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09 May. 2023
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In the new modern world peoples share their selfies and profile pictures every day and it hard not to compare your own facial features with some people’s perfect image. This will make some people feel insecure and criticize every angel of their face. One of the most common insecurities is having a double or sometimes even triple chin. In this article we will discuss about causes of double chin and its current treatments.

What is a double chin?

A double chin, or submental fat, is an excess layer of fatty tissue under the lower jaw. It can make you feel insecure about your appearance and may affect your self-esteem and social life. 

What causes a double chin?

  1. Weight Gain and weight fluctuations

Being overweight is the most prevalent cause of a double chin.

  • Genetics

How a person's weight is distributed over the areas of their body depends on their genes. You can be thin and still have a double chin due to a lack of muscle density, resulting in a higher body fat composition. Some people inherit a stronger jawline while others have a softer one.

  • Body Posture

A bad posture can be associated with weakening of the platysma muscles (that connect your neck and chin) and if the muscles aren’t used frequently, the skin in that area loses elasticity and can eventually lead to a double chin.

  • Ageing

As you start to age, your skin’s collagen and elastin (the proteins responsible for keeping your skin full, firm, and elastic) get thinner and weaker, especially on your face. This can result in extra or saggy skin around your jawline that contributes to the formation of a double chin.

  • Unhealthy Diet

Diets containing high levels of calories, refined carbohydrates, processed foods and saturated fats.

Ironically looking down at your phone and bending your head down for a longer period can shorten neck muscles, resulting in an increased pull on the skin and, eventually, a double chin.

What are the treatments for double chin?

Before undergoing an invasive procedure you can try non-invasive treatments such as weight loss, cardio exercise, and chin exercises.

Examples of chin exercises include:

  • Around the world: rotating your head gently to warm up
  • Whistle at the ceiling: tilt your head back and pretend to whistle
  • Kiss the sky: stand with your head back and pucker the lips
  • Ball squeeze: place a 9 to 10 inch ball under your chin and push down
  • Lion’s roar: open your mouth wide and stick your tongue out as far as you can then hold this position for 10 seconds.

These exercises will only work if you do them repeatedly every day.

You have to keep in mind that these treatments aren’t an immediate fix and can take a while to achieve and they require patience and dedication.

How to Get Rid of a Double Chin with Surgery

But diet and exercise won’t always help fix double chins, especially if you’re not overweight and your double chin is caused by genetics. In this case and if you’re looking for an overnight treatment, you can consider invasive procedures including:


Mesotherapy is an FDA-approved treatment for double chin. It’s a minimally invasive procedure and involves injecting fat-dissolving compounds through a series of injections which results in breaking of fat into small pieces using various chemicals or tools. Phosphatidylcholine and deoxycholic acid are the most commonly used chemicals for injection lipolysis. Deoxycholic acid also known as Kybella is a bile acid and it helps your body melt the fat in that area which is then reabsorbed. The injection should only be performed by a dermatologist or a doctor with plastic surgery experience because if injected improperly deoxycholic acid may cause serious nerve damage. The injections are more painful than traditional dermal fillers or botox injections. This method doesn’t remove excess skin or increase skin’s elasticity and the side effects may include swelling, bruising, numbness, redness and pain. This treatment provides long-lasting results as long as you maintain a normal weight.


Liposuction is a common procedure that involves making a small incision under the skin and removing the fat through suction or with a laser. New technology uses ultrasonic wave or heat energy under the skin to first rupture the cell walls and liquefy the fat. Then a powerful, high-pressure vacuum suctions the fat out. It only requires local anesthetic.

Cryolipolysis or CoolSculpting

Cryolipolysis or CoolSculpting is a new technology that uses a vacuum-like suction and a cooling applicator to freeze fat cells, which then gets cleared by the body. It's a great choice for people who have very soft fat in this area. Side effects include swelling, bruising, skin sensitivity and in rare cases Paradoxical Adipose Hyperplasia (PAH) which can make the fat cells to enlarge rather than shrink.


Face-lift is an invasive procedure that allows the surgeon to remove fat and loose, saggy skin around the chin and neck, which results in removing a double chin. It usually requires general anesthesia.


Neck-lift is also an invasive procedure that requires general anesthesia and has different types. One of them is called cervicoplasty in which extra skin around the neck and chin is removed. Another procedure is called platysmaplasty which tightens neck muscles.

After surgical procedures you may experience bruising and swelling for 10-14 days.

How to prevent a double chin?

There are many simple ways to prevent a double chin such as practicing good posture, exercising daily, keeping a check on your weight, drinking plenty of water, restricting your caloric intake, having a healthy diet including citrus fruits and leafy vegetables and consuming more fat-burning foods like oats, nuts, and eggs.

Although it may seem strange but chewing gum can strengthen the neck and jaw muscles and can burn facial fat which minimizes the appearance of a double chin.

You can try applying face serums and moisturizers to your neck using an upward sweeping motion.

Massaging the neck and jaw area can lead to better blood circulation and therefor reducing double chin. You can use tools like a Gua-Sha to give yourself a lymphatic massage by rolling it along the jawline. It will contour your features, and also releases stored tension in your facial muscles.

You can also use face masks containing Glycerin, coffee, green tea, egg whites, honey, and lemon juice which will help support the efforts of exercises and may also reduce fat around the chin.

You can also try the chin exercises that were mentioned above to prevent a double chin.

In conclusion if you are looking for ways to get rid of a double chin, first you can try non-invasive treatments like losing weight and doing chin exercises. But if these methods didn’t work for you or if you want a quick and overnight treatment you can try invasive procedures like mesotherapy, liposuction, cryolipolysis, face-lift or neck-lift.

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