Does your nose still grow after rhinoplasty?

People have many questions and concerns about their nose job surgery process. One of the most important questions is about nose regrowth after rhinoplasty and recovery. The fact is that the body is constantly changing. This change may be due to weight loss or even weight gain. Changes occur with age as well. rhinoplasty is a surgery that is performed to correct nasal deformity or merely change the appearance of the nose. Of course, most patients are looking for permanent surgical outcomes. However, few of them are concerned about the growing back or returning to its original shape. Here’s more to talk about this topic.


First, it is important to note that the nose continues to grow after adolescent years. The nose grows until the average person reaches his late 20s. This issue is something that needs to be taken seriously, especially if a teenager is involved in this act. The fact is that the nose surgery performed on a teenager may be associated with some minor changes or malformations, because adolescents also grow after puberty. However, some adolescents proceed with rhinoplasty and no change in their nose is caused by adulthood. Some surgeons still refrain from juvenile surgery due to puberty. Other surgeons may perform nasal surgery if an adolescent’s nose is damaged or a deformation requires immediate consideration.

The reason why many people think rhinoplasty grows back is that our noses continue to grow slightly throughout our entire lives. While the bone stops growing when we reach physical maturity, cartilage is different. Cartilage is the plastic-like material that our nose, ears and joints are made of. It grows (in terms of size, not the number of cells) for the rest of our lives, and since our noses are mostly made from cartilage and not bone, it continues to grow larger with age.

The same holds true for our ears. Since our ears are also made from cartilage, they too continue to grow larger throughout our entire lives. This is why young people and children tend to have tiny noses and ears, while older people tend to have larger noses and big ears.It’s also common to see aging noses sag or droop as gravity causes the tip to fall slightly over time.The extra cartilage, bone and tissue that is removed during a rhinoplasty cannot grow back. But because everyone’s nose continues to grow larger over the years, a post-rhinoplasty nose may appear to regain a small amount of the fullness it had prior to surgery.

In any case, this age-related growth is a very slow process that takes place over many decades. To put it simply, there’s no way to make our noses stop growing. If you’re concerned about having a large nose by the time you reach your eighties, the only consolation I can give you is that everyone else your age will have one too.

Unforeseen occurrence

The results of rhinoplasty should be permanent, but there is no guarantee and may cause complications due to structural problems, illness or injury. The fact is that many cases are beyond plastic surgeon’s authority . Accidents occur for the patient, the patient may experience complications after surgery. People with age experience unpredictable changes. All these special conditions cause changes in The Shape of the nose that may cause growth again. The tip of the nose is mainly made of soft and cartilaginous tissue, which, many years after surgery and with age of the patient, heals and deforms. It is important to know that unforeseen circumstances may occur. The best action is to insure the plastic surgeon is highly skilled and trained in performing this surgery.

Dose a bony nose return after rhinoplasty?

Bony nose refers to the nose that has a thin skin without meat. These types of noses have protruding bridges or curved shapes and bent. In people with bony nose, the most reason for performing rhinoplasty is the removal of nasal hump. This nasal hump is different in size due to the different anatomy of the nose. For this reason, the amount and type of surgical procedure in this group of people is different. It should also be taken into account that bony nose surgery or nasal hump surgery is different in women and men.Because the criterion of beauty in women and men is different. Mediranco’s surgeons, as the best rhinoplasty surgeons, can perform rhinoplasty with the desired result, beauty on the face of a hundred dozen.

After performing rhinoplasty due to shaving bones and cartilages that affect the beauty of the nose.There is no possibility of reversing the bridge of nose after rhinoplasty. By doing all the advice and care after rhinoplasty, the rhinoplasty surgeon gives you, the possibility of reversing the bridge and other abnormalities is almost impossible. To perform rhinoplasty, it is necessary to choose the best rhinoplasty surgeon to have full satisfaction with the results of your rhinoplasty.

 Is fleshy nose surgery returned?

Fleshy noses are tilted downwards because of poor cartilage due to skin interactions as well as gravity. Drooping or reversal of fleshy noses occurs for the same reason.

To prevent the reversal of the fleshy nose, nowadays, cartilage strengthening, posture and rearrangement is used. For this reason, the phenomenon of reversal of fleshy noses is too low and maybe it does not happen at all.

Last point

The reason some people believe that the nose can grow back is because nose cartilage continually grows larger throughout our lives and never stops growing. During a rhinoplasty your plastic surgeon permanently removes cartilage, bone, soft tissue and fat cells, but the cartilage that’s left behind will continue to grow slightly over the years as the natural elastic qualities of the skin and cartilage diminish.

The older you get, the bigger your nose will get. There’s no way around it for any of us. But that doesn’t mean your rhinoplasty will be “reversed”. Cartilage growth will happen with or without rhinoplasty. Any re-shaping, aesthetic contouring, or surgical tapering performed to fix a bulbous nose is at no risk of growing back at a later date.

choosing a plastic surgeon is one of the most important steps when pursuing any cosmetic surgery. I encourage you to come in for a consultation to review rhinoplasty photographs and discuss which options are best for you. Always be sure to consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon to make sure you receive the best results.

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