The Pros and Cons of Nose job + advantages and disadvantages

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23 February. 2021
The Pros and Cons of Nose job
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The Pros and Cons of Nose job : You're in the right spot if you're dreaming of getting a nose job but aren't too sure if it's what you want to do! It's necessary to consider the pros and cons before getting any type of cosmetic procedure.

Think of the reasons you're making this decision before agreeing to cosmetic surgery. In two columns, write down your list of goals. List the ways your life will change in one column by getting cosmetic surgery and all other benefits that come to mind. Write down any concerns you have about cosmetic surgery in the other paragraph and any risks you can think of.

Carry your list with you when you visit the surgeon if you plan to go for the surgery. By asking questions, you can use the list as a reference. Not only would this encourage you to make an informed choice, but it also allows you to trust what you want to do.

This article will cover the nose job advantages and disadvantages generally and compare the pros and cons of different types of the nose job.

The nose job Advantages: Reasonable Rhinoplasty Factors

  • Enhanced Confidence: If your nose looks unpleasant, it will definitely improve your confidence to resolve this concern. It's only natural to want to feel good about yourself!
  • Fixing Issues with Sinus: If you are susceptible to sinus infections or other sinus complications, the cause could be the shape of your nose.
    Speak to the doctor to see if anything can be corrected by getting surgery. Your insurance may cover any or all of the treatment in this situation.
  • Getting Results for Beauty: If you do not like your nose because it's not like anyone else's, reshaping the nose will make you fit in.
    Refusing to conform to social norms is always great, but if your nose is a cause of discomfort for you, so cosmetic surgery is certainly a choice.
  • Enhancing Breathing: Having your nose done, particularly if you have a deviated septum, will enhance breathing. Nose surgery can also help fix sleep disorders related to breathing, such as sleep apnea!
    If you're trying to have a nose job merely to enhance a deviated septum without shifting the overall appearance dramatically, this can be done. Your insurance may cover rhinoplasty if you have breathing problems due to the shape of your nose, as in the section about sinus problems.

The Disadvantages: rhinoplasty side effects

  • Post-surgical treatment: You will have to take special precautions and take more care of your nose after the process. The surgical site, which is a significant problem for any form of plastic surgery, could become contaminated.
  • Numbness & suffering: After the operation, the nose may possibly become numb or painful. As time goes by, it often goes out, but sometimes it does not.
  • Confidence Problems Continue: You could find something else wrong with your body if you want to have a nose job based on how you look. With a therapist, not a cosmetic surgeon, problems with personality should be sorted out.
  • Choosing a Surgeon: It is highly essential to select the correct surgeon. You're going to find a specialist who can give the outcomes you want at a cost you can handle. It will also make the selection process for a surgeon difficult.
  • Rhinoplasty Cost: When scheduling the surgery, expenses should be taken into account, but note that you are investing money in yourself for a lifetime. We offer a range of funding options at Mediranco to assure that the visions of plastic surgery will become true.

Close nose job Pros and Cons

There are no incisions on the outside of the nose used in closed rhinoplasty. The operation is performed inside the nose to enable the nasal bridge and tip to be accessed by the doctor.
When it comes to having a nose job, it is one of the choices that patients have. After the procedure, there will be no noticeable scars.
You should first know the pros and cons of closed rhinoplasty before you undergo a rhinoplasty operation.

The pros of Closed Rhinoplasty

Shorter surgical time: It would take less time for a closed rhinoplasty than an open one. Which says that for the surgery, the patient would need less anesthesia. It is an essential issue for some patients when deciding between open and closed-nose jobs. The time to perform the process also is up to 30 minutes quicker to finish, with fewer incisions having been made. There are no external scars.

Less of scarring: Since there are no visible incisions, no external scars can occur. The surgery is done internally, and the surgeon will confirm that, notably around the columella, which is the column of skin located between the two nostrils, there will be no clear visible signs of the operation.

The Greater Circulation of Nasal Tip Skin: It is highly essential to remember this. The circulation of the skin is not disturbed, and there is no need to make an incision around the columella. After the surgery, the skin stays intact. With a closed rhinoplasty, there would be less nose swelling because the skin's normal drainage channels were unaffected during the surgery. That's why, in comparison to those who have experienced open rhinoplasty, the nose can recover quicker.

The Cons of closed Rhinoplasty

Needs more skill: Although the operation is done without raising the nasal tissue, all the modifications are made by the surgeon through the narrow openings of the nostril. It is a "blind" process, and everything is achieved by sensing and seeing the exterior appearance. If you want to perform a close rhinoplasty, you should ensure that the surgeon has the proper knowledge and skills to do the procedure.

Number of changes reduced: The operation reduces the number of changes that may be performed by the surgeon. A closed nose procedure is also only suggested for those who want minor changes. An open rhinoplasty should be opted by people who need complicated improvements to their noses. Because of the lack of exposure and access, advanced surgical operations are unlikely.

Difficult to see the nose in its normal condition: The nasal skin is extended to reach the internal portion of the nose during closed rhinoplasty surgery. The nasal cartilage that makes it impossible to see the normal state of the nose can be distorted by this action.

Open nose job Pros and Cons

Open rhinoplasty is one of the nasal surgery procedures in which nose cartilage is exposed. That's where a slight incision on the columella is made by the surgeon and is the column of skin separating the two nostrils. In a zigzag shape, most visible incisions are made to mask them from plain sight.

The pros of Open Rhinoplasty

Far better than the closed rhinoplasty procedure to perform: It would be simpler for the surgeon to operate the procedure by opening the cartilage of the nose to make the entire internal features of the nose noticeable. The anatomy of the patient's nose may be examined and modified as needed.
Requires Nasal Tip Refining in Complex Cases: Again, with easier access to the surgeon, the nasal tip cartilage can be changed by sight and not by sensation.

Requires Cartilage Graft to be positioned: Grafting is used to build a nasal bridge using cartilage from other areas of the body (namely behind the ear). In an open nose job method, this process can be performed more quickly. That's why in open nose surgeries, grafting is mostly performed, then rhinoplasty closed. The operative has more control over how to insert the graft and how to reduce the risk of movement of the graft. Depending on what needs to be corrected, this method can also be the right choice for a revision rhinoplasty operation.

The Cons of opened Rhinoplasty

Longer nose swollen: When using the open Rhinoplasty procedure, the greatest disadvantage is that the swelling can last longer. Although there is no research on the subject, this observation is confirmed by anecdotal evidence from top rhinoplasty surgeons. Because open nose job involves further surgical dissection, which often results in a prolonged time of recovery. Cases might also be warned to wait for up to 24 months for any nasal tip swelling to fade.

Bad circulation going into the skin of the nasal tip: The explanation why healing takes longer is because of slower circulation to the nasal tip due to the more invasive aspect of opening rhinoplasty.
The Obvious Scarring: There may be scarring on the columella due to the outer incisions. However, if the surgeon has correctly sutured it and the nose recovers as expected, then if healed, the incision will not even be visible, but open rhinoplasty patients must remember that the scarring period is more noticeable than the closed procedure.

The longer time of Surgery: Open rhinoplasty is a procedure that is much longer. Opening and closing the nose can take longer. In comparison, it would take around a minimum of 2-3 hours for an open nasal operation. It all depends on the job that the nose has to do. Longer times of operation often cause additional bruising during the operation.

The easiest way to discover whether rhinoplasty is the correct option for you or to chose between an open and closed nose job is to speak about your personal beauty aims with one of our professional plastic surgeons and listen to our advice about how to reach them.

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The Pros and Cons of Nose job : Last word

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