What to know before getting a nose job

We are consisting on the complete information that you must know about getting rhinoplasty abroad. Knowing more problems less, so don’t think reading this articles is wasting time, read them all.

In this article, we want to talk about what to know before getting a nose job. You can get a few information about that and had a successful surgery. So stay with us and review your information about the nose job.

What to know before getting a nose job

If we want to point to an important member of the face, the nose will certainly be one of the most important. If the nose is not in good condition, it can hit people’s beauty and self-confidence a lot. A crooked nose, flattened nose, or even being too small can be a big problem for anyone.

Improper nose shape can affect the rest of a person’s facial appearance and divert attention from other beautiful facial features. Such things are the same everywhere in the world, so we can have a basic look at the issue of facial beauty. Rhinoplasty is a cosmetic surgery that helps to change the shape of your nose.

The nose operation will be such that it will create balance in your face and will restore other features of your face as well. Of course, before the nose job, you should consider your decision and pay attention to a series of important points. We are going to discuss these important points with you before rhinoplasty.

Having realistic expectations of nasal surgery

Some patients have a nose job when they see a famous person, but you have to remember that this is not possible and you can never create a nose that is the same as that person. Your bone structure may be different from that of a celebrity. Therefore, it would be almost impossible to have a nose that is the same as that person. Also, the person’s nose may not fit your face. You can consult with various specialists and surgeons in this field and get comprehensive information in this field.

With the right advice, you can find the best sample for your nose job and make sure it fits your face. This process will make you happy with the result and the action will be successful. This is very helpful in What to know before getting a nose job.


What to know before getting a nose job; Rhinoplasty is time-consuming

Rhinoplasty takes more time, and it is not possible to devote only a limited number of hours a day to it. Always keep in mind that rhinoplasty will take a few days off and you will not be able to do any activity for a few days. For this reason, knowing this, you can plan for work and choose the right time for your nose operation. After rhinoplasty, you will need more time to heal.

Different people have special conditions at this time of recovery. Recovery can depend on more or fewer days in a person. However, in your planning, you must create free time from one week to 10 days so that no problem enters your business. This time helps you to experience better conditions during and after the operation and to go through the process of your nose operation with complete peace of mind. Stress from work or study backlog can also affect the outcome of your nose job due to stress.

The results of the operation may not be to your liking

Doctors have always advised you not to see the result of rhinoplasty immediately after the operation. In fact, from patient to patient, this patience and perseverance to see the results of the operation can vary. You know that bruising and swelling are normal after rhinoplasty. So you have to wait for this situation to disappear and your face to be in a stable state. Even the atelier on your nose will make your face not look the way you expect it to.

In such a situation, you should know that there is no need to worry. You can reduce your nasal inflammation only with proper rest. Rest helps to reduce swelling in a week or so. Try to keep your nose up during this time. This will help speed up your recovery. After that, at least in the first place, you should refrain from doing any strenuous activity.

Avoiding heavy work will help you experience less pain after surgery and allow your nose to return to its original shape. If you do not comply with this, you will probably go through a more difficult recovery period. So if you want to know about what I wish I knew before my nose job, pay attention to this.

The result will be a bit time consuming

You should always keep in mind that this is the only swelling and bruising of the nose that disappears after a week. But it can take up to 4 to 6 weeks for the nose to fully recover and return to its original appearance. At this time it is better not to look at your nose and face and just finish your recovery period successfully. It may be painful for you to know this, But the last signs of swelling and bruising on your nose will probably go away in a year or more. Then you can see the original shape of your nose.

So in a nose job, patience is more important than anything else, and to have a better view of the results, you must have such points in mind. You are not supposed to be surprised by the results the day after your nose job. The bad shape and appearance of the face and nose after that, should not deceive or disappoint you. So only with patience, you can see the real results of nasal surgery on your face.

What I wish I knew before my nose job; Successful nose operation

You should always leave your nose job to a specialist you trust. If your rhinoplasty is done properly and your normal routine is followed, your beauty will improve. A good rhinoplasty will depend on the exact changes that the surgeon makes to your nose. These changes allow your nose to blend in well with the rest of your face.

People do not just look at your nose when they look at you. But also this beautiful appearance It is your face that will attract attention. Your nose is an important part of your face that, if you have the right conditions, will make a great combination with your face and will ultimately add an enhanced beauty to your face. That is why experts have always advised not to pay attention to the nose patterns on celebrities and to pay attention to the composition of their faces.

Rhinoplasty is not just for women

Many people in society have the misconception that rhinoplasty is for women only. Rhinoplasty can have many causes and is not related to gender. Rhinoplasty can be caused by a physical problem, and men are also prone to such problems. But regardless of this, even if the main reason for the nose is “beauty”, there is still no problem, and men are according to statistics a large group of clients.

