What Age is Good to Get a Nose Job?

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28 September. 2022
age of rhinoplasty
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The age of rhinoplasty is important for those people who want to change their face. Some people, especially in their teenage years, may have a little problem with their face and imagine a part of their face as defective. Perhaps the first part of any person's face that can guarantee their beauty to a great extent is the nose.

It is natural that all of us are interested in having a flawless and beautiful appearance, and we probably consider the nose to be an effective organ in this regard. But none of us has been involved in the formation of our nose shape, so it's good to deal with it and continue our life with less sensitivity.

The best surgeons in the field of nose surgery are those who, using up-to-date knowledge and advanced equipment, advance the surgery in a direction so that, in addition to removing the external defects, the person's breathing does not face problems.

It is better to consider all the conditions before the operation and be sure that you have not made a hasty decision for your nose surgery based on the feelings of the moment. There are many people who are never satisfied with the appearance of their nose and turn to nose surgery, but in the end, they still do not look satisfied.

If you want to get to know the most appropriate age for nose surgery, stay with us until the end of this article.

Why is the Age at the Time of Nose Job is an Important Factor?

Age and time of nose job is one of the important factors that should be taken into consideration during rhinoplasty. The best age for nose surgery is after reaching full physical maturity. Also, it is better to perform nose surgery when not much time has passed since the age of youth and the period of health and freshness of the facial skin. Usually between 20 and 30 years old is the right age to do rhinoplasty.

In this age range, the person has reached full physical maturity and the facial parts have fully developed, and the person's decision is independent of the emotions and special conditions of adolescence, and the skin has not yet lost its elasticity.

Of course, the physical conditions of each person are different, so if you have made your final decision about nose surgery, it is better to consult with your surgeon and otolaryngologist.

Nose job before reaching full maturity will have very negative effects on the growth of a person's face in such a way that the person's face may not be normal in adulthood and the new nose may not find a suitable place on the person's face.

In teenagers, before nose surgery, more tests need to be done to check the growth of bones, and rhinoplasty in old age will also face the problem of late recovery.

The Best Age for Nose Job

As we mentioned above, surgery under the age of 20, when the person has not yet reached full physical maturity, may face many problems.

During adolescence, people care more about their appearance, and since the nose is in the center of the face and has not yet acquired its true form, the sensitivity is much greater. Since the shape and form of the nose can change until the end of puberty, for this reason, it is preferable not to perform surgery until this age.

At older ages, due to the decrease in skin elasticity, the possibility of obtaining the best result is usually a bit doubtful. Also, the recovery period at this age is longer than other people.

The most important point in this field is to choose an experienced surgeon. Especially for people who decide to have surgery at a younger age due to the excitement of this era. A good surgeon can give the necessary advice after examining the patient.

The doctor should provide the person with complete information about nose job at these ages and types of noses. It is necessary for the patient to have a reasonable picture of the result of nose surgery and the changes made on it.

Minimum Age for Nose Surgery

The minimum age for nose surgery is usually 16 years for girls and 18 years for boys. Of course, reaching full maturity will be different for each person. The plastic surgeon must check the growth status of the facial parts and reach full maturity. If a person's face and nasal cartilages stop growing, it is possible to perform a nose job.

With the ending or slowing down of facial skeletal and cartilaginous growth and reaching the final fit between the facial components, it is possible to determine how much a person's fleshy or bony nose can be changed and how much the dimensions and size of the nose can be brought close to the standards of aesthetic science. But if even after reaching the age of 18, the person's face is still growing and changing, one should refrain from performing cosmetic procedures.

You should be aware of growth cartilages in the nose

It should be noted that there are cartilages in the nose which are called growth cartilages. The growth of parts of the face is related to these cartilages. By performing nose surgery and manipulating or removing growth cartilages, the normal changes of the facial parts are seriously damaged. In fact, the upper third and lower third of the face will continue to grow, but the growth of the middle third of the face, where the nose is located, will stop.

For this reason, those who have undergone cosmetic surgery in their pre-puberty age will find an asymmetric face in adulthood, in which the middle part of the face becomes hollow and flat. Therefore, you should not rush to perform nose surgery. Wait for your face to reach its final composition. Trust your plastic surgeon and research the results of a good procedure before undergoing rhinoplasty.

However, another thing to pay attention to when performing nose surgery is to do it at the right time and before getting old. Usually between the ages of 20 and 30 is the right age of rhinoplasty . Usually, after the age of 30, the skin of the face starts to lose its elasticity and gradually sags. This issue also affects the results of nose surgery. The older you get, the more difficult it will be to achieve the desired result of rhinoplasty.

Maximum Age for Nose Surgery

The maximum age for nose surgery is usually considered to be 60 years old. After this age, the elasticity of the skin decreases to such an extent that it is not possible to achieve satisfactory or long-lasting results in the shape of the nose or raising the tip of the nose. The older you get, the more sagging the facial skin becomes, and as a result, the tip of the nose will also droop.

This drooping and reduction of the skin's elasticity, as well as the lowering of the tip of the nose, will continue even after cosmetic surgery, and the person will experience drooping of the tip of the nose after the operation. For this reason, the results obtained from the surgery of a 25-year-old person, for example, will be completely different from the results of the nose surgery of a 55-year-old person. Expectations from nose surgery in old age should be reasonable and less than in young age.

Another problem that elderly people face after rhinoplasty surgery is the slow recovery of sutures and surgical scars. Also, the swelling of the nose in these people decreases slowly. If in a young person, it takes 4 to 6 months for the swelling of the nose to decrease and the shape of the nose to be determined after the surgery, this time period will be much longer for the elderly and may take more than a year. also reach For this reason, the maximum age for nose surgery is considered to be 60 years.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • In fact, the age of 18 years is a certain age for the development and growth of the face. At this age, the bones of the face and skull are usually well formed, and the person does not have to worry about possible changes in the nose.

  • The best result of nose surgery is observed when the person has reached full growth. Keep in mind that over 50 years old, the result of surgery will not be as good as 20-30 years old.

  • Usually, rules regarding the best age for nose surgery are established when there are no special conditions. However, if the child has a fractured nose and this fracture has blocked the respiratory airway, nose surgery is performed at a young age based on the diagnosis of a specialist doctor

  • If the deviation of the nose is large, it increases the risk of respiratory and cardiovascular problems. So, in a situation where the deviation of the nose is high and the specialist doctor diagnoses the operation at a young age, it is necessary to perform the operation according to the doctor’s recommendation.


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