What brand of breast implant is best?

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14 February. 2023
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Best breast implant brands : Fitness has become one of the main pillars of beauty in today's world, and this has led many applicants to breast implants. In addition, women who have lost their breasts due to accidents or cancer can regain their self-confidence with the right prosthesis.

A prosthesis is actually a type of artificial breast that is placed instead of the whole breast or a part of it. The increase in acceptance of this almost low-risk surgery has led to the variety of shapes and the increase in the brands that produce this product.

Does it matter what brand of breast implants I choose?

Most women who are dissatisfied with the size of their breasts prefer to solve their appearance problem through prosthesis. Small breast size has a direct effect on reducing people's self-confidence. But advances in the medical field have made it possible to solve this problem.

The use of surgery, breast lift, gel or fat injection is the best method to increase the volume of the breast, and among all of them, breast prosthesis has become the most popular cosmetic procedure. It will be useful for you to know about different models of prosthesis and its brands.

Different models of breast prosthesis

First of all, we must point out that despite the variety of prosthesis models, choosing the right model should be done in consultation with the doctor. Because he has sufficient knowledge of your anatomy and body structure and can choose the most suitable prosthesis according to your weight, skin type, and body shape.

But in general, breast implants can be divided into three categories in terms of prominence, which are:

  • Ultra-high profile implant
  • High Profile implant
  • Low profile implant

After examining the applicant's skin in the consultation session, the doctor selects the most suitable prosthesis. It is interesting to know that people with breast cancer who have lost all or part of their breast tissue during the treatment period are the best candidates for using implants.

In addition to the division of prostheses in terms of prominence, this practical product can also be divided into different categories in terms of materials, which we will examine further.

Classification of breast implants based on material

Based on material, prostheses can be divided into three groups, which are:

  • Saline or salt water prosthesis

This prosthesis is completely round in appearance and is filled with saline solution or salt water. As you know, there is a possibility of rupture of the implant and leakage of its contents into the breast. Carrying out heavy activities and putting pressure on the shoulder, arms and chest is directly involved in accelerating this process.

The main advantage of saline prostheses is that in case of tearing and leakage of materials inside, the process of absorbing them is done faster and there is no special problem for the person. The main advantage of using saline prostheses is that you need less incisions to place them. So the recovery period and pain caused by this operation are shorter.

  • Silicone prosthesis

This implant also has a relatively round appearance. The inside of this prosthesis is filled with adhesive gels that give it a more natural appearance. But the rupture of silicone prostheses and the leakage of its contents can cause serious problems for a person. Surgeons do not recommend the use of these products for people under 22 years of age. But in case of emptying the breasts due to cancer, using silicone implants will be the best option.

Beautiful shape, natural shape of the breast and reducing the risk of emptying the prosthesis are the main advantages of using this product. Relatively high cost compared to other prostheses, the need to participate in periodical examinations after surgery and more incisions to place the prosthesis are the main disadvantages of using silicone prosthesis.

  • Composite prostheses

The use of composite implants is much less compared to the previous two products. The inside of these prostheses is usually filled with soybean oil, polypropylene threads and similar materials.

Types of prostheses based on appearance

Anatomical differences in the body of different people have caused variations in the shape of prostheses. The most practical form of breast implants are:

  • Round implants

This product is the best option for people interested in prominent breasts. Of course, experts recommend round implants to people who want to have more shapely breasts using a very soft texture.

  • Teardrop implants

Teardrop prostheses are usually known as anatomical implants. Silicone gel is the main ingredient in the production of this product. In addition to increasing the durability of these types of prostheses, silicone gels also have an effect on increasing their safety.

In terms of lifespan, teardrop implants are relatively permanent products. By choosing the right brand and following the care instructions after placing this prosthesis, you will enjoy prominent and well-shaped breasts for the rest of your life.

FDA-approved breast implant manufacturers

Now that you are familiar with the variety of breast prostheses, it is time to choose a product. Do not forget that choosing a brand has a direct effect on increasing the durability and safety of implants. Of course, reputable brands are in the higher price range.

You might think that choosing a cheap product is a kind of economic saving. Our advice to you is not to sacrifice the safety and quality of the product for its price in any cosmetic surgery. In most cases, cheap products have lower quality and can be a serious risk to people's health and lives. The best brands of breast prostheses are:

Safest breast implant brand 2023

  • Mentor

Mentor brand is one of the best breast implant brands and highest quality products in the market. The highest quality silicone raw materials are used in the production of this brand's products. Of course, Mentor saline prostheses are also the best saline implants.

The Mentor brand is made in the United States and in the production of its products, it focuses on the anatomy of the body, the elimination of complications caused by diseases, the needs and tastes of customers and many other factors.

  • Polytech

This brand also has special standards. The unique design and the use of high-quality raw materials have made the products of this brand an excellent option.

Polytech is one of the best breast implant brands and most famous German brands that started its business activity at the end of the 20th century (1986). For the fit and compatibility of the products of this brand with the body anatomy of different people, various changes have been applied to them.

  • Nagor

Another excellent brand for breast implant surgery is the Nagor brand. Nagor prostheses are made in two anatomical and silicone molds. Nagor company has tried to comply with the highest standards in the manufacture of all its products. This has increased the safety and durability of its products.

Last Words about Best breast implant brands

Breast prosthesis surgery is one of the cosmetic surgery methods that is known to create a desirable prominence in women's bodies. In this breast shaping method, various breast prosthesis brands are used, which are produced in a variety of ways in terms of appearance, quality, volume, and size. Choosing the best brand of breast prosthesis can lead you to the result you want after surgery and ease your mind in every way.

  • The high variety and excellent quality of Mentor products has made most cosmetic surgeons recommend the use of this brand’s prostheses to beauty seekers.

  • In the classification of prostheses, one should pay attention to the shape, material, protrusion, and contents inside them.

  • In terms of material, implants can be divided into three categories: saline, silicone, and composite. Silicone samples are the most popular and composite models are the least used breast prostheses.

  • When buying breast prostheses, it is better to focus on the American Mentor brand, the German Polytech brand, and the Nagor brand. Quality, excellent quality, and long life are the main advantages of buying these products.


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