Statistics show that more and more men are turning to cosmetic surgery, and since the twentieth century, this rate has increased by more than 300% compared to the past. So get rid of this misconception and do not have the stress of being rejected by society. Knowing the truth has always helped to create peace. So you too can operate on your nose safely, regardless of a series of wrong professions.

Not all patients are suitable for rhinoplasty

People for rhinoplasty are good candidates who have received the necessary advice and are allowed to be examined by specialists. Even if you are not satisfied with the appearance of your nose, it does not necessarily mean that you are prone to nose surgery. You need to be flexible and have realistic expectations. Consult an expert and see what changes you can make to your face.

For your face to heal properly, your body must be in good health. Experts recommend that you quit smoking long before the operation or, if you can not, quit it completely until you have completely recovered from the nose job (about a year). Keep in mind that realistic expectations can go a long way toward satisfying performance, and it is best to supplement your knowledge only with the true expertise of experts and not ignore rumors and non-expertise.

Follow nasal procedures

As the shape of your nose changes, other features of your face may become out of proportion. Often, this deformity occurs in the chin and increases dissatisfaction in people. Therefore, as a result of rhinoplasty, it is better to follow the advice of experts and change the shape of your chin to balance the proportions of your face.

You will probably not be ready for this decision. But it is better to talk to your specialist and be prepared to hear this talk. This deformation helps keep your chin and nose in proportion to the rest of your face.

What to know before getting a nose job; Surgery again

Even if a nose job is going well, you may still need surgery. Sometimes it is the postoperative recovery process that does not go well and there are still minor defects. You can also correct this defect with a reoperation. Fixing a defect can complete your nose job, and on the other hand, if you do not pay attention, even the results of your first nose job will not be to your liking. So always keep this in mind.

Choosing the right surgeon

Rhinoplasty is a difficult task, and because it deals with your beauty, you have to be more obsessive about choosing the right surgeon. You need skilled and capable hands whose work has been proven and you can trust them. Many surgeons in the country have a special style in their work. You need to have complete information and research in this area.

This research will help you become familiar with her rhinoplasty style and see if it is right for you. You need to be comfortable with the person who is going to change your face and be able to form this two-person collaboration. You are going to work together to achieve the desired result. To be satisfied with the result of the work and to be given complete beauty to your face, you must choose the right person for your nose operation from the very beginning.

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The importance of pre-and post-operative counseling

Counseling can help you increase your knowledge in this area. This information is not something you get on TV. You need to be able to explore different ideas about the appearance of your nose and finally discuss them with your rhinoplasty surgeon. If the changes you want to make to your nose are not right for the counselor, it is best to listen to his or her words and reasons.

Life will be easier for you, depending on the profession of a consultant. You need more than luck to succeed in the affiliate business and you can choose the one that works best for you. Sometimes our choices are wrong and we should not resist them. Fortunately, many expert advisors in the country will make the decision-making process easier for you, as long as you listen to their expertise.

Consultants can show you samples of different operated noses and even simulate your face after surgery with the help of computer simulation models. These results will help you to have a better view of your postoperative period. Taking a picture of your nose will help identify other problems with your nose and minor changes You can also see. These photos also check the physical problems of your nose to determine if the operation is dangerous and causes internal deviations, before the operation.

Rhinoplasty is not very painful

The most important thing that patients are afraid of is the pain of nasal surgery. Any surgery can have pain, but it is not what you think it is. Preoperative IV injections and postoperative sutures may be the only turning point in pain that the patient has to endure. What can be annoying is not the pain of the nose job, but the dull state you have to go through during the recovery period.

These issues lead to severe weakness and drowsiness, and there are side effects to the medications you need to take. Weak or strong people are effective in this regard. Some people go through the pre-bruising period easily, but some people have to use ice to get rid of bruising after surgery. These people can also eat solid foods and extend their rest period.

Getting counseling can help you reduce post-operative discomfort and do things that will help improve your nose and face. So in what to know before getting a nose job topic, this is a very important one.

The last word about what to know before getting a nose job

In this article, we tried to acquaint you with the knowledge of rhinoplasty and increase your information. This simple and, of course, attractive information will help you to complete your nose operation with more peace of mind. This knowledge is also very helpful during the recovery period and makes you have more patience and endurance until the end of the recovery period.

The results of the operation will be more satisfying for you by knowing these points, and you can be better prepared even before the operation. You should always get good advice before rhinoplasty and finally, with enough research, choose the best surgeon for you. Try to have realistic expectations of your rhinoplasty and, as far as possible, do not choose other people’s noses as an example.

You have certain conditions on your face and that is why you should get a proper nose job. A nose may be great for that person’s face, but it may not be ideal for you. So by consulting and using the experiences of other people, try to consider a better nose job for yourself and ultimately be satisfied with the result. This satisfaction will last for the rest of your life.

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