10 popular plastic surgeries in Iran

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13 May. 2020
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popular plastic surgeries in Iran : Modern plastic surgery has grown in popularity across the globe since it first appeared in the late 1960s. Many would argue that it is now viewed as normal and commonplace. However, cosmetic surgeries are not nearly as uncommon as they once were, as seen by celebrities who have been open about their procedures and reality television shows about plastic surgery addiction.

Today, cosmetic and plastic surgeons provide a variety of non-invasive cosmetic procedures and plastic surgery for almost every region of the human anatomy. The perioperative care solution team at Mediranco studied the volume of plastic surgery operations over time to see how their appeal has evolved. Here we take a look at the ten most popular plastic surgeries performed in Iran:

1- rhinoplasty

The most common cosmetic procedure in Iran is rhinoplasty. Because of the high surgery rate, Iran is referred to as the "capital of the world for nose jobs." Iran is a popular choice for rhinoplasty patients worldwide due to its highly skilled nose surgeons and competitive prices.

popular plastic surgeries in Iran

2- Blepharoplasty is popular plastic surgeries in Iran

Blepharoplasty, often known as eyelid surgery, is a surgical operation to enhance the appearance of the eyelids. Upper lids, lower lids, or both can undergo surgery. Eyelid surgery can revitalize the area around your eyes, whether you wish to enhance your appearance or have practical issues with your eyelids. Each year, Iran sees more than 40,000 patients for eyelid surgery, both domestic and foreign. Regarding experienced professionals and surgeons, Iran leads the Middle East in eyelid surgery.

3- liposuction

liposuction is popular plastic surgeries in Iran. A liposuction surgical operation employs a suction technique to remove fat from particular body parts, such as the belly, hips, thighs, buttocks, arms, or neck. Additionally, liposuction contours (shapes) these areas. Liposuction is also known as lipoplasty and body contouring. In Iran, liposuction is getting more and more popular every day.

Liposuction may be an option if your body shape makes you uncomfortable and you cannot achieve your ideal body shape with diet and exercise. You have come to the right spot if you want to get affordable liposuction surgery in a reputable private clinic abroad. For reasonable charges, qualified Iranian plastic surgeons can alter your body's appearance in Iran.

popular plastic surgeries in Iran

4- Brazilian buttock lift is popular plastic surgeries in Iran

Coming next on the list of the most common cosmetic procedures is the Brazilian buttock lift, which is successfully carried out annually in Iran. Doctors use your surplus body fat during this fat grafting operation to enhance the size and shape of your buttocks.

Through liposuction, surgeons remove undesirable fat from other areas of your body, such as the love handles, thighs, and abdomen, during a Brazilian butt lift. They then re-inject that excess fat into the buttocks to give them a fuller appearance.

Brazilian Butt Lift popular plastic surgeries in Iran

5- hair transplants

hair transplants is popular plastic surgeries in Iran. We spend a lot of money on hair care, from Brazilian Blowouts to hair growth products. Why? Because we are aware of how essential hair is to how we look. It reveals our age, makes us appear our best, and even impacts who we are. All of this illustrates the marked impact that hairstyle has on our appearance. The inclusion of hair transplants on this list is for this reason.

6- full facelift is popular plastic surgeries in Iran

"full" facelift involves lifting the entire face. That includes your jawline, neck, brows, forehead, and eyes. However, a full facelift requires multiple surgeries. Different operations are advised for particular anatomical regions because you raise the entire face. This results in a more obvious difference. Many people undergo a full face lift each year, giving their faces a fresh start.

7- Buccal fat removal

Do you think your cheeks are chubby? Or do you wish your face had more definition and contour? Well, you are not alone at all; the numbers can tell. Buccal fat removal is placed seventh on our list, a procedure hundreds of people undergo in Mediranco centers to help their faces get defined and contoured.

8- mandibuloplasty

mandibuloplasty, or V-line facial sculpting procedure, removes a part of your jawbone to make it appear thinner and more defined. The attraction of a well-shaped jawline has caught more eyes during the past few years, pushing this surgery up on the list.

9- hairline lowering surgery

hairline lowering surgery is popular plastic surgeries in Iran. In order to lower the hairline, lower the height of the forehead, and correct natural temple recession to create a more rounded hairline, a procedure known as hairline lowering surgery, also referred to as forehead lowering, forehead reduction, hairline advancement, hairline correction, and foreheadplasty, is performed.

A brow lift or brow contouring operation is frequently coupled with this facial plastic surgery procedure. Hair transplantation may be required in cases of severe hairline recession or male-pattern baldness, either by itself or in conjunction with hairline lowering surgery.

The well-known Cat Eyes procedure is currently a top trend runner in plastic surgery. You get a beautiful cat-eye look and an almond-shaped eye as a result. The procedure leaves behind lifelong, irreversible effects.


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