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08 May. 2023
sex after bbl
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sex after bbl: Nowadays, the Brazilian butt lift is a sought-after procedure by women worldwide who want to enhance their buttocks naturally. This procedure uses the patient's own fat cells, resulting in no external devices needed, smaller scars, and natural-looking outcomes.

During pre-operative consultations, patients inquire about when they can engage in sexual activity post-surgery. Understanding the recovery process is crucial to know what to expect and when certain activities can be resumed. Typically, the bbl recovery period takes no longer than two weeks, barring any pre-existing health conditions that can prolong recovery.

During the two weeks after the procedure, the patient may experience swelling and bruising, which are normal side effects that will subside in time. Pain medication can alleviate any discomfort that may occur. Nonetheless, the level of discomfort is mild, and the degree of pain is not high.

The plastic surgeon's main recommendation is to avoid placing excessive pressure on the buttocks for at least three weeks or more. Patients should refrain from sitting on their buttocks or lying on their back.

How long can’t you have sex after a BBL?

You can begin light exercise around two to three weeks after the BBL procedure, gradually increasing physical activity over several weeks until reaching normal levels. However, plastic surgeons may differ in their recommendations regarding physical activity levels, so it's essential to consult them before making any changes.

Can sex impact the outcome of a BBL?

Engaging in sex after a BBL may affect the procedure's results, depending on the intensity of the activity. To be safe, it's best to follow the same recovery period for sexual activity as that for vigorous physical activity.Should you feel at ease, it is possible to ask your plastic surgeon about the suitable extent of sexual activity during your recovery phase.

When can I have sex again after my BBL surgery?

Consult with your plastic surgeon before increasing activity levels. While each surgeon's recommendation may vary, generally, it is advisable to wait at least a month after the Brazilian Butt Lift before engaging in sexual activity. You may need to adopt certain positions that avoid placing pressure on your buttocks.

Regarding BBL post-op sex rules

Regarding BBL post-op sex rules

While fat injections themselves do not hinder sexual activity, discomfort from liposuction and the need to allow fat grafts to implant and vascularize may. It is advisable to resume sexual activity gently, about 3-4 weeks after the procedure, and only when you feel comfortable doing so.

With buttock implant placement, strenuous sexual activity should be avoided for about six weeks following surgery.

Here are some guidelines to follow for sexual activity after a BBL procedure:

1. It's important to wait for at least 21 days before engaging in any sexual activity.

2. Avoid activities that could cause discomfort or harm to the treated area, including spanking. Opt for gentle sex instead.

3. Since lying on your back or buttocks is not recommended during the recovery period, try alternative positions where you can lean forward and avoid pressure on the buttocks.

4. Make sure your partner is aware of your recovery status and is cautious not to put pressure on your buttocks during any activity.

5. It's recommended to avoid any forceful grabbing or pressure on the buttocks to allow for proper healing.

Having sexual activity after liposuction

The appropriate time to resume sexual activity after liposuction surgery varies based on the treated areas and the amount of fat removed. For instance, if your surgeon performed liposuction on small areas like the back of your knees, upper arms, or under your chin, you may be able to resume sexual activity after a few days.

However, if the surgeon removed a considerable amount of fat from large areas like your thighs, belly, or buttocks, it is advisable to wait for a week to ten days. Attempting sexual activity before this timeframe may cause discomfort and pain in the treated areas, delaying the healing process.

Sex after breast augmentation

Waiting until your breasts have healed enough is crucial to avoid wound disruption and bleeding, the two biggest concerns associated with breast surgery that can result from too much physical activity, including sex. Although it may be frustrating to limit sexual activity after getting new curves, it is important to be patient.

For breast procedures, it is recommended to wait at least two weeks before engaging in sexual activity. You should also pay close attention to your incisions, as they can easily become infected or bleed if not properly taken care of. Waiting until they are fully healed can help reduce risks.

After the first two weeks, approach physical intimacy with caution and take things slowly. For approximately six weeks following breast augmentation surgery, it is advisable to refrain from any activities during sexual intercourse that involve manipulating the breasts or movements that may cause the implant placement to be disrupted for both you and your partner.

Having sex after facial rejuvenation

Engaging in sexual activity too soon after facial procedures such as facelift surgery or rhinoplasty can be risky despite the misconception that the face is not involved. The main risk is elevating blood pressure, which can lead to bleeding or swelling in the surgical area. Since it is challenging to control blood pressure during physical exertion, it is advisable to wait for at least three weeks before having sex.

For those who have undergone rhinoplasty, there are additional concerns. It takes six to eight weeks for the nose to fully heal, and having sex before that can result in nasal trauma that may negatively impact your surgical outcome. When resuming sexual activity after rhinoplasty, take it slow and avoid positions that may cause your nose to come into contact with any surfaces.

Having sexual activity after tummy tuck

Recovery after a tummy tuck surgery is crucial and requires a considerable amount of time. Generally, patients are advised to avoid any strenuous activities for about 4-6 weeks after the procedure to prevent bruising and swelling and to allow stitches to heal properly. However, recovery time varies from patient to patient, and if a significant amount of tissue was removed, your surgeon may recommend a longer recovery period. It's essential to consult your plastic surgeon before resuming sexual activity, as muscle repair and incision healing can affect your ability to engage in such activities safely.

Once your surgeon gives you the green light to resume sexual activity, it's still crucial to avoid putting direct pressure on your abdomen. Non-weight-bearing positions, such as lying on your side, may be recommended to avoid hurting yourself during intercourse.

Cost of BBl in Iran

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • While there is no specific timeline, it’s generally recommended to wait until you feel comfortable. However, it’s important to avoid putting pressure on your back and engaging in high-impact activities. Slow and gentle activity is recommended for a safer and smoother recovery.

  • We recommend taking a one-mile walk on the day following the surgery. Starting around four weeks after the procedure, you can begin exercising gradually and increase the intensity using machines like ellipticals and stair masters. However, we advise avoiding high-impact activities like jogging for two to three months.

  • You will need to wait several weeks before sitting down again, as it is important to avoid disrupting the transferred fat. The fat needs time to establish a blood supply and become stabilized. Prolonged sitting can potentially compromise the success of your cosmetic procedure.

  • The degree of severity and intricacy can vary between cases, despite both patients undergoing the same surgical procedure. Additionally, the healing process after surgery can be affected by factors such as the patient’s inherent ability to heal and their level of compliance with post-surgery care instructions.


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