When Can You do Makeup After Nose Surgery?

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21 November. 2022
Makeup after rhinoplasty
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Makeup after rhinoplasty : After nose surgery, many questions are asked to perform daily activities without harming the result of the surgery. One of the concerns of people after nose surgery is makeup. When they are allowed to use cosmetics after nose surgery and what points they should follow in this regard. In the continuation of this article, you can read all the necessary tips on how to do makeup after nose surgery.

Care after nose job

Rhinoplasty is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries in the world. Rhinoplasty can be done both open and closed. One of the important points in nose surgery is the correct post-surgery care. The nose becomes vulnerable after surgery, and environmental factors and a person's behavior can have a great impact on the result of the surgery and even change an excellent and perfect surgery.

The limitations that exist for using skin products and cosmetics after surgery are mostly due to these cares and not changing the result of surgery. However, surgeons usually allow two months after surgery to use cosmetics.

Makeup after rhinoplasty

After nose surgery, one of the problems that arise is related to facial bruises after surgery. Some people tend to cover up these bruises with the help of makeup so that they look better and can go about their daily activities. Surgeons often have different opinions about wearing makeup after surgery. But one thing that is clear is the importance of skin health after surgery. It is better to keep the following points in mind to take better care of your skin.

Makeup after closed nose surgery

In closed nose surgery, the skin becomes sensitive due to surgery, and it is necessary to take great care of your skin so that it recovers faster. Although there are no incisions or sutures in this surgery, it is better to use appropriate cosmetics so that the skin is not damaged while it is being repaired. You can use cosmetics for a few days after this surgery. You should only take care of the nasal splint after surgery. To do makeup at this time, it is better to use clean and hygienic cosmetics and clean your skin completely before applying makeup.

Makeup after open nose surgery

In rhinoplasty surgery, there are incisions and stitches from the outside of the nose that are more sensitive and you should take good care of these stitches. Using unhygienic and inappropriate cosmetics may cause skin infections in the area of ​​nasal sutures. After the surgery, until the nose splint is removed and the nose sutures are removed, you can apply makeup following the mentioned tips.

But after opening the nasal splint, keep in mind to refrain from using cosmetics in the surgical area of ​​the nose and glue on the nose. Continue this work for about 1 to 2 months until the skin is completely repaired and the stitched areas are completely healed.

Makeup after revision rhinoplasty

 After nose surgery, especially reconstructive surgeries and those who have had more than one surgery, the skin is very sensitive and you should take great care of the skin of the nose. It is even possible to completely postpone makeup and the use of skin products to another time to avoid damage to the skin of the nose. Most surgeons in reconstructive surgeries remind people of the high sensitivity and vulnerability of the nose skin after surgery. It is even necessary to refrain from manipulating pimples on the nose to prevent spots and depressions on the nose.

Use of sunscreen and moisturizing creams

Sun exposure may cause skin damage in the surgical areas. So that even after repair and recovery, the change in skin color is still evident. Try not to be exposed to direct sunlight after surgery.

Using moisturizers after rhinoplasty is helpful and can prevent skin dryness and peeling. Keep in mind that you should avoid skin products containing alpha-hydroxy acid or retinoid. These skin products irritate sensitive skin and are not suitable during this time.

Why does It take so long to put on makeup after nose surgery?

Makeup is nothing but cosmetic products that are made with chemicals. Now since the word chemical came up here, it is very important to learn about the side effects of these chemicals. Some of the popular chemicals used in these cosmetic products are sulfates, parabens, artificial colors, fragrances, alcohol, etc.

When applying makeup, it blocks all the pores and thus reduces the skin's respiration, which may lead to some severe skin diseases. It is necessary to think about the weather conditions and the level of your activity before applying makeup. During exercise, the pores of the skin are opened, and if makeup is used, the skin is unable to breathe, causing skin problems such as wrinkles, pimples, etc.

Cleansing and washing the skin after rhinoplasty

Most surgeons recommend washing around the nose that is covered by a splint and plaster bandage. Of course, the splint and plaster should not be wet. So don't take a shower before removing them. You should be careful about the cleansers you use during the recovery period. Find gentle cleansers. Although your skin is not sensitive before rhinoplasty surgery, your skin may become sensitive after the operation. A gentle cleanser can reduce the sensitivity and redness of your skin. Your doctor will probably suggest that you clean your skin with soap-free cleansers or special pads without any pressure. Another way to clean your face is to use hypoallergenic and fragrance-free moisturizers.

Eye makeup after rhinoplasty

Regarding eye makeup, it should be said that if you wish, you can wear eye makeup the day after the operation. Just remember to avoid getting the bandages wet or damp during the first week. You can use makeup remover pads to remove makeup on your eyes and prevent your nose from getting wet.

Practical tips for applying makeup after rhinoplasty

Be sure to wash your skin thoroughly before applying makeup and use clean and appropriate cosmetics. Be sure to clean your face before going to bed. Hygiene is very important in applying makeup after rhinoplasty. Use mild cleansers to remove makeup so that the redness and swelling of the skin does not increase. Note that you cannot wash your face when there is a splint and plaster on the nose, because the plaster of the nose should not get wet.

Be very careful while using cosmetics and apply cosmetics slowly and with little pressure on your skin and avoid applying pressure.

Avoid using cosmetics on the wound and surgery site. Wounds and skin after surgery are sensitive and may get infected. Also, creams and cosmetics should not cause skin pores to open.

Last words about makeup after rhinoplasty

It is very important to follow the care points after nose surgery. To Makeup after rhinoplasty , it is enough to first get permission from the specialist and then pay attention to the quality of your cosmetics and avoid using items that will cause harm. Along with cosmetic tips, you should also be careful about skin treatment and nutrition. Don't forget to drink plenty of water to avoid dry skin. When your body gets enough water, your skin stays younger and flushes out all the toxins. Try to avoid pinching your nose or blurring the stitches with makeup.

It's understandable that it's tempting to remove and erase the sutures while you're healing, but never do that because it increases the chance of post-op infection. By observing all the things that have been said, after rhinoplasty, in addition to fresh skin and a beautiful face, you can avoid the complications that may plague you.


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