Everything about after labiaplasty (vaginoplasty)

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14 February. 2023
labiaplasty recovery
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labiaplasty recovery : Labiaplasty surgery is often referred to as a minor and outpatient procedure. While the procedure itself is short, usually performed under local anesthesia, and lasting less than two hours, some labiaplasty aftercare should be maintained for at least six weeks afterward. If you are planning to do vaginoplasty, be sure to stay with us until the end of this article to know more about care after labiaplasty.

There are 5 factors that must be taken into consideration during labiaplasty recovery. These items are discussed below:

1. Labiaplasty recovery is usually not very painful, but you should expect some pain.

Most women experience some pain and swelling for three to five days after the operation. In rare cases, this sensitivity can last up to two weeks. To minimize these, you will be given prescription painkillers after surgery.

Adjusting your lifestyle will also help. Try to rest on your back in bed for a week after surgery. Get up only if necessary and avoid putting pressure on the area. Note that cold compresses can be a great way to reduce pain and swelling.

2. You should plan for at least one week off from work

Sitting, walking and other normal activities will be painful immediately after surgery. You should take at least a full week off from work to rest and recover. If you have a very active job (one that often requires you to bend or lift heavy objects), you should probably take two weeks or more off. When you come in for a vagina-tightening consultation, be sure to discuss your career aspirations with the doctor.

3. You should avoid heavy sports for at least one full month after labiaplasty.

The tissues of the labia minora are very delicate. They remain prone to tearing for weeks—even after your stitches come out. After labiaplasty, you should limit all types of heavy activities such as vigorous exercise and lifting heavy objects for one month. If you try exercise after this time and find that it still causes you pain, you should stop immediately and wait another two weeks.

Note that some types of exercise such as cycling should be avoided for at least six weeks after this type of procedure. Cycling puts a lot of pressure on the treatment area and should be handled with caution.

4. After labiaplasty, you should refrain from sex for six weeks.

The amount of friction in sexual activity creates a severe risk of rupture. To ensure full recovery and reduce the risk of infection, you should refrain from sexual intercourse for six weeks after vaginoplasty.

5. Mild prolonged or intermittent pain for weeks or months after labiaplasty is normal.

Scar tissue takes a long time to heal (usually between six months and a year). Meanwhile, it is normal for this type of tissue to sometimes become slightly inflamed and cause minor pain or burning. If this happens to you, do not panic; put a cool compress on the area and let it rest. If you have severe pain, redness, and inflammation, you should see a doctor immediately to rule out infection.

Pregnancy after labiaplasty

Another thing that concerns women applying for labiaplasty is pregnancy after labiaplasty. After some time after the surgery, there is a possibility that the person will get pregnant unintentionally and for various other reasons such as having unprotected sex. Now, knowing that the process of pregnancy and childbirth may overshadow the new appearance of her vagina, she becomes anxious and worried. Fortunately, labiaplasty is also possible after pregnancy. In general, as long as the labia minora has enough tissue, a person can undergo this procedure.

In relation to the issue of pregnancy after labiaplasty, it should be said that no risk factor or risk factor threatens women's fertility. However, most people prefer not to get pregnant after the vaginal beautification process in order to maintain the result obtained from it.

Will there be scars left after labiaplasty?

One of the concerns of people for labiaplasty is the remaining scars caused by the surgery. With the advancement of medical science, especially in the field of beauty, this problem has been resolved. You should not do sports, heavy activities, and sex until the stitches are healed. If the stitches open, go to the medical center or hospital immediately.

labiaplasty recovery and libido

Labiaplasty is one of those cosmetic procedures that only affect the appearance of the vagina. In fact, when the doctor performs this surgical procedure for you, he states that the appearance of your vagina will be more beautiful by using this surgery and you will not get any other effect from it. Many people have said that they have lost their libido completely by using this method. But you should know that this is not true. You will undoubtedly gain more self-confidence when the beauty of your vagina increases, and this has a great impact on sex.

Increasing sexual sensation, reaching orgasm, and enjoying sex are among the things that are different for each person. It is not at all easy to talk about the relationship between labiaplasty and libido. When you have a labiaplasty procedure, your pain during sex will decrease because the excess flesh is completely removed. This will increase sexual desire.

Among the points that show that labiaplasty surgery is effective in increasing libido are:

  • There are some women who suffer a lot of pain during sex due to excess flesh in their vagina. When they remove the excess flesh in the vagina, they no longer have pain in this area, and this increases their libido to a great extent. When women don't feel much pain to have sex, they definitely enjoy it more.
  • There are many women who are not satisfied with the appearance of their vagina. They can increase the beauty of the vagina by using vagina-tightening. The same thing has an effect on increasing sexual desire. When the appearance of the vagina becomes more beautiful, women's self-confidence will undoubtedly increase. Therefore, they enjoy their sex more.

As women age, they lose their libido or their libido decreases. But when they take care of themselves more, their enjoyment of sex will undoubtedly increase.

In general, you should know that labiaplasty is not done to increase libido. But this action does not reduce sexual desire either. Therefore, there is no guarantee to increase sexual desire. However, you should have more motivation and desire for sex after this procedure, which is very important.

last words

If you have problems related to the size and asymmetry of the labia minora or labia majora and you want to do labiaplasty, be sure to have enough information about labiaplasty recovery care and remember that post-surgery care has a great impact on success of your surgery.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • No, labiaplasty does not have a negative effect on sexual desire and marital relations. But if your surgeon is not experienced in his work, he may damage the sensory nerves in this area. In this case, your sexual feeling will decrease. But in normal and most cases, desire and sexual feeling increase after labiaplasty.

  • Usually, after two months, the complications are resolved and the labia are completely healed. But if the body’s healing power is not good or your age is high, this period will be a little longer.

  • Avoid eating nuts, fast food, caffeinated drinks, spicy or salty and fatty foods. Instead, drink plenty of fluids, vitamin C, fruits, and vegetables, and don’t smoke.

  • The surgery itself is okay, but if your surgeon does not have the necessary skills, he may hurt the clitoris or the sensory nerves of this area when cutting the labia.


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