Dr Alireza Alian

Dr Alireza Alian

He graduated in otorhinolaryngology and head and neck surgery from Shahid Beheshti University of medical science. In addition, he is skilled in the field of facial and nose plastic surgery. He has completed many additional courses in American and European countries.

After obtaining his degree in 2000, he started his professional activity and it must be noted that in addition to providing medical(non-surgical) services, he also  has performed more than fifty thousand surgeries in his work record, surgeries that include ear, throat, Nose, head and neck, and cosmetic surgery

As a specialist and surgeon, his goal is to provide the best medical and surgical treatment methods by modern science.

It should be mentioned that his main activity is divided into two parts: medical services related to the ear, throat, nose, head, and neck, and cosmetic services (surgical/non-surgical) related to the face and nose

In the first part, services such as surgery and treatment of ear diseases, tonsil surgery (cysts, stones, inflammation), laryngeal surgery, surgery of facial fractures due to accidents, treatment of breathing disorders during sleep, treatment of voice disorders, treatment of sinusitis, nasal endoscopy and sinus, treatment of deviation and nasal polyps, surgery and treatment of tumors and cancers related to these organs, and…

In the second part, services such as closed and open nose surgery (rhinoplasty), nose reconstruction surgery, surgery and correction of nasal septum deviation (septoplasty), ear surgery (otoplasty), eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty), lift surgery (face, neck, eyebrow, forehead), filler injection, botox injection for facial rejuvenation, etc

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