Face Liposuction : All about Buccal Fat, Chin and Cheek

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02 May. 2021
Face Liposuction
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Facial liposuction is a cosmetic procedure used for the face to remove excess and stored fat from the face. Using this operation, you can remove fat from the face, cheeks, and around it and give a bony and angular shape to the face. With facial liposuction surgery, the shape of the face can be desired in a short period and the appearance of beauty can be significantly enhanced. Excess fat may cause bulging and asymmetry in the face of some people, which can be done by using facial liposuction surgery to bring symmetry to different parts of the face. Due to the high sensitivity of this operation and the complex anatomy of the facial components, it's necessary that the facial slimming operation, be performed by the best and most skilled liposuction surgeon. On average, for facial liposuction in 2021, a cost between 80,000,000 to 180,000,000 IRR should be considered.

Causes of fat accumulation in the face

  • Obesity is one of the main causes of increased facial fat, especially if obesity is increasing the volume of fat masses in the face.
  • However, some people are more likely to have fat under the skin due to a genetic factor.
  • Aging can also cause fat to build up under the skin.

In which areas of the face liposuction can be performed?

Buccal fat liposuction

The buccal is a part of the fat under the cheekbones, which by reducing its volume facial modeling is done. With a half-inch cut, fat is drained from inside the mouth. The procedure is performed without anesthesia and the whole process takes ten to fifteen minutes. In this surgery, incisions are made inside the mouth, and fat is removed, but facial liposuction may be performed on all parts of the face. Therefore, buccal and facial liposuction involves two operations. To determine the price of buccal and facial liposuction, we must keep in mind that the two operations are performed simultaneously.

Neck, chin, and double chin

Liposuction is very difficult in the neck area, under the chin, and along the jawline. Even normal-weight people may be constantly exposed to fat deposits that are under the chin or neck and make the whole face look heavy.
Removing fat from the neck gives it a more elegant appearance. Also, removing fat from under the chin can eliminate the annoying "double chin" phenomenon. Liposuction along the jawline can improve its composition and create a more angular view.

As long as the skin of the neck, chin and jawline have a good color and elasticity, liposuction can effectively, sculpt these areas and provide a more attractive contour for the face.
Note that a patient whose skin elasticity is not good, but also has excess fat in these areas, should have facelift or neck lift surgery at the same time as liposuction to get the best results for him; In fact, this way you can get rid of excess fat without creating wrinkles.

Cheek liposuction

Another area of the face that can be enhanced with liposuction is the cheeks. Obese cheeks are genetic and do not respond to diet or exercise. Losing a few grams of fat from overly round cheeks can give a slimmer and more curved face and strengthen the cheekbones. However, liposuction in the cheek area is only suitable if the skin is well elastic.

Benefits of facial liposuction

Fat deposits that build up in the body are usually reduced through exercise and diet. However, the fat that accumulates inside the facial tissues cannot be reduced with special exercise. With facial liposuction, facial fat and its unevenness and bumps can be removed, and a proper shape and appearance can be created. This is one of the most important benefits of liposuction and facial fat removal.

  • Liposuction rejuvenates and angles the face.
  • The cost of the operation is economical compared to the changes made and the duration of the operation is shorter.
  • No specific scars or incisions are seen after the operation.
  • The recovery period of facial liposuction is short and simple.

Risks and complications of facial liposuction

In addition to its advantages, facial slimming also has disadvantages. However, with advances in medical science and medical equipment, the complications of facial liposuction have been minimized.

  • Restrict neck and face movement for several days.
  • Swelling and bruising of the face and neck.
  • If the surgeon is not skilled enough, reoperation may be needed.
  • Bleeding from the incisions in the first few days.
  • The surface of the skin may become uneven.
  • If the laser method is used to slim the face, the skin may burn.
  • Due to the use of anesthesia, parts of the face may become numb for some time after the operation.
  • After liposuction, facial pain is experienced. This pain is completely natural and occurs for all people and painkillers are prescribed to reduce it.

Factors affecting buccal and facial liposuction cost

A key factor in determining the price of buccal and facial liposuction is the skill of the surgeon. Certainly, any doctor who is more specialized in this field will receive more money. Another important factor is the amount of fat that accumulates on the face and chin. This is why it is said that patients' conditions are different because everyone has some amount of fat accumulation and bulges in this area.
The amount that the surgery centers set for each operation is effective in the final figure. This amount depends on the duration of the operation and the equipment required. The geographical area of ​​the surgeon's office and the surgery center are effective in determining the cost. Costs such as the cost of tests, medicine, clothing, etc. must also be considered.

Different methods of buccal and facial liposuction prices

Facial and buccal liposuction is performed in different ways, each of which has a specific price and cost. Liposuction has several methods, each of which has its advantages and disadvantages and is different in terms of cost. Also, patient conditions and physicians' skills affect the cost of each procedure.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • On average, for facial liposuction in 2021, a cost between 80,000,000 to 180,000,000 IRR should be considered.

  • In addition to its advantages, facial slimming also has disadvantages. However, with advances in medical science and medical equipment, the complications of facial liposuction have been minimized.


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