What is Lipomatic? lipomatic vs liposuction

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02 May. 2021
What is Lipomatic?
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What is Lipomatic? Have you ever given much thought to what is Lipomatic? Well, despite the fact that Lipomatic is similar to liposuction, the technology used in Lipomaticis very much disparate. Lipomatic is an advanced method of removing excess fat from certain areas of the body to reshape or reform it. But the major difference between these two is that, Lipomatic results in less tissue damage, uniformity of fat under the skin, more fine skin look, and more lasting effect in comparison with liposuction. Due to the reasons mentioned above, it is safe to say that most people nowadays prefer Lipomatic to liposuction.

It goes without saying that, Lipomatic does not work for obese ones with a high body fat percentage. To put it another way, this method is only suitable for those who have a BMI (body mass index) less than 30. To elaborate on this, if your BMI is more than 30, your doctor will likely prevent you from doing Lipomatic, since this procedure will not dramatically alter your body shape. However, for those who meet the eligibility requirements (less than 30 BMI), this procedure can be miraculously effective in reducing excess body fat and make a significant difference in their appearance. Thus, note that Lipomatic isn't the way to lose weight! We highly recommend it only to those who want to be slimmer and have less body fat to lose.

Let me give you an example to better get the point. Let say you have some problems with your belly, buttocks or love handles' fat but for several reasons, you are not able to workout and looking for a non-traditional solution as a detour for burning those fats which they got on your nerves. In this case, you can choose the Lipomatic surgery to reach the result sooner. But, as we mentioned, if your BMI would be more than 30 this would not be an easy job to handle the situation by Lipomatic surgery. Since the body fat percentage is higher than the amount that Lipomatic surgery could have helped. Thus, you have to be more reasonable and do not expect much from the Lipomatic procedure.

The difference between liposuction and Lipomatic

Although we mentioned this briefly above, let's discuss more on Lipomatic vs Liposuction in greater detail. Liposuction is a procedure in which fat is removed from specific areas of the body by applying suction. Liposuction also goes by the name Lipoplasty and body contouring, but as we mentioned above, they are not the same. It is typically applied on the abdomen, arms, thighs, buttocks, and neck. These areas can also be shaped by Liposuction. The method of performing this surgery is that the doctor performs this surgery by inserting a tiny thin tube under the patient's skin with very small incisions in the skin and then moving the tube to reach areas that have more fat.

Lipomatic, on the other hand, is a FDA-approved safe device which is designed to perform high-volume liposuction safely and effectively in each body part while providing precision. Liposcaping is a form of liposculpting in which the doctor removes excess fat from the body or transfers it to the other parts to make the body slimmer and more reshaped. As we mentioned above, the technology which is used in the Lipomatic is new and different from the Liposuction, and due to the new usage of the tech, there is less tissue damage in this method which reduces the amount of pain in the surgery in comparison with the Liposuction.

Lipomatic procedure

Before we discuss what is Lipomatic's procedure, we should say that Lipomatic and Liposuction, in some ways, are similar. But the difference is that in liposuction surgery, a small incision near the targeted area is used. The excess fat is then pulled out with a strong vacuum on a narrow tube. During the surgery muscles and blood vessels are not harmed at all. Local anesthesia can be applied as part of a liposuction procedure specific to a specific part of the body if necessary. A temporary state of unconsciousness is induced during the surgery. Depending on the amount of fat removed, the procedure can take several hours which is usually between one and four hours. Staying overnight in a hospital may be necessary for the purpose of ensuring you don’t become dehydrated or go into shock due to fluid loss.

This is while in the Lipomatic method infrasonic sound is utilized which makes it disparate from Liposuction. Using ultrasonic technology, cells are break. By means of rotation and vibration, a cannula tube destroys fat tissues inside. Neither the vessels nor fat cells are damaged by these movements. By using this technology, fat cells can be sucked out completely without any harm. But the intriguing part of the Lipomatic method is that it is possible to re-use fat cells contained in Lipomatic to fill some areas of the body like the breast, face, lips, etc. the doctor can also inject the fat cells into the other parts of the body, if necessary.

