Labiaplasty Recovery Time

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26 September. 2022
Labiaplasty Recovery Time
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Labiaplasty Recovery Time : Labiaplasty is a surgical procedure that is performed to remove laxity and drooping of the labia minora (the inner lip of the genital organ). The extra tissue in the labia minora is a problem, it causes pain and discomfort when wearing different clothes, it creates problems in daily activities and it affects the self-confidence of the person. Labiaplasty surgery removes these concerns by removing excess tissue in this area.

To get the best results from this surgery, you should take care of your labia until the labiaplasty is fully recovered. In this article, we have discussed the procedures after labiaplasty and all the care you need after vaginal cosmetic surgery.

Labiaplasty Recovery Time and Cares

As mentioned, labiaplasty is a method for rejuvenating and beautifying the female genital area, and although it is considered an outpatient procedure, people should always pay attention to some points after performing this procedure.

What is certain is that after every surgery, a person needs rest and post-operative care, and she has to follow a series of points. This is true for all surgeries, but when it comes to cosmetic procedures, the issue becomes a little more serious.

What are the Recovery Time Steps after Labiaplasty?

In general, after labiaplasty, you should consider four steps and plan for them.

These steps include labiaplasty postoperative care in the first 3 days, labiaplasty postoperative care in the first week, labiaplasty postoperative care after the first week, and labiaplasty postoperative care in the first month after the operation. We will continue to explain them.

First Stage of Labiaplasty Recovery Time : Care after Labiaplasty Operation in the First 3 Days

Labiaplasty Recovery Time

At this stage, a person should take absolute rest and should not do any heavy or even light work. In general, a person who has undergone labiaplasty should consider the following in the first 72 hours after the operation:

Don't forget the companion:

It is true that labiaplasty is considered an outpatient and low-risk procedure and local anesthesia is used in it, but try to have someone with you when visiting the doctor so that you don't have to drive.

Take your medicines on time

The possibility of pain, burning and swelling in the first two or three days of the operation is completely normal and there is nothing to worry about. What you should do during this time is to take the correct medicines, antibiotics and painkillers prescribed by the doctor.

In addition to reducing the pain and symptoms of labiaplasty, the use of these drugs prevents the occurrence of infections and the growth of fungi and bacteria in the operation site.

The genital area is one of the bloodiest areas of the body, where the blood pressure and flow are higher than in other parts of the body.

Therefore, it is better to put a pillow under your buttocks in these 3 days to reduce the swelling, so that the blood pressure in this area will decrease and the swellings will fall asleep faster.

Use an ice pack to reduce swelling

in Labiaplasty Recovery Time using an ice compress, especially in the first 24 hours after the operation, can greatly help reduce pain, bruising and swelling of the operated area. But remember not to put too much pressure on the area when using an ice compress.

Keep your vagina dry and clean

One of the most important issues that you should pay attention to in the first 48 hours after labiaplasty is hygiene. It is also better to wash your vagina with cool water when going to the bathroom. If necessary, you can also use women's washing gel.

Do not wear tight clothes

As you know, wound healing depends on air reaching the operation site, so during this time, try to avoid wearing tight and stretchy clothes and use cotton and loose clothes instead.

Eat fruits and vegetables

After labiaplasty, try to have a place in your daily diet for fruits and vegetables and fiber-containing materials in general.

On the other hand, don't go for fatty, spicy, and fast foods. In addition to helping to heal the operation site as quickly as possible, consuming fruits and vegetables can also be very useful in preventing constipation.

Do not do heavy work

for Labiaplasty Recovery Time In the first 72 hours after the labiaplasty procedure, rest absolutely and avoid doing things that can put pressure on your vaginal area.

Do not take a hot shower

You can take a bath after 24 hours or 48 hours after the operation, but it is suggested to avoid this as much as possible and if you intend to take a bath, be sure to consult your doctor. A hot shower increases blood flow in your body and this can cause bleeding or swelling in the operation area.

Do not go up and down the stairs

In the first 72 hours after the operation, avoid going up and down stairs and also driving.

Take omega 3 and vitamin E

Taking omega-3 and vitamin E can speed up the healing of wounds and stitches. If needed, you can also use vitamin E tablets in consultation with your doctor.

As the last point of this section, we must say that labiaplasty is a common and low-risk operation and there is no need to worry, but in case of problems such as bleeding, opening of stitches, unbearable pain, and swelling in the first 72 hours, be sure to discuss the issue. Talk to your doctor and avoid arbitrary actions.

The Second Stage: Labiaplasty Recovery Time in the First Week after the Operation

At this time, you have been able to pass the first phase of recovery after labiaplasty surgery successfully, and it can be said that the operated area has reached the necessary stability and most likely you will no longer feel pain, burning and itching in the operation area.

However, you should continue to take the prescribed medications and follow a series of necessary tips to allow your stitches to be absorbed well and the final appearance of your vagina to be in the shape and form you want.

To achieve the best result after labiaplasty, it is necessary to pay attention to the following points.

Wear loose clothes

Also try to wear cotton and loose clothes and avoid wearing tight clothes. Remember that the more fresh air reaches the operated area, the faster the wound healing process and the absorption of stitches.

Don't forget to eat fruits and vegetables

As the stitches heal, try to continue eating fruits and vegetables, and it is also better to increase your daily water intake (up to at least 2 liters of water per day).

Just relax

As mentioned before, you must have absolute rest between 5 and 7 days after labiaplasty, so we emphasize again that you should not go to work at this time if you are working.

Avoid strenuous activities

At this time, avoid heavy activities and avoid going to the swimming pool, jacuzzi, and soaking in the bathtub.

The Third Stage: Care after Labiaplasty after One Week of Labiaplasty

If you have passed the previous two steps successfully and none of the symptoms of problems appear after labiaplasty, there are only a few points that you should pay attention to in this step.

  • First, you can have your regular meal plan at this time.
  • The second point is to continue to avoid heavy activities and avoid fast walks and running.
  • The third point is to refrain from having sex at this time until the end of a month.

The Fourth Stage of Labiaplasty Recovery Time : Care after Labiaplasty One Month after Labiaplasty

At this stage, now that you have completed all the previous steps, you can start the following.

During this period, you can resume your sexual relationship without any worries. But in case of problems such as pain, burning, be sure to discuss the matter with your doctor.

It is true that at this stage you can return to your usual activities, but still refrain from doing activities such as heavy sports such as running, cycling and aerobics and postpone doing these things for another three to four weeks.

Labiaplasty in Iran cost

For more information about Labiaplasty in Iran price , contact our advisors at Mediranco. Mediranco will be by your side in all stages from before surgery to after surgery.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Two common problems that a person experiences early in the labiaplasty recovery time are swelling and itching. Generally, post-surgery swelling peaks 2-3 days after surgery and then gradually subsides over the next few weeks. Itching after labiaplasty usually occurs in the first week after surgery; When the surgical wound is healing.

  • In general, it is better for a person to reduce his activities at first. Swelling caused by labiaplasty is controlled with cold compresses, while itching and discomfort are relieved with cooling pads.

  • In labiaplasty surgery, the surgeon often uses absorbable sutures to close the surgical area, which are usually absorbed within 3 to 4 weeks. After the stitches are absorbed, the scar tissue hardens before softening over several months.

  • Women usually return to their daily life and normal activities within 2 to 4 weeks after labiaplasty surgery.


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