How can a nose job go wrong?

How can a nose job go wrong?

Wrong in nasal surgery:

One of the most common mistakes patients make in rhinoplasty is that a patient who has difficulty breathing is treated first for respiratory problems and then for beauty. Patients who need both operations should consider these operations at the same time. Since the nose is a whole, it is better to perform nasal obstruction and cosmetic interventions at the same time.

One of the most common mistakes made in rhinoplasty is that the patient cannot breathe during normal breathing. This is because the valve mechanism at the entrance to the nose is disrupted due to tissue coming out of the wrong places. When the patient is breathing, the wings of the nose close and prevent air from entering.

Excessive bone or cartilage removal may also cause nasal prolapse, asymmetry at the tip of the nose, and deviation. As a result, the experience of the specialist performing the surgery, the correct evaluation of the patient and the accuracy of the operation affect the outcome.

As a result, rhinoplasty, face is not compatible with the nose in some patients, the abnormal, or tip is too high and short, rhinoplasty is clear. We call these rhinoplasty errors.

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