How common is a nose job?

How common is a nose job?

Bone nose surgery

Rhinoplasty is one of the most common plastic and cosmetic surgeries among Iranian men and women.

Although it is aimed at beauty and having a fit appearance among people, but if this surgery is performed with the help and advice of a good and experienced Rhinoplasty, it can cause many complications and disorders in the nose, such as nasal hump, Eliminate drooping or angular tip of the nose, large nasal cavities and other common nasal disorders.

What are the reasons for Rhinoplasty in Iran?

Most people who undergo Rhinoplasty are not satisfied with the shape and appearance of their nose. These people do this cosmetic procedure in order to reduce the size of the nose as well as to shape and beautify it.

Of course, factors such as physical injuries and cartilage and bone fractures, as well as the treatment of respiratory problems or solving congenital problems in the nose can be other possible reasons for Rhinoplasty.

Some changes that can be made by a Rhinoplasty surgeon on your nose are:

  • Resize
  • Change in angle
  • Smoothing and modifying the appearance of the bridge like a nose
  • Change the appearance of the tip of the nose
  • Flatten crooked noses

If you are having Rhinoplasty for cosmetic purposes only, you will have to wait until your nasal bone is fully-grown. This age is about 15 years for girls and a little over 15 years for boys. However, if Rhinoplasty is performed in Iran for medical treatment and correction, it can also be performed at a younger age.

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