what country is best for nose job?

Where to get a nose job

Rhinoplasty, known as a nose job 

The perfect nose, without any problem in shape and form, is not a dream now. Rhinoplasty or nose job is surgery to help people who aren’t satisfied with their nose to reshape it as they ever dream about. The dream of having a good appearance is wildly spreading all over the world, plastic surgery helps to put this dream to reality. The nose as a significant part of the face that is very effective in the whole face appearance is playing an important role in facial beauty. Therefore, reshaping the nose affects the whole facial beauty. Most people consider a nose job as the first plastic surgery on their faces as a big step toward beauty. This help nose job to increasingly be available all over the world. Nose job or rhinoplasty, based on surgeons consideration is the most difficult cosmetic surgery among all because rhinoplasty involves sculpture of nose bones and carriage, and put it together as the patient’s request, there is no chance of error in the operation room for the surgeon.

Rhinoplasty abroad

There are many reasons for traveling abroad for medical treatment or cosmetic surgeries. The majority of the patients are candidates for a nose job, to other countries to undergo the rhinoplasty at affordable prices in consideration of world-class care. For instance, you can save anywhere 30-80% cost of rhinoplasty in comparison to the US. On the other hand, many propose of rhinoplasty is for cosmetic goals, so insurances don’t cover the costs of rhinoplasty and you must pay in your pocket, by rhinoplasty abroad at affordable prices, you may pay less money than your country. Another main reason to make rhinoplasty abroad better than your country is global standards of medical care, in consideration of advancements in technology in other countries. It may give you more options to have improved health care throughout the world. Recover in private is amazingly is the popular reason for nose job abroad. Many patients prefer to have rhinoplasty abroad to recover comfortably at the hotel or wellness spa to not dropping by family or friends during the healing process. Don’t forget that you can see other countries and use their high-quality tourism services and attractions.

Is a nose job safe abroad?

As everyone knows, there is no risk-free surgery in the world. Regardless of where you get it, always there are complications in all surgeries based on your health, surgeon expertise, facilities, and unpredictable happenings. Many countries like Iran, the US, turkey take the responsibilities of follow-up treatments in complications, also many countries don’t provide follow-up treatment or responsibility of surgery. Take care to opt one is responsible for the result and provide aftercare for rhinoplasty.

Where is the best country for a nose job in 2021? 

Iran, the US, Brazil, India, Thailand, Turkey, China, South Korea, and Mexico are the top countries for getting a nose job. Each country has its own story for being on the list, from the first, Iran(Tehran) labeled as the capital of nose job by the high number of rhinoplasty per year to brazil with the highest number of plastic surgery per year. In this part, we are going through each country and talk about the details:

  1. Iran: The number of rhinoplasty in Iran is surprisingly high, it’s seven times more than in the US!
    This high number of nose jobs in Iran, especially in Tehran, makes it famous as a good destination for rhinoplasty. Having a doll face and good shape nose is increasingly being popular in Iran. Teenagers, especially girls are big fans of rhinoplasty in Iran.
  2. The united states:  Rhinoplasty is No1 of cosmetic surgeries among the 13-18 years old American teenagers. The US is among the best countries for rhinoplasty as in plastic surgery. The rhinoplasty is performed by specialist physicians in the US in accredited clinics. The cost of rhinoplasty is averagely 4500 – 11000 $. In some cases like septoplasty, it raises to 18000 $, which may not include hospital costs, anesthesia, and medications. In consideration of the long recovery of rhinoplasty( at least 7days), and the expensive accommodation cost, makes theUS the most expensive destination of rhinoplasty for patients.
  3.  Brazil: One of the most popular countries for cosmetic surgeries in the world. Most people are interested in plastic and cosmetic surgeries. There are programs for free cosmetic surgeries for people who live in poor areas!!. These facts in consideration of beautiful beaches and landscapes make Brazil a good candidate for rhinoplasty. The cost of rhinoplasty in Brazil varies Between 6000 to 13000 $. Any other charges may for residence and other surgeries.
  4.  India: One of the most populated countries in the world is the host of many people around the world for cosmetic surgeries. The cost of rhinoplasty in India is between 3000-7000 $. You can have other cosmetic surgeries like breast augmentation or lip filler in India at affordable prices.
  5. Thailand: The beautiful country is located in southeast Asia with perfect beaches and nature. Another famous country for plastic surgery in Thailand. Many of its surgeons have been trained abroad and return to Thailand and make it a good destination for medical treatments and plastic surgery with high quality. The average rate of rhinoplasty is 3500- 7000 $ with no added costs, may you have to pay for its beautiful hotels there.
  6. Turkey: Turkey is an Asian-Europian country that has been growing recently in medical tourism by establishing world-class hospitals and working on tourism attractions. One of the high-quality countries for rhinoplasty, its surgeons are certified in western countries. You have to pay 3000- 8000$ for getting a nose job there, its accommodations cost is not too much to worry about.
  7. China: The fourth way to spend lots of money for the Chinese is plastic surgery. double-eyelid surgery is the most popular surgery in china. Rhinoplasty has recently become popular in China, also the high number of rhinoplasty is completely based on its population. It has high technology and facilities with amazing historical landmarks. The cost of rhinoplasty between 5000-12000$. You must consider the accommodation and medication costs.
  8.  South-Korea: Known as the most popular destination for cosmetic surgeries in southeast Asia. S.Korea has amazing improvements last years in medical engineering and medical equipment. Plastic surgery is very common in this country, according to ISAPS statistics one woman among five Korean women has had cosmetic surgery. The cost of rhinoplasty in South Korea is from 4000$ to 6000$.
  9. Mexico: May it’s surprising to name Mexico in this list, but Mexico is a cheap but high quality in Central America where many people choose it for rhinoplasty. Many expert surgeons and high-quality clinics in consideration of good tourism attractions make Mexico a suitable destination for patients seeking rhinoplasty abroad.


