Is nose job safe? Risks of a nose job

30 June. 2020
Is nose job safe?
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Is nose job safe? The nose is just a small part of the body due to this fact, some may think that a nose job is a minor surgery. What they do not consider is the fact that the nose is a huge part of our respiratory system, and any complications during the procedure would affect our breathing, thus endangering our life with just a ‘minor’ surgery. Nose job surgeons, then, should make their patients understand that nose job is regarded as a major surgical procedure and entails delicate and complicated techniques to improve and enhance the nose’s features and functions.

In this article we are going to talk about rhinoplasty risks, we are going to answer some questions like “is nose job dangerous?’ or Is nose job safe? This article may answer the rhinoplasty complications. Failures of rhinoplasty may be the most important concern of patients. We talk about nose job failure in this article as well.

Risks of a nose job: rhinoplasty have side effects

  • Bleeding:

It is possible to bleeding post-surgery but unusual. If you experience bleeding after surgery, you should get emergency treatment to stop it. It may because of high blood pressure, if you have uncontrolled blood pressure, you must use your medications to control it first before surgery. Some drugs may cause bleeding after rhinoplasty, such as aspirin, don’t use them for ten days before and after rhinoplasty.

  • Infection:

Infection after nose job is unusual, but it will be treated after rhinoplasty by antibiotics, hospitalization may need.

  • Scarring:

Rhinoplasty like every other surgery creates scar, good wounding will make them less, also the incision of the nose job is very short and invisible. So don’t worry about rhinoplasty scar, they are nothing.

  • Change in skin sensation:

Loss of skin sensation is common in rhinoplasty for short time. There is a thread of diminished sensation potentially. It is completely unpredictable.

  • Edema:

Post rhinoplasty you may need some medications for drainage of fluids under your skin.

  • Allergic reactions:

Allergic reactions to the suture materials, tapes, and blood products may occur. But it will be treated by medications.

Nose job Before and after

Nose job went wrong: can nose job gone wrong?

No guarantee to have a satisfactory result, although we try to have a good result as your expectation. The result of the rhinoplasty appears at least a year after the nose job, don’t be disappointed by your family and friends. In all surgeries, you expect a good result but in medicine, there is no certain prediction, the surgeon tries to do his best but the nose job fails is not predictable.

How safe is a nose job?

It doesn’t matter what your final goal is, and however small or balanced you would what your nose to be, what needs to be prioritized is to maintain your overall health. Many surgeons would claim that a nose job, compared to other plastic surgery procedures, is a very safe cosmetic surgery option. And although most nose job surgery procedures may be complication-free, it is not too much of a hassle for surgeons to let their patients be conscious of the probable side effects and risks of nose job, as well as their medical risk factors that may be affected by the surgery. Below are a few factors that affect the safety of your nose job procedure.

The experience of the surgeon

We know that plastic surgeons are medical specialists that specialize in correcting body flaws caused by trauma, accident, congenital or hereditary defects, and more. The plastic surgeon that you chose to perform your nose job should have enough experience and training to be called an expert if you want your surgery to be as safe as possible.

A good nose job surgeon would let you understand and guide you on what you should anticipate before, during, and after the surgery so that you can become realistic about the nose job results and expectations. He may also advise you that one surgery session may not be enough to achieve the final look that you both have been aiming for, and would help you be prepared for a secondary operation after you are all healed from the first one. Moreover, should there be significant dissatisfaction or complication that could happen after the surgery, your surgeon may also recommend undergoing a revision nose job to address these untoward effects of the initial operation.

He must be able to explain to you clearly how the process will work, what it can and can’t do, and what you should expect after the operation. The familiarity of the surgeon with the procedure would affect and determine how safe a nose job will be. A nose job surgeon takes the required steps to ensure that your needs are well-matched within the limits of the procedure. Your surgeon will also be prepared and knowledgeable of the steps to be taken if any emergency arises during the surgery, or even if any unexpected side effects occur after. It is crucial that you get an experienced surgeon to undertake your operation so that it entitles you to the safety you require.

Type of procedure you are opting for

The nose job procedure has two main types, namely the open rhinoplasty and closed rhinoplasty techniques. Both of these methods have their advantages and disadvantages, so you would have to let your nose job surgeon help you decide on what to use depending on the extent of improvement your nose needs. The difference between them lies in the location of the surgical incisions. Closed rhinoplasty is a usual method that makes surgical cuts inside the nose.

This technique does not leave any marks or scars and has a shorter recovery period. An open rhinoplasty technique, on the other hand, involves making incisions across the base of the nose in between your nostrils (called the columellate). This method provides more accessibility for your surgeon to easily expose the internal parts of your nose that need to be altered. Because there is an external incision for this method, expect a small scar to form after the surgery. Discuss with your surgeon what process is more suitable for your condition and relay concerns so he can educate you more on this.

Medical history before rhinoplasty

Your overall health plays a significant role when it comes to your susceptibility and the possibility of you having complications or side effects after the nose job surgery. A comprehensive medical assessment should be done before the surgery. Some would even have it during the initial consultation, with your surgeon taking down important information about your past medical history, family history, diet, allergies, and everything else that would make an impact in the surgical operation. So we strongly advise that if you have medical conditions like diabetes or a blood-clotting disorder (hemophilia), tell your doctor about it. It is because having these medical conditions can increase the risks of the surgery, and this may need to be closely monitored until you are stable and the operation can push through.

Sometimes, surgeons would opt to postpone or cancel the surgery because putting your life at risk just to improve your looks may not be worth it at all. So you will need to consult your surgeon before you undergo this process to see if you are the right candidate for the procedure.
How safe is a nose job, well, technically, it is considered safe if you follow all the precautions and advice of your expert surgeon. Although a nose job surgery may be problem-free, nose job candidates should be aware of the potential side effects and risks of this operation. They should also be mindful of their risk factors that can affect the outcome of the procedure. Approaching your trusted and experienced doctor is the ideal way to know how this procedure will affect you in the long run.

Nose job fails: Keep the following tips in mind

  1. never do this in an inappropriate mental condition.
  2. rhinoplasty or deformity of the nose among all methods of cosmetic surgery is one of the most difficult surgeries and can lead to permanent deformity. So choose your surgeon carefully. Without expertise, experience, technical and artistic skill it is impossible to obtain a good result.
  3. nose job surgery can sometimes improve dramatically the structure and style, and sometimes not, this depends on the type of nose you are also, so please be realistic.
  4. although you may want a certain style, you should consider that a nose that looks good on someone else’s face may look ugly or beautiful on your face. One size is not suitable everywhere and for everyone.
  5. all good nose job surgeons have at least one thing in common, and that is A Natural Appearance, because the most attractive nose should be coordinated with the other features and members of your face, consider it as an important issue.


  1. only high surgical skills do not guarantee a good result, good skin and optimal wellness are necessary for a successful cosmetic surgery. Bad genes can spoil even the most skillful of surgeries, especially when it comes to poor cartilage and skin.
  2. a young person with a smooth and bright face, sturdy nasal cartilage, proper skin, and general health, for a nose job, can achieve the desired result.
  3. A strong and balanced nose skeleton is the key to be beautiful with durable performance. Deformation of the nose by removing a large amount of tip or weakening of the nasal skeleton will bring unpleasant results. The firmness of the nasal skeleton should be maintained or increased. By deforming the tip of the cartilage, resistance or a large part of the cartilage should not be destroyed.
  4. in most cases several months after surgery, the nose is swollen and inflated. Even at first, you may sometimes be disappointed by looking at it, especially if your skin is thick and oily or has too much acne may take longer.
  5. surgical correction to eliminate defects minor is sometimes appropriate, but the risk of this surgery and correction surgery is very high. Just to eliminate minor defects and nasal deformity or fix respiratory problems, a second operation is recommended. This modification and re-operation is much more complicated and far costlier and will often be less effective than the first time. So research more about your options and make the right decision.

Last word: Risks of a nose job

All the surgeries in the medical world have their risks and failures, from the simplest to the most complicated ones, so don’t expect to have surgery without any risks. Don’t worry, there are many ways to prevent many rhinoplasty risks. Mediranco prepares rhinoplasty packages in Iran with minimum risks by high-quality hospitals, skillful surgeons, and its commitment to every person's health.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Bleeding



    Change in skin sensation


    Allergic reactions

  • No guarantee to have a satisfactory result, although we try to have a good result as your expectation. The result of the rhinoplasty appears at least a year after the nose job, don’t be disappointed by your family and friends. In all surgeries, you expect a good result but in medicine, there is no certain prediction, the surgeon tries to do his best but the nose job fails is not predictable.


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