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Free medical consultation

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24/7 Assistant and translator

High quality medical services

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Why Medical Tourism in Iran?

Iran is home to an ancient civilization with a rich culture

Iranian people are known for their hospitality around the world

Iran has some of the most qualified doctors and physicians

Iran’s healthcare system is one of the best in western Asia

Due to Iran’s Rial low exchange rates, healthcare is unbelievingly
cheap compared to many countries

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Choosing treatment

Receiving our doctors initial diagnosis, treatment options and estimated cost.

Cosmetic Services Medical Services

Traveling to Iran

Planning your trip according to your needs.

Booking flight and accommodations.

Preparing and reserving hospital for treatment.

Departure from Iran

Receiving you at the airport

Providing 24/7 assistant and translator

Checking in to the hospital

Receiving treatments

Sightseeing tours(optional)

Leaving Iran

We keep in touch with you for the follow up of your treatment.

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About Iran

Iran is the country of four seasons, and one of the oldest civilizations among the history. The sceneries and views catch your eyes, and take your breath away. Ever green gardens of Shiraz, Zayanderud river in Isfahan, and the intact nature of the deserts like Yazd, and way more.
The rich wildlife and different ecosystems are good to see. Nights in jungles, near the sea or under the blinking stars in the sky of a desert, enjoying the heights of Zagros and Alborz mountains, are irresistible.

Iran offers a great variety of tourist attractions, like the famed Persepolis ruins, different historical palaces and houses like the Abbasis’ in Kashan, and so on.
People from this region, Iranians, have been known as one of the most hospitable and kind nations around the world and they have been perfect hosts along all times.
Due to the fact that Rial is the currency here, health care in Iran can be an inexpensive option, available for foreigners. On the other hand, Iranian’s health providers and doctors are wellknown as skillful and professional ones in their fields.
You can be pleased by travelling to Iran because it’s an amazing country. You are capable of enjoying each second of your medical trip to this land.

MEDIRANCO, The Best Medical Tourism Provider In Iran

MEDIRANCO is a Medical Tourism facilitator based in Iran presenting high-quality and manageable travel tasks and healthcare. Along with its commission to provide medical and cosmetic treatments to foreigners, MEDIRANCO cooperates with the most highly esteemed hospitals, clinics, specialists and doctors in Iran.
Cosmetic and medical treatments provided by MEDIRANCO include a broad range of plastic surgeries, such as rhinoplasty, liposuction, breast augmentation and lift, and facelift, as well as hair transplant, weight loss surgeries (gastric sleeve, bypass, balloon, plication), dental procedures, eye surgeries, fertility treatments, cardiac surgeries, orthopedic surgeries (knee replacement, ankle replacement, etc.), and treatment for different types of cancers, and much more. Online medical consultation is at your service, free of charge. Get A Free Quote Now!...
Apart from healthcare services, MEDIRANCO provides patients with other travel services such as getting the visa, airport tranportation, private passing, reserving accommodations and flights, round-the-clock interpreting and tour guiding services, 24-hour translator, nursing, optional recreational sightseeing tours, and also follow up on the results of the treatments after departure from Iran.
The trips are arranged by MEDIRANCO by setting up a schedule agreed by both sides, according to which the whole process of travel and treatments will go through. Patients are assured that there will be no hidden costs or added expense besides the agreement. Therefore, without feeling frustrated about the disturbance of the trip, patients can only think about the outcome of their medical care.
Iran is well-known as one of the most prosperous countries in offering cosmetic and medical cures. The country is famous as the “nose job capital of the world”. Due to modern hospitals and clinics with advanced technologies, coupled with skilled doctors and surgeons, Iran is in the spotlight of the medical world.
The treatments provided by MEDIRANCO all take place in hospitals that own the highest medical standards. It’s our honor to inform you we bring you the best health tourism services round the clock, with effective treatments, VIP services, transparency, and safeguarding the privacy of patients. We aim to give you a memorable experience which will fly over your expectations.

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