Lipomatic risks in comparison with Liposuction

With that being said, what is Lipomatic's advantage over Liposuction? There is no doubt that Lipomatic surgery offers low-risk advantages over Liposuction surgery. With this technique, there are fewer risks from blood loss and scarring, compared to liposuction, since it uses a different technique. Furthermore, the recovery time is much shorter. The procedure typically takes two to three hours depending on the amount of fat to be removed. Thus, you should not worry about Lipomatic risks. Since it utilizes a new technology which does not harm body tissues during the fat suctions. In this method, people usually recover more quickly and they feel less pain in comparison with the Liposuction procedure.

Lipomatic side effects

Although we discussed the low risk of Lipomatic surgery, it does not mean that these procedures are without side effects. Any claim to the contrary is a lie since there are always side effects following such procedures. Lipomatic side effects can vary from person to person. Before you undergo this surgery, you should better be aware of some of them or get as much information from your doctor as possible. For instance, if you are allergic to any medication, be sure to discuss this with your doctor. You can be sure that your doctor will look over your test results, but you should inform him/her of anything you need to discuss with your doctor. Here are some general side effects for Lipomatic surgery are as follows hereunder.

  1. Bruising: in such case, some severe brushings can take on your body for several weeks.
  2. Numbness: is temporary but you may feel it in the very area of your body.
  3. Damage to the arteries: this may happen because of severe vibrations during the surgery.
  4. Allergic reaction: if some patients are allergic to a specific medication, this might happen either.
  5. Kidney or heart problems: Injecting or suctioning fluids can affect body fluid levels, causing kidney or heart problems after the surgery.
  6. Thrombophlebitis: in this case, veins become inflamed when clots form, causing further complications.
  7. Infections: this case is so rare between patients but it might happen mostly on the skin.
  8. Contour irregularities: in such cases, the skin may appear withered, wavy, or bumpy if it is lacking elasticity.
  9. Internal organ punctures: this case is very rare between patients is rarely seen among them.
  10. Swelling and Inflammation: which may take several months to get better.

Lipomatic surgery advantages

We discussed the major advantage of Lipomatic Surgery over Liposuction earlier which was low-risk surgery in comparison with Liposuction, But low-risk surgery is not the only advantage of this method that you can count on, this procedure has also other advantages over Liposuction that makes it superior and helps you to have an easier and promising surgery in comparison with the traditional methods. Here are a few other cases, too, which can be taken into consideration. Here are some of them:

  1. Less pain
  2. Less traumatic bruises
  3. Faster recovery period
  4. Short surgery duration
  5. In Lipomatic surgery when the system encounters areas that do not contain adipose tissue, it immediately stops.
  6. Excellent skin reactivity results in a smooth skin appearance.

Lipomatic surgery costs

There are many Lipomatic procedures in the world, and the cost of which varies according to where on your body you want to have treated and the very country you live in or you want to take the surgery over there. It can be said that Lipomatic surgery on any part of the body can have its own price and is completely different from other parts of the body or from country to country. The average cost for a liposuction procedure worldwide is around $5000. Although you can certainly ask about the expenses in advance and make sure that you are aware of them.

Last word

In this article we read that many people confuse Lipomatic surgery with Liposuction and assume that they are the same. But it can be said that Lipomatic surgery by using a new technology is much safer, less painful than the traditional method of Liposuction surgery and the recovery time is much shorter and many people are willing to use this surgery to remove fat from specific parts of their bodies. However, as we discussed, it may come with its own risks, as described above. Therefore, it is best to consult your doctor to be aware of any potential risks.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Less pain

    Less traumatic bruises

    Faster recovery period

    Short surgery duration

    In Lipomatic surgery when the system encounters areas that do not contain adipose tissue, it immediately stops.

    Excellent skin reactivity results in a smooth skin appearance.

  • The average cost for a liposuction procedure worldwide is around $5000. Although you can certainly ask about the expenses in advance and make sure that you are aware of them.


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