How to improve tummy tuck results?

Introduction: what is a tummy tuck?

Tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures that has been used by many doctors and is performed by many doctors in clinics hospitals.

The number of users and users of beauty procedures in the world is increasing daily and the use of beauty procedures to eliminate some defects and shortcomings in different parts of the body has become very common and has had significant growth in recent years.

Some people are scared when it comes to surgery, but it is important to mention at the outset that a tummy tuck is one of the easiest things to do. An anesthesiologist will first assess your condition and inform you of the appropriate anesthesia technique. You may be completely anesthetized during the operation and not feel any pain when you wake up.

What does a surgeon do in a Tummy tuck?

In a tummy tuck, the doctor completely removes the excess fat and extracts it from the abdomen, and by performing steps, it significantly tightens the abdominal wall and its muscles so that it is no longer loose and hanging. Do not have.

Stretching the skin of the abdomen can take about 2-5 hours, or depending on the person’s condition, this time maybe even less.

How to improve tummy tuck results: Ideal result

Everyone who wants to have abdominoplasty is looking for a good and positive result and wants to get the best results from their abdominal surgery and the first question is” How to maximize tummy tuck result?”

That’s why one of the most common questions most applicants for abdominoplasty ask their doctor is how and with what they can get the best results.

There are many factors to achieve the best results from abdominal surgery, and each of them is a complement to the other, and the applicant must consider all of these factors.

One of the most important and effective solutions obtained as a result of abdominoplasty is to take care of the abdomen before surgery, which usually the specialist doctor will fully explain these cares and tips to the patient before the operation.

Preoperative advice and care suggest that if you smoke, quit smoking at least one or two weeks before surgery and do not start smoking for at least two weeks after surgery. Avoid overexposure to the sun before surgery, especially try to protect the operation area more.

You do not need to have heavy diets because it lowers your body strength. If there is a cold or any active infection in the body, surgery should be delayed.

Doing these points will make the patient reach the ideal and desirable conditions for surgery, and this factor will cause more tummy tuck on the abdomen, as well as the convenience of the doctor.

In addition, the patient should pay special attention to post-abdominoplasty care after abdominal surgery and follow the tips and recommendations that the treating physician will give to the patient regularly and accurately. Because it will have many effects on the process of recovery and recovery after abdominoplasty.

A few months after the operation, you will be even better than before and you can resume all your physical activities. Some wounds may last for several months, but they will go away. Most people who have undergone abdominoplasty can enjoy the effects of exercise again after many years.

Another solution that has a direct effect on the results of tummy tuck and can achieve the best results, is to choose a clinic or a doctor who specializes in abdominal surgery that the patient should consider before performing this operation.

Who can get the best results in a tummy tuck?

Adult men and women who have an unhealthy diet and accumulate water-resistant fat in the abdomen can get the best results from abdominoplasty.

Not only can these people be good candidates for abdominoplasty surgery, but also women who are weak or have weak abdominal muscles, or women who are looking to lose weight after pregnancy, are among the suitable candidates for this operation.

It is also a miracle for people who cannot get rid of fat with regular exercise.

Diet after tummy tuck for best results

After abdominoplasty, the patient should pay special attention to his nutrition and diet, because nutrition after abdominal surgery can have a very positive effect on the recovery process of the person and increase the speed of recovery significantly.

After surgery, the patient should not eat high-fat foods and fast foods, and unhealthy foods in general, and instead try to eat valuable foods, fruits, and vegetables that contain various vitamins, including vitamin C, such as pineapple and oranges. Are to use.

It is also recommended to use shrimp and fish that have omega 3 in abundance to make faster recovery and achieve the best results.

Essential exercise for better results than a tummy tuck

It is recommended that in the initial days, the patient does not have any hard and long physical activity and rests more at home, and after a few days and according to the physician’s discretion, include light and simple exercises in his program.

One of the best exercises after abdominoplasty is to do a walk, which in addition to being simple, also strengthens the muscles of the body. Do this move in 10 repetitions and increase its number over time.

The patient can also use walking to achieve the best results. Walking increases the body’s blood circulation and metabolism and will increase the healing process.

After a while and doing this type of light exercise, the patient can go to aerobic exercises such as cycling, brisk walking, and other sports, and by doing these exercises, they can help the body recover and reach normal conditions.

Last words: tummy tuck

In general, keep in mind that the main motivation for a tummy tuck is not just to get rid of fat, but to get rid of the loose skin on the abdomen that has developed after weight changes. If you are overweight and want to have an abdominoplasty because you think it will make you thinner, you are wrong.

Tummy tuck (Abdominoplasty ) helps your fitness, but it does not change the overall shape of your body and get rid of obesity. But if you change your weight after surgery, do not despair and focus on changing your diet and exercise so that you can build your ideal body.

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