbelievable offers, the costs of services have not changed a lot from last year. You can have a free online consultation with our professional experts and get information about whatever you need to know, the process, visiting, booking hotels, costs and …

Plastic Surgery in Iran

Why is Iran a perfect plastic surgery destination to choose?

Nowadays, it seems that body attractions, especially facial beauty, play a significant role in influencing patients’ choices for improving their fate and enhancing their chances of having a better life. This trend is not limited to European or American countries. Based on annual statistics, many men and women in Iran aspire to undergo cosmetic surgery, despite the inherent risks, in order to transform their appearance and boost their self-confidence.

These statistics also reveal that the average rate of plastic surgeries in Iran exceeds the global norm. The majority of patients seeking these procedures lead surgeons to be highly experienced and skillful. Iranian plastic surgeons are renowned for their brilliance and innovation in their specialty, consistently incorporating the latest surgical techniques into their practices.

One noteworthy advantage of choosing Iran as a destination for plastic surgery is the accessibility of first-class medical services at surprisingly affordable prices. It may astonish you how such high-quality care can be offered without exorbitant costs. Most plastic surgeries in Iran are performed in private hospitals and medical centers, ensuring that patients receive top-notch services without compromising on quality.

Therefore, if you desire a seamless surgery experience under the guidance of a skilled surgeon, while benefiting from state-of-the-art facilities, Iran emerges as the ideal destination for your cosmetic surgery needs.

Why Mediranco?

Mediranco tries to accompany and support you based on your necessities. Our team coordinates free consultation, visa facilities, accommodation, and operations follow-ups for patients who trust us. Mediranco assembles a multilingual support center to help you in your maternal language and complete transfer and reaches all places that you need with no effort. We fulfill your necessities proudly. Mediranco is a famous brand that you can trust with no consideration. We cooperate with medical qualified professionals to assure our patients experience the highest quality service accessible. Our patients are at the heart of all of our decisions and as a result, we’ve formed a carefully designed patient journey to ensure that each client who walks through our doors is treated with the best care obtainable.
Mediranco only cooperates with high-technology, internationally accredited clinics and hospitals in Iran, ensuring the quality of care before, during, and after your treatment regardless of the process you’ll be undergoing. We do our best for you to be healthy at first and have enjoyable travel to the perfect Iran, we anticipate all facilities may be needed for you to be comfortable and delightful.

These are just some of the selected Mediranco services:  clinics and doctor visits, laboratory tests,  post-operative care, medicines, recovery, follow-up Treatment Visa (T-Visa) Transfer airport pick-up, private transfer from the hotel to clinic/hospital, Accommodations(of the patient’s choice) near the clinic or hospital, 24-hour on-call assistance, interpreter, SIM card and internet.

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Plastic surgery in Iran before and after


  • These doctors are among the best plastic surgeons and have been selected by patients for treatment. Dr. Mohsen Fadaei, Dr. Hadi Amoli, Dr. Mohammadreza Tarahomi are the three top plastic surgeons whose patients were very satisfied following their treatments.

  • Based on the global statistics on cosmetic Surgeries, Iran is the country with the highest rate of aesthetic operations, reportedly, in terms of the ratio of volunteers who carried out plastic surgeries rather than the whole population!

  • The highest rate of plastic surgeries in Iran has caused the name of Iran to be among the names of countries with the highest rate of cosmetic surgeries. Iranian patients’ interest in cosmetic plastic surgeries is also greater than that of some European countries’ patients.

  • Yes, of course, you can have a free online consultation with our professional experts and ask any questions you may have. You even can have a video call with our plastic surgeons and then make your decision.

  • As per The Aesthetic Society, liposuction ranks as the leading surgical choice among both men and women, focusing on fat removal.

    Here are the trending plastic surgery options for 2023:

    1.  Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck)
    2.  Breast Augmentation
    3.  Rhinoplasty
    4.  Mommy Makeover
    5. Gynecomastia Reduction
  • While plastic surgery carries some risks, they can be minimized with proper care and expertise. Potential complications such as hematoma, scarring, and infection are not uncommon, but with skilled professionals and adherence to post-surgery care, these risks can be effectively managed. It’s natural to feel apprehensive about undergoing surgery, but rest assured that with the right guidance and precautions, you can mitigate any concerns.

  • Based on statistics the most common plastic surgery that is done in 2021 was rhinoplasty.

  • Although plastic surgery includes physical and psychological complications, it is not very harmful if it’s done right. Common complications like hematoma, scarring, blood loss, nerve damage, infection, deep vein thrombosis, and seroma are observed. In some patients, anesthesia complications can also happen. As you know going under the knife of a surgeon is very scary!