Can nose be reshaped naturally?

Natural Rhinoplasty

In this surgery, the tissues of the nose will not face much change, and in fact, major changes will occur in the tip of the nose and the back of the nose. In this method, after a few hours of surgery, various problems that may occur after any other nose surgery. Do not have it. This surgery prