Brazilian Butt Lift in Iran

Recovery time

Recovery time :

12 - 14 days
Stay in Iran

Stay in Iran :

7 days
Clinic stay

Clinic stay :

1 day

Cost :

From 2100€
Brazilian Butt Lift in Iran

What is Butt lift?

Brazilian hip lift is a good choice to increase the shape and size of the hips. Realistic expectations about surgery, recovery, and outcomes are important.

If you have enough fat in other areas for liposuction and then injection into the buttocks and you want to enlarge the buttocks without implants, then you are a good candidate for this surgery.
A Brazilian butt lift is a popular aesthetic operation that involves the transfer of fat from different places of the body to help increase the fullness in the buttock and correct the body structure. Many butt lift volunteers confuse the Brazilian butt lift with other derriere enhancing operations like butt implants.

Although both procedure’s goals are the same and are utilized for a butt lift, implants and the Brazilian butt lift are Completely different. Butt implants are silicone-filled products that are placed under the tissue of the buttocks. The Brazilian butt lift is a fat transfer operation and doesn’t use foreign body structure.

If you’ve read of a Brazilian butt lift and want to catch more permanent results than exercise alone during a short period, read or ask more about the Bbl procedure and different methods of buttock lift and then try to find a reputable Cosmetics surgeon to make sure it’s done safely without any side effects. Iran is one of the best countries in aesthetic fields due to high technology facilities and experienced surgeons who are Innovator of novel methods in various cosmetic fields.

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Cost of BBl in Iran


One of the most significant advantages of opting for a Brazilian butt lift in Iran is its affordability. The cost of this procedure in Iran is notably lower, typically ranging from 20% to 40% of what you might pay in other parts of the world, including the USA, Germany, and Istanbul. Brazilian butt lifts in Iran are generally priced between 1400€ to 2500€, with variations depending on the specific type of procedure you choose.

If you’re considering traveling abroad for buttock augmentation and BBL procedures, Iran stands out as a top and dependable destination. It boasts highly skilled and experienced surgeons who offer world-class care at prices that won’t break the bank. This combination of expertise and affordability makes Iran an attractive choice for those seeking to enhance their buttocks through cosmetic surgery.

Brazilian Butt Lift consultation


Before making any decisions regarding your Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) procedure, you can benefit from a free consultation. Mediranco health tourism company‘s experts are readily available to address your queries across various medical and cosmetic fields. To further enrich your understanding of medical procedures, you can explore articles on the Mediranco website, which are backed by robust research.

In addition to providing information and consultation, Mediranco facilitates connections with some of the most experienced doctors in Iran for your BBL surgery. Notably, they offer this procedure at the most competitive prices. Mediranco even features special offers for Brazilian Butt Lifts in Iran, ensuring that you receive top-notch medical care while also enjoying the financial advantages of choosing Iran as your destination for cosmetic enhancement.

The Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) is a cosmetic procedure that involves liposuction to remove excess fat from areas like the abdomen, thighs, or flanks. The purified fat is then injected into the buttocks to enhance their shape and volume. BBL is typically performed under general or local anesthesia with sedation.

Recovery from a BBL involves bruising, swelling, and discomfort for a few weeks, and patients must avoid sitting or lying on their back for a specified period to protect the newly transferred fat. While immediate improvements are visible, the final results may take several months to fully develop, and not all transferred fat may survive. To maintain BBL results, it’s essential to maintain a stable weight and follow post-operative care instructions.

Brazilian Butt Lift in Iran

Iran,The correct destination for BBL

All of your expectations are lived up as a brilliant medical tourism destination. World-class hospitals and medical centers, experienced medical staff and innovative surgeons, affordable prices, and high qualified services are the most important things you need to be completely sure of your decision and you experience all this with Mediranco.

It’s important to choose the best and experienced surgeon for your procedure because you are at the risk of embolism following the operation and this is the most horrible risk factor which may cause your sudden death. The rate of unpredictable happenings is very low between our patients and due to this you can trust our medical team.

All these positive matters in consideration of touristic facilities and amazing attractions, make Iran the best medical tourism destination. Let’s check it out together and invite you to Iran. All patients must understand that surgery is a mixture of art and science.

Aesthetic surgical procedures have been repeated successfully countless times and are dependable when executed by skillful, experienced surgeons that we can assure you that Iranian surgeons are some of the most qualified in this field. You can choose your surgeon after checking their resume and experience. We offer you a wide range of options and you can choose among them. The easiest way is to compare the quality and costs of our services.

Best surgeons for BBL

Why Brazilian butt lift with Mediranco?

We accompany and support you in all steps including getting the visa, booking the hotel, visiting the doctor, consultation, recovery process, and … these are a small part of the services patients who trust us utilize.
In comparison with other medical tourism teams Mediranco has cooperated with best medical centers that provide highly standard operating rooms and recovery wards. One of the important parts of having medical services is the type of medications that are used and our team checks the quality and brands out. You may experience the lowest amount of stress at hospital. You may hospitalize in private rooms which are very comfortable.

Brazilian Butt Lift cost in Iran

And every hour your vital signs are monitored in order to prevent any problems. If you can not speak Persian or even you can’t talk in English don’t be stressed out. Mediranco prepares a multilingual support center to help you with proper language and complete transfer to reach all locations that you need easily.

Even you can have your own translator to help you contact hospital employees. It’s our honour to fulfill your necessities. Mediranco is an experienced brand that you can trust without any worries. We cooperate with medical qualified professionals to ensure that our patients experience the highest quality services possible. Our patients are at the heart of everything we do and as a result, we’ve formed a carefully designed patient journey to assure that each client who walks through our doors is treated with the best care available.

Mediranco only cooperates with high-quality, internationally accredited clinics and hospitals in Iran, ensuring the quality of care before, during, and after your treatment regardless of the procedure you’ll be undergoing. We do our best for you to be healthy at first and have an enjoyable journey to one of the most beautiful locations, we prepare all facilities for you to be comfortable and relax. Mediranco doesn’t let you down. We gather all the best for our beloved patients.

Brazilian Butt Lift ( BBL ) Procedure

A Brazilian butt lift is based on fat grafting that is notable for its natural-looking consequences. Brazilian butt lift operation entails these steps:
Although the Brazilian butt lift process is mostly done under anesthesia, during processes where a smaller volume of fat is transferred, it may be performed with only local anesthesia (numbing the operating area). The type of anesthesia is based on your preference and your health condition for example you can ask for an anti-nausea medication before the procedure, particularly if anesthesia makes you feel sick.

Your aesthetic provider then Utilizes liposuction for catching fat from other areas of your body, such as your hips, stomach, and thighs. Liposuction itself is performed by making small incisions in the skin and then using a tube to take fat away from that area. The fat stores that have just been taken from the body are purified and readied in the next step and become ready for injecting into the buttocks.

The surgeon finishes by injecting the purified fat into particular locations of the buttocks to create a more rounded, full appearance. Based on your expectations, the surgeon may make three to five incisions around the buttocks for fat transfers. Both liposuction and fat transfer incisions are then stitched.
As the last step, they apply a compression garment against the affected areas of the skin to minimize the risk of bleeding.

BBL Side effects and complications

Like all types of medical procedures, a Brazilian butt lift can cause some side effects like:

  • Infection
  • Scarring
  • Pain
  • Lumps under the skin in the areas suctioned or injected
  • Loss of skin in the treated areas due to deep infection
  • Fat embolism in the heart or lungs, which can be deadly

Current researches show a fatality rate of 1 in 3000 as a result of Brazilian butt lifts. When the procedure is done incorrectly, injected fat can enter the large veins in the buttocks, and then transfer to the lungs and make an embolism.
This is the most dangerous side effect that causes respiratory distress and sudden death.



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Brazilian Butt Lift in Iran before and after photos

Questions to ask before getting a Brazilian butt lift

  • The grafting of subcutaneous fat from other body regions to the buttocks is known as a Brazilian butt lift. To improve the form and size of your buttocks, fat from one or more parts of your body, such as the stomach, thighs, or lower back, will be extracted, processed, and re-injected. Brazilian butt lifts do not include the use of implants.

  • The cost of Brazilian Butt Lift in Iran is determined by several factors, including the doctor chosen and the location of the surgery, as well as prescriptions, tests, and hospital charges. However, considering all costs, Iran is the most affordable destination for high-quality cosmetic surgery. You can reach out to us anytime for a more accurate estimated cost!

    The average price a patient should pay for buttocks augmentation procedure or Brazilian butt lift in Iran is about $1400 to $2500. The cost of process depends on the chosen method and type of process. You can estimate the cost with free online consultation. Contact our professional experts on Mediranco.

  • A realistic expectation is that BBL’s results last for up to several years, and maybe lasts even for several decades depending on how well you treat your buttocks during the rehabilitation procedures. Your BBL may last for decades if you treat your BBL in a way that maximizes the results.

  • When a Brazilian butt lift process is performed by a trained and experienced plastic surgeon, BBL results may last many years. However, patients should have realistic expectation and know that this body contouring treatment does not stop the normal aging process. Your bottom may flatten by passing time or change as a result of weight loss, exercise, and diet, just like a normal body.

  • By contacting us at any time, our consultants will let you know. Mediranco experts will discuss your goals, the cost, and whether you are a good candidate for a Brazilian butt lift during your consultation. Suitable candidates must have realistic expectations, be at a healthy weight, and have enough body fat to be able to transfer it safely. The talk will also discuss what you can expect regarding recovery, complications, and scars.

  • You’ll need someone to drive you home from the facility and stay with you for 24 hours following the procedure because you’ll be coming out of anesthesia and unable to sit. Patients with Brazilian butt lift surgery often take at least one week off work, while the Mediranco team suggests two weeks considering you won’t be able to sit normally for two weeks after the procedure. Patients who must return to work after a week might use a Brazilian butt lift pillow. Following your Brazilian butt-lift, you will wear a compression garment for six weeks.

  • You can expect to spend around 5 hours at the surgical facility on the day of your procedure. The surgery will take 3-4 hours, with the rest of the time spent giving anesthetic and preparing you to leave.

  • You can begin walking and moderate activities two to three weeks following the treatment. If you are responding well to surgery and recovering well, our experts will release you to full physical activity six to eight weeks after the treatment. Although you may feel better sooner after being released, it is essential to allow enough time for the fat transfer to stabilize in order to obtain the intended outcomes.

  • Although you will notice instant improvements, you will see more outstanding results when the swelling and bruises fade over the next few weeks. The fat will continue to stabilize during the following few months. In most cases, patients may expect final results in four to six months.