Is Iran good for rhinoplasty?

Many aspects make a destination proper for a nose job, we are talking about the most important ones here to introduce Iran as a medical tourism destination especially for rhinoplasty.

  • Hotels

there are many 5-star hotels in Tehran, you can have a comfortable recovery time after rhinoplasty in Iran. Let me notice that rhinoplasty recovery in Iran may last a week at least, another amazing fact is paying only around 80$ per night in the best hotel in Tehran for two persons, also many rhinoplasty packages in Iran is including accommodation and transfer services.

  • Airports

The aviation industry in Iran has reached its hundred years of life, and in this period, which is not too short, many developments have taken place for the country’s aircraft and aviation industry. In the past, only some of the most important cities in Iran, such as Tehran, Ahvaz, and Mashhad, had airports and it was possible to use airplanes in them. But today we have at least one airport in most provinces of Iran. We have 13 international airports in Iran. As international airports are more important and the issue of providing services to passengers of other lands is higher, the quality level of services used in these airports is also better and higher.

In the list of the best airports in Iran, Tehran International Airports are in the first place. Imam Khomeini International Airport and Mehrabad Airport in Tehran, in addition to having the largest number of possible flights in the country and are the busiest airports in the country, are also among the best airports in the country. The next rankings for the best airports in Iran will reach Mashhad, Isfahan, Tabriz, Kish, Qeshm, and Shiraz airports, respectively.

  • Surgeons

The high number of rhinoplasty in Iran annually makes rhinoplasty surgeons in Iran more experienced and qualified. More than 90% success rate for rhinoplasty in Iran completely returns to the certified and experienced rhinoplasty surgeons in Iran. Most of the rhinoplasty surgeons in Iran take the responsibility to follow up on the complications of surgery. Many of the best rhinoplasty surgeons in Iran have world-class surgical clinics for their surgeries.

  • Hospitals and clinics

providing a large number of rhinoplasty requires high-quality and equipped clinics and hospitals to attain the patient’s satisfaction and lead to the best result. Many hospitals and clinics in Tehran have IPD( International patients department) to provide medical services to medical tourists.

  • Visa and tourism facilities

The Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has two options for travelers to obtain an Iranian visa:

  1. A) Anyone can register for an Iranian visa by visiting the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iran and filling out the Iranian visa form.
  2. B) Acting through tourism and travel agencies that are licensed to obtain a visa. Obtaining a visa is easier and faster with the help of travel agencies, and clients do not have to worry about office paperwork or unfamiliarity with the process.
  • Countries exempt from Iranian visas:

According to international law and Iran’s agreements with some countries, it is possible to enter Iran to become a citizen of some countries without receiving a visa. Citizens of:

  • Azerbaijan
  • Bolivia
  • Turkey
  • Syria
  • Lebanon
  • Georgia
  • Armenia
  • Venezuela
  • Egypt
  • Malaysia

will be subject to visa waiver laws.

Cheapest nose job in the world: Why rhinoplasty is cheap in Iran?

rhinoplasty cost in Iran is surprisingly about 1500 to 2000$ depends on the type of nose and complications. With this rhinoplasty cost, you can save more than 70% in comparison to the US and 30-70 % to other destinations even in consideration of accommodation, transfer, and medication cost, that’s shocking. Many medical tourism providers like Mediranco, have special packages for rhinoplasty in Iran which some of which are mixed with tourism facilities.



Talking about the reason for this cheap price, some factors are the most important one, that is the low value of Iranian Rial (Iranian currency) in front of other currencies.

may this article help you to have more information about this matter.


The most important aspect to opt for a destination to travel for rhinoplasty is checking your medical provider credentials, they must prepare a chair at the table for a good consultation, don’t be shy to ask all your questions, talk about your desires, as well as hidden costs. It helps you to have complete information about your destination and what will happen for you. The cheapest price should be combined with high quality for leading to a great result. High quality means your surgeon experience, clinic equipment, and medications, and tourism facilities like hotels. The cheapest price must be including every cost you may face. Hope to be helpful in your way to choose the best.

Iran is the best destination for rhinoplasty, with the cheapest price and the most professional surgeons. For more information and to see the Mediranco packages, read the rhinoplasty in Iran page.

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