How many sizes do you lose after tummy tuck?

Abdominoplasty or tummy tuck

Abdominoplasty, also known as Tummy Tuck, is one of the cosmetic surgeries that involves removing excess fat and skin from the abdomen. Perhaps having a flat and beautiful belly is the dream of many people. Some people try to achieve this by doing strenuous exercise and strenuous diets; But this solution does not always solve the problem.

Abdominoplasty surgery is performed in a hospital under general anesthesia and usually takes between 2 and 5 hours, while the time for mini-abdominoplasty is reduced to 1 to 2 hours. The patient needs a companion to take him / her home and take care of him / her until the recovery period.


How much rest is needed after abdominoplasty?

The amount of rest after abdominoplasty is slightly higher than other body sculpting methods due to its aggressive nature. Due to the relatively long incisions and the importance of not putting pressure on these incisions, it is better to rest at home for 7 to 10 days. Of course, this does not mean complete rest in bed, and the person can walk slowly at home after 5 days so that the blood circulates properly in the body. After this date and the relative healing of the wounds, quiet outdoor activities can be started. If you are planning to have this surgery and you are employed, it is recommended that you take a leave of absence from work for a maximum of two weeks to safely recover from your tummy tuck surgery.


How long after tummy tuck can you work out?

The exact time to return to work after abdominoplasty is not known exactly and depends on the nature of the job, the volume of surgery and the body’s readiness for recovery. If your job requires a lot of standing and mobility, you should consider more time. If you have a job behind the desk, you can return to work early due to certain points. Of course, you need to talk to your surgeon about when to return to work. The following times are generally recommended for resuming different activities:

  • Up to two to three weeks after surgery for tasks such as cooking, driving and shopping
  • About two to four weeks after surgery to return to work

Keep in mind that even if you return to work after two weeks, your body is still recovering, which means heavy work, overtime, staying up late and doing strenuous exercise. They should be postponed.

If rinsing drains are used, they must be removed by a doctor before returning to work.

How to start exercising after tummy tuck?

Those who have undergone abdominoplasty are advised to avoid complete rest and walk slowly from day one to prevent blood clots from accumulating in the legs; The doctor also advises patients to use a special gun while walking to prevent fluid from accumulating under the skin; It should be noted that patients in the first days after cosmetic abdominal surgery, should walk slowly and in a curved manner, so that walking does not increase their heart rate.

How long after tummy tuck can I do ab workouts?

After about 1 month of abdominoplasty surgery, patients can take their steps a little higher than before and speed up; Usually, after 4 months of abdominoplasty surgery, they can do sports, it is only recommended to gently massage their abdomen after exercise; It should be noted that they should avoid strenuous exercise for about 1 year after cosmetic abdominal surgery.

Recovery time: how long to recover from tummy tuck?

The recovery period after abdominoplasty is not the same for different people. Not all people who apply for abdominoplasty or cosmetic abdominal surgery have the same shape and size of the abdomen, and therefore the surgical procedure and consequently the recovery period of this operation is different for each person. Many factors affect the length of recovery and recovery after abdominoplasty. These factors include the surgeon’s skill, the scope of the operation, the amount of tissue removed, the patient’s body type, general health, and skin type. The patient’s age is also an important factor influencing this period. The patient should be given the opportunity to regenerate and return to normal. The patient may be discharged a few hours after the operation, which is determined by the surgeon. The recovery period for abdominoplasty may be between 2 weeks and 2 months, depending on the factors mentioned. People who make extensive changes to the abdomen take longer to fully recover


Cigarettes and alcohol after abdominoplasty surgery

Quit smoking, smoking and drinking alcohol for at least three months after abdominoplasty. Because alcohol and smoking have a negative effect on recovery.

Also, avoid caffeine and fizzy drinks for the first few days after surgery. Consumption of dairy products in the first days after tummy tuck can upset your stomach, so minimize the use of dairy products in the first days after abdominoplasty.

Moving, sleeping and bathing

Initially, after surgery, your abdomen will be swollen and bruised and you will feel pain, so you should rest at home for the first few days. Take painkillers if necessary.

It is best to keep your knees bent while sleeping and your body in a semi-sitting position so that no pressure is applied to your abdomen. Your doctor will also advise you to walk home for the first few days to maintain healthy blood circulation and prevent blood clots from forming.


Additional recommendations

Following these simple tips will help you make your recovery time shorter and easier:

  • Keep the surgical site clean and dry.
  • Change the bandage daily.
  • Take the antibiotics prescribed by your doctor on time.
  • Avoid lifting heavy objects as well as small children.
  • Temporarily stop strenuous exercise and strenuous exercise.
  • Use topical creams at the surgical incision site
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