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09 October. 2022
Breast reduction scar treatment
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Breast reduction scar treatment : First of all each patient should be aware that all types of surgeries make degrees of scarring. Some of the scarring can effect on the appearance and the patient's self confidence. One of those surgeries is breast augmentation that is done in order to enhance the size of the breast. In one method surgeons use implants for size enhancement and scarring is made following the operation. In comparison with past, nowadays surgeons utilize novel methods which are done by a very small incision and due to this scarring is lesser than before. More over if a patient is not satisfied with even a very tiny scarring, can utilize various techniques to reduce the scarring following the operation. In this text we try to explain some of these methods. All subjects we talked about are:

  • How to Reduce the Appearance of Scars after Breast Augmentation?
  • What is the Silicone Wound Treatment?
  • What are the Risk Factors for Scarring?
  • Which type of diet can help you in healing process?
  • Where to choose for getting the best results following the operation?

How to Reduce the Appearance of Scars after Breast Augmentation?

Breast reduction scar treatment

Before undergoing any surgery our patients should be aware that any scarring after the operation is permanent and is not curable completely. Although Scar signs are not removed completely, over passing the time scarring may be faded and flattened. Our patients in Mediranco should not be worried about scarring because we try to make the scarring better by utilizing on of these steps:

1.Post-operative care for Breast reduction scar treatment:


All patients based on the type of their surgery should have enough rest. Ask your physician about the amount of rest you must have. If you start normal tasks sooner than usual, it may effects on your recovery.

Perform proper wound care:

Each surgeon may educate you some special instructions for wound care in order to reduce the scarring. Be careful with doing all the instructions. Try not to utilize topical ointments or other remedies without your doctor's permission. Your surgeon may prescribe specific anti scar cream and you have to use that.

Identify infection quickly:

Infections in incisions can cause scarring. You have to know the alarm signs and immediately contact the doctor if each of them happened. Infections are serious situations and should be cared carefully. These are some of the infections alarm signs:

Pus from the incision: Pus is a type of unclear fluid that is draining from the wound.

Pimple: A pimple is a yellow crust has formed on the wound.

Soft Scab.

Red Area. In medical terminology is known as erythema and it means Increasing redness occurs around the wound.

Red Streak.

More Pain.

More Swelling.

Swollen Node.

2. Silicone sheeting or banding:

Utilizing novel methods and substances like Silicone sheeting and bandages can decrease the thickness of scars and help scar healing. Based on your surgeon's idea various bandages and topical treatments like Silicone bandages, sheeting, gel, or cream should be applied on the incision area every day for  reducing the scars.

3. Cortisone cream for breast reduction scar treatment:

Cortisone is a special type of cream which help reduction of the sign of the scars. They are prescribed widely these days. The only fact you have to be aware is that they must be utilized following the wound healing.

4. Pressure bandages:

As it was mentioned before fixing the margins of the wound can help it with not making a huge scar. These bandages may be used over months.

5. Vitamin E for Breast augmentation scar healing:

Although many types of vitamins are helpful for wound healing, vitamin E is known to be very effective for reducing the scar. Following the operation your surgeon may prescribe it for you as a topical ointment.

6. Skin resurfacing:

Nowadays many of the plastic surgeons suggest utilizing lasers for resurfacing the scars and this method seems to be very effective for scar reduction.

7. Scarguard:

This is the novel technique used by our professional plastic surgeons in Mediranco team. Although various methods like utilizing cortisone, silicon, vitamin E and ... are effective, the combination therapy seems to be much more effective. In medical term the mixture of different therapies for scar reduction is known as scarguard.

8. Time for Breast augmentation scar healing :

However each year a huge number of scientists try for discovering the novel methods for scar reduction, all patients should know that healing process is time consuming and maybe lasts for some years. You must have realistic expectations before any operation.

What is the Silicone Wound Treatment?

Different studies have proven that utilizing silicon reduces the scar and it is commonly used by plastic surgeons. Due to all these reasons Silicone bandages are now one of the novel methods for scar reduction. It is something like a thick plastic which is used to dress the wounds. Nowadays silicon is used in various shapes like:

1.Silicone sheets:

Like paper sheets these are located directly on the wounds.

2.Silicone gel:

Like the sheets the gel is applied directly over the scar and is left dry in the wound's area.

What are the Risk Factors for Scarring?

Various factors can effect the healing process and remaining scars. Most of these factors are out of your control and can not be prevented. Although you can not monitor the process of scar healing, you can be aware of items which are effective in the process.


One of the most important factors for breast reduction scar treatment is your age. As you age every year, the skin elasticity may become less because of reduction of collagen production. The other item which effects the elasticity of the skin is fat layer. For sure you have seen that most of the aged people Look like very thin and the face bones are appearing more than their young ages. All these factors reduce the chance of correct healing of scars. The scars of operations are removed better in younger ages. 


Exposing to some substances like sunlight, smokes or any other pollutions can reduce the speed of  healing process. For getting better results after operation try to avoid these substances.

Inherited Tendency to Scar :

The healing process and its speed is related somehow to your genetic. As an example if your family members have problems with scar removal, you may also have this problems, so it is good to talk about this matter with your surgeon.

Size and Depth of the Incisions:

As it is completely clear the remaining scar of the wounds are related to the size of incisions and their depth. Smaller incisions make tiny scars. As you move and the margin of the Incisions are not fix in large ones, the healing process is slower and harder than usual.

Being dehydrated:

Specially the time after operation some of patients get dehydrated because of not drinking enough water. This situation can effect on electrolyte levels and make issues for healing process. The best option is to be hydrated all the time.

Which type of diet can help you in Breast reduction scar treatment?

Adequate proteins can help your body with quick healing. The most important nutrition you must take is protein. Try to consume all groups of nutritions, specifically proteins. Best protein choices you must utilize are:

  • Chicken
  • Pork
  • Fish
  • Seafood
  • Beef
  • Dairy products

Where to choose for getting the best results following the operation?

One of the best destinations for all operations specially plastic types is Iran. In Iran plastic surgeons are specialized to reduce all the side effects of the operations specially scars. If you search on net you may understand a lot of researches have done here on this subject and nowadays novel methods are utilized to make our patients very satisfied. In Iran there are various teams who work as medical tourism groups but the only team that supports patients even following their operations is Mediranco. In Mediranco our mission is to suggest our beloved patients who wish to be treated abroad, assistance in finding health care options in Iran. Make ready for them suitable treatment options, planned trips, safe transfer, quality health care services, and an overall pleasant experience at affordable prices until a safe journey back home. You can contact our professional team and have free online consultation and after comparing the affordable prices and high qualified services, make the final decision.


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