What size of breasts do women really want? ( About breast augmentation)

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06 April. 2023
breast implant sizes
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breast implant sizes: Size is probably one of your top concerns if you're thinking about having breast implants. The ultimate outcome of your breast augmentation procedure will be greatly influenced by the size of your implants, so it's crucial to understand how to choose the best implants that you'll be pleased with for many years.

In this article we will read:

  • What breast implant sizes are available?
  • What size breast enlargement is most popular?
  • Choosing your body's ideal breast implant size
  • Is it worth while to get breast surgery even if you only gain one cup size?
  • Last words

What breast implant sizes are available?

Due to the non-standardization of cup size dimensions, they can vary between companies; thus, what might be a B-cup in one brand may be a C-cup in another. For this reason, cubic centiliters (cc) rather than cup measurements are used to quantify breast implants.

Although the kinds and sizes of breast implants differ depending on the manufacturer, measurements typically range from 80cc to 1200cc. To go up one complete cup size, you would typically need an implant size of about 250cc, to give you an indication of how ccs approximately convert into cup sizes.

Despite the fact that breast implants can be 80cc to 1200cc in height, these quantities are rarely requested by patients. While 1200cc implants are typically much too large for the majority of women and would bear a high risk of problems, 80cc implants are typically too tiny to noticeably alter breast size.

Generally speaking, problems like implant displacement, rippling, and drooping are more likely with bigger implants and may necessitate surgical correction. Although we always suggest the best implants based on the health and hopes of each patient individually, we typically don't advise a patient to go much higher than 550cc.

Choosing your body's ideal breast implant size

There is no one-size-fits-all method of selecting breast implants because every patient we see has very distinct ideas about what they want to accomplish from breast augmentation.

It can be useful to take into account things like the following when determining which breast implant size is ideal for you:

  • Your body and structure

Maintaining proper alignment and equilibrium with the rest of your body is crucial. To achieve a discernible size gain, it's possible that you'll need to choose a larger implant with a higher profile if you are tall and have a broad breast circumference. Smaller implants with a low or modest profile might be more appropriate for you if your body is smaller.

  • Your interests for fitness

If you exercise frequently or vigorously, large implants might be unpleasant or inappropriate and could possibly result in back and shoulder discomfort.

  • Your ideal size and shape

varying implant kinds will produce varying results, depending on whether your goal is to obtain a larger, perkier bust or merely to replace volume that was lost as a result of breastfeeding or weight reduction. The implant's form and profile may in some circumstances be more significant than its bulk.

  • Your current breasts size and shape

Too much of a change to the size or form of your breasts could make you lament getting implants.

Is it worth while to get breast surgery even if you only gain one cup size?

We are asked if it is worthwhile to have breast enhancement to increase the cup size by just one size just as frequently as we are asked what it takes to accomplish a particular breast size increase. If any of the following apply to you, it may be entirely worthwhile:

  • You want to change the tubular form of your breasts or enhance their size.
  • You want bigger breasts but don't want people to know you had enhancement surgery.
  • Although you don't really want your breasts to be that much larger, you do want the top portion of them to be more full.
  • You want a very modest size increase because you're an athlete and getting too large could hinder performance.

Last words

Utilize breast implants that are customized to your requirements and achieve the appearance you've always desired. For secure, reliable outcomes, speak with an expert cosmetic surgeon. For the right size breast implants for you, be sure to express what you like and don't like as well as any worries you may have. Enhancing your appearance with breast augmentation can make you feel like the finest version of yourself.

Cost of Breast implant in Iran

The costs of various methods are different but you can ask mediranco for high qualified hospitals and experienced surgeons at very affordable prices. As a comparison, you can find out that the costs of most aesthetic surgeries in Iran are cheaper than in European countries. You can experience a journey to a wonderful country and have your surgery at an affordable price.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Your breast implant size does not have to be determined by you. Our staff will assist you in this process and locate the ideal implants for your body type and cosmetic objectives.

  • You might discover that your visual preferences change with age. Size adjustments are reasonably typical, but if you want to switch out your implants, you’ll need to have breast revision surgery. We are delighted to assist individuals who subsequently want to replace their implants.

  • The epidermis may expand when you use an implant that is too big for your body, and the implants may bottom out. Larger prostheses may also hurt or feel unpleasant. In order to prevent these possible complications, our doctors will go over your choices with you and assist you in choosing an implant of the proper size.


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