What is the Death Rate of Nose Jobs?

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06 November. 2022
rhinoplasty death rate
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Rhinoplasty death rate : Does rhinoplasty cause death? Rhinoplasty, like other cosmetic surgeries, has many side effects or risks, but today, with the progress we have made in science and technology, the risk of such problems has been minimized. For this reason, these days we see that many people, both men and women, are applying for this surgery without any worries.

But one of the most common questions that you may have heard before doing nose surgery is, what is the death rate of nose jobs? To answer this question, it is better to stay with us until the end of the article.

Risk of Death in Nose Surgery:

One of the causes of death in nose surgery is the use of anesthesia. As a result, the anesthetic and the procedure are factors that increase the risk of death in rhinoplasty. This risk exists in all surgeries, only the rate and percentage of its occurrence is different. For example, the following are among those that have a direct impact on the final result of surgery and its side effects:

  • patient's health history;
  • age;
  • family health history;
  • surgery method;
  • surgeon experience;
  • anesthetic dose.

In general, it can be said that the percentage of death in nose surgery in healthy and young people is lower than in sick people. Also, the probability of non-smokers regaining consciousness is more than that of smokers.

If one of your family members is allergic to the anesthetic, it is possible that you will also be allergic to the anesthetic and suffer from the side effects of the anesthetic after the operation.

Despite all this, death from rhinoplasty is rare. The more experienced the doctor and the medical team, the less likely the complication will be.

Death Percentage in Nose Surgery (rhinoplasty death rate)

Although rhinoplasty is generally a very safe cosmetic procedure with few complications, there are inherent risks in any cosmetic procedure.

Investigating the probability and percentage of death in nose surgery:

All surgeries have different degrees of risk and this operation is no exception. For example, this action causes respiratory disorders. Of course, in 70% of cases, the side effects of surgery will be treated. Another risk of this surgery is the occurrence of infection or death, the probability of which is 5 to 7 percent.

It is possible that the patient will never regain consciousness after the surgery. In the distant past when nose surgery was popular in Iran, surgeons did not have enough expertise in this field and advanced devices were not available in Iran. Because of this, many people died during surgery.

Fortunately, the progress of science and technology has caused the possibility of this complication to decrease significantly.

It should be said that any operation such as nose surgery has the possibility of death, but you should know why this happened. In fact, such a question remains the same as saying whether there is a possibility of death while driving or not.

As we said, nowadays, due to the progress that has happened in medical science, equipment and technology, the possibility of such cases has been minimized and there is no need for patients to worry about this.

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What Factors Increase the Percentage of rhinoplasty death rate?

In general, three factors can be mentioned as factors that increase the percentage of death in nose surgery, which include the following:

Indiscriminate use of anesthetics is one of the factors that increase the rhinoplasty death rate

One of the main factors that increase the risk of death due to nose surgery can be considered the excessive use of anesthetics. Failure to use the right amount of anesthetic drugs during surgery causes serious risks such as long-term coma and even the death of the patient to be expected!

However, the use of anesthetic drugs in a lower amount than usual also has its own problems and may lead to incomplete anesthesia of the patient. With these explanations, it is clear that the skill and experience of the anesthesiologist has a significant impact on the success of the surgical procedure.

In relation to this factor, we should also mention that if the person applying for nose surgery has a history of diseases such as heart disease, respiratory disease, diabetes or all kinds of allergies, it is necessary to get complete information before starting the operation.

In relation to the type of illness and the drugs used, present to the medical team and anesthesia technician so that serious problems do not arise with professional injections during anesthesia.

Malfunction of operating room devices and equipment

During nose surgery, the patient may need to use breathing and resuscitation equipment. If, for any reason, the operation of these devices has a malfunction and they cannot show the information and conditions of the patient correctly, the rhinoplasty death rate will increase.

Also, in some cases, the carelessness of the surgical team may cause such disorders to occur, in which case it should be tried to minimize the occurrence of such mistakes by devoting enough attention to ensure the life and financial health of the patients.

The simultaneity of several cosmetic and therapeutic procedures

Some people believe that by doing several cosmetic procedures at the same time, they act in a smart way and by doing this, they reduce the number of times they go to the operating room and thus save money.

But this view can cause an increase in the percentage of death in nose surgery; For example, if several operations are to be performed at the same time, as the operation time increases, the possibility of increasing the rate of infection and occurrence of risks such as swelling and bleeding will double, and as a result, the patient will suffer serious problems.

It is in this situation that the experience and expertise of the nose surgeon is used to determine whether another cosmetic procedure can be performed in the operating room by examining the patient's physical capacity.

Therefore, referring to a good nose surgeon with high work experience and nose surgery skills is what lowers the death rate in nose surgery. An experienced surgeon knows what to do in emergency situations where the patient's condition is in danger to save the patient from the risk of death.

What Should be Done to Reduce Complications Caused by Nose Surgery?

According to some doctors who specialize in the field of treatment and health, you can consider the following as important points in reducing the likelihood of such side effects:

  • Change your lifestyle and follow a healthy diet.
  • Avoid being overweight and take steps to lose weight if needed.
  • Quit smoking or using any drugs and avoid drinking alcohol.
  • Exercise continuously and regularly so that you can keep yourself away from such injuries and complications.

To prevent possible complications or risks during or after nose surgery, necessary measures are taken before the operation. Among these cases, we can mention the necessary tests before the surgery, according to which the doctor gets to know the patient's diseases or problems and proceeds with the surgery according to the applicant's conditions.

Sometimes, according to these points, even a specialist doctor may refuse to perform such a surgery because he recognizes the possibility of respiratory complications or excessive anxiety for his patient and does not perform this operation until complete recovery.

Last Words about rhinoplasty death rate

In general, we can say that you should not worry about the mortality of rhinoplasty because the statistics obtained so far about this issue show that this happened rarely and in very special circumstances. Therefore, you should not pay attention to the rumors about the death of a woman or a man during nose surgery, which are published by the media and with controversial headlines to attract more audiences.

Fortunately, since medical science is progressing day by day and more advanced equipment is available, the probability of death during surgery has decreased significantly, and with the help of experts, they have been able to prevent long-term complications. caused by surgery to end.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • There is a risk of death in every surgery, so it does not mean that only nose surgery has a risk of death.

  • The causes of death in nose surgery can be the indiscriminate use of anesthesia, malfunctioning of the devices, and performing several operations at the same time.

  • Medical science is progressing day by day and more advanced equipment has been developed, thus reducing the chance of death in nose surgery.

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