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Packages in Iran Starting from:

Butt Implant : $2520

Brazilian butt lift : $1840

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If you are unpleasant and have crinkly or flat buttocks and want to improve the size and shape and fit your buttock in shortest time, we supposed you perform butt augmentation or Brazilian butt lift procedure that transfer fat from another areas of the body such as abdomen, back, lower back, thighs through liposuction and make your buttock rounder and fuller rear end.

We recommend you butt augmentation procedures at the fair prices with Iranian experienced specialist in Iran. Iranian surgeons are very skilled and are analogous with best surgeons in the world who perform Brazilian butt lift, butt lift, and butt implant procedures. They passed courses at the best Iranian and international medical centers.

Who are good candidate for a Brazilian butt lift?


A Brazilian butt lift is a good choice to enhance the shape and size of the buttocks; realistic expectations is important about the surgery, recovery, and results.

Generally, you are a good candidate for a Brazilian butt lift if:

  • You want a buttock augmentation without implants
  • Your skin tone in the hips and buttocks is good
  • Your fat stores is adequate in other regions to liposuction and then injection into the buttocks
  • You can avoid sitting on your buttocks directly for several weeks

initial consultation for butt lift surgery in Iran


Iran has advanced plastic surgery centers and experienced surgeons because of enormous demand for these types of surgery specially in buttock lift and Brazilian butt lift (BBL). Once you’ve decided which surgeon to use based on your research and interview, you will schedule your initial consultation for butt lift surgery in Iran.
During this first appointment, you will confirm your candidacy for the procedure, discuss your questions and concerns, and plan your customized surgery with your doctor.

Risks and safety of Brazilian butt-lift



  • Natural-looking results
  • Improve figure imbalances
  • Lower risk of infection compared to silicone buttock implants



  • Swelling and bruising Infection
  • Unpleasant results
  • Asymmetry in buttocks which may need for a revision surgery
  • Fat embolism in the lungs or heart, which can be fatal

Brazilian butt-lift (BBL) procedure

A Brazilian butt lift have natural looking results. The steps of procedure are:

1. Anesthesia, of course, if need small amount of fat transfer, it done with local anesthesia. 2. Liposuction by making incisions in the skin to extract fat from other place of your body, such as your hips, stomach, and thighs. 3. The fat stores body are purified and best tissue is utilized for injection into your buttocks. 4. Processed fat injects into the specific areas of the buttocks by surgeon to make a more rounded, full look. 5. Incisions are closed up with stitches.

Recovering after your Brazilian butt lift

Having an operation on the buttocks requires some special modifications during recovery. While pain is typically minimal and easily controlled through pain medication, you will not be allowed to sit or lie directly on your buttocks for about 2 weeks after a Brazilian butt lift. During this time, you will need to sleep on your stomach or side, and either lie this way or stand for all activity except using the toilet. When you are ready, your cosmetic surgeon will allow you to sit in a modified position, using a “donut” seat or placing a pillow under your thighs to avoid pressure on the buttocks. Normal sitting activity is typically allowed after 8 weeks or so. Given you follow your cosmetic surgeon’s instructions, you should be able to resume light daily activities within 1 week after surgery and return to work within 10 to 14 days.

What are the results of a Brazilian butt lift?

You will notice that your buttocks have a firmer, youthful contour and appearance. They will be higher and more toned. These results are quite dramatic and the vast majority of patients – male and female are happy with these. . Also, just a skilled cosmetic surgeon can improve the proportions of the entire lower body with Brazilian butt lift surgery, helping a patient lose fat in common “problem areas” and enhance the buttocks, with results lasting many years.

(Brazilian)Butt Lift Cost


Low price is one of the prominent excellence of Brazilian butt lift in Iran which the cost is less than 200 to 400 percent of the price of Brazilian butt lift VS other area of the world like USA, Germany and Istanbul. Brazilian butt lift in Iran is various between $2500 to $4000 depending on the type of the procedure.

So if you are locking for a country to travel and perform butt augmentation and BBL procedure, Because of very skillful and experienced surgeons and affordable price Iran is one of the best and reliable place that you want.

Questions To Ask Before Getting A Brazilian Butt Lift

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