Can you ruin your rhinoplasty?

ruin your rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is one of the most common surgical procedures performed worldwide to correct the appearance and function of the nose. However, sometimes after sleeping and swelling and bruising in the mirror, the patient sees something contrary to their expectations or continues to have difficulty breathing after surgery. But does life last after a failed nose job? Or is there a solution to repair the damage during surgery?


If you are still skeptical about having surgery because you are afraid of ruining the result of the surgery, or you are one of those people who can not expect a rhinoplasty if it is productive, follow this article.

Causes of postoperative nasal deterioration. First of all, it is necessary to see what factors cause the patient to be dissatisfied with their nose surgery.

1. Not a good candidate for rhinoplasty

It must have happened that after hearing the news of the nose operation, one of the acquaintances was very surprised and found a face similar to this K. The nose of some people who go to a rhinoplasty surgeon does not need surgery at all. These people, despite the doctor forbidding them to have rhinoplasty, insist on doing so, and eventually, they regret what they did.

2. Price takes precedence over quality

The cost of rhinoplasty is more important to some patients than the outcome. These people go to surgeons and clinics that are paid less than others. Others, on the other hand, think that a surgeon’s higher salary means better quality work. In either case, not having enough information about the surgeon’s history often does not lead to good results.

3. Surgeon Excess

In some cases, the patient’s nose needs only a series of minor changes to become as beautiful as possible. But the surgeon makes many drastic changes in the patient’s nose. The surgeon’s skill in aesthetics and recognizing the amount of change needed is a very important issue that some surgeons unfortunately overlook. A good rhinoplasty surgeon, despite the patient’s insistence, applies a model and form to the nose that fits his face.

4. Choosing the wrong surgical procedure

Choosing a method for rhinoplasty in Iran for all patients is a mistake that some surgeons make. To eliminate the defects of each nose, a unique and appropriate surgical method should be considered according to the patient’s needs, because some surgical methods may not be suitable for one case and may negatively affect the outcome of the nose operation.

5. Choosing the wrong surgeon

If you are careful in the above cases, an inexperienced and unsuitable surgeon is one of the main reasons for postoperative nasal deterioration, which causes many problems. Finding and researching a skilled rhinoplasty surgeon who has a lot of credibility and experience in this field is the patient’s main task. The patient’s inactivity and leaving the face center in the hands of non-specialists, in most cases, causes him great losses.

6. Wrong recovery

In many cases, the patient does the wrong thing during recovery after rhinoplasty. For example, not following your doctor’s instructions is one such mistake. The recovery process after rhinoplasty is as important as the surgery itself because even a small accident can interfere with wound healing and damage the nose, which can eventually damage the shape and model of the nose.


Damaged nasal solution after surgery

Secondary nose surgery or rhinoplasty (Revision Rhinoplasty) is a type of plastic surgery that can eliminate the problems caused by the previous rhinoplasty. This surgery can cause both cosmetic problems

Eliminate respiratory problems. Those who are not satisfied with the result of their previous nose surgery and are looking for a way to improve the appearance and function of their nose, are considered a good candidate for nose repair surgery.

How is revision rhinoplasty performed?

Rhinoplasty is different for each person. Any part of the nose, including the upper third, middle third, or tip of the nose, maybe damaged by primary nasal surgery. Your reconstructive surgery should be performed in a way that focuses on the defects of the nose and eliminates them.

Rhinoplasty is usually performed under general anesthesia. Reconstructive surgery may take longer than initial surgery. Sometimes a nose job can take up to 4 hours; While the initial surgery is completed after one to two hours.


The purpose of revision rhinoplasty in Iran is to restore the structure and function of the nose. In some cases, the surgeon tries to create nasal symmetry by removing or transplanting cartilage. If necessary, septal cartilage and nasal septum or ear cartilage are used. In general, if less nasal cartilage is removed in the primary operation, nasal defects are easier to correct during the secondary operation.

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