What is the plastic surgery capital of the world?

What is the plastic surgery capital of the world?

Most plastic surgeries are performed in Korea

Most cosmetic surgery is performed in this country while we thought that Iranian men and women with their noses have turned this into the center of cosmetic surgery in the world; the women of another Asian country have snatched the lead from our compatriots. Korean women surrender to the blade of the country’s surgeons to look better; but apparently, the country’s surgeons are turning the razors so much that the product of their work is causing trouble for the clients.

According to the report, Korean women change so much after surgery that they need a medical certificate to prove their identity. Surgeons should write that this new face has the same photo and identity that is on the identity card, certificate or passport of these women. In general, Korean women have made their country the capital of cosmetic surgery in the world.

Why is South Korea the plastic surgery capital of the world?

In any kind of fashion, there are two opposing tendencies: individualism and collectivism. On the one hand, we act according to fashion in order to distinguish ourselves from others, and on the other hand, by following fashion, we make ourselves look like others. The bizarre prevalence of plastic surgery in South Korea is more influenced by the collectivist trend of fashion. You have to have plastic surgery, because everyone does. By that logic, the beauty industry in South Korea has reached insane proportions.

If you want to make yourself feel bad about your appearance, travel to Seoul. There, many women, as well as men, remain animated princes. You will see subway passengers grooming in front of full-length mirrors.

These mirrors are installed in all stations for this purpose. Job seekers are usually asked to attach a photo to their resume. Comments such as “If you made the fact slimmer, you would be much prettier” are not considered offensive by the family more than the phrase “If you changed the decoration of the kitchen, your apartment would be much more beautiful” is not considered offensive.

The people of South Korea are not just worried about their faces, they are taking action. According to some estimates, the country has the highest rate of plastic surgery per capita in the world. (Brazil is a few steps lower.) The United States is a few steps behind, ranking sixth, although it still has the most surgeries overall. It is estimated that between one-fifth and one-third of Seoul, women have undergone surgery, and according to a BBC poll, this figure rises to 50% or more for women between the ages of 20 and 30.

Men reportedly make up 15 percent of the market, including a former Korean president who underwent eyelid surgery during his presidency. Statistics in this area are not conclusive, as the plastic surgery, industry lacks written rules and regulations and therefore lacks official documents, but we will address this in part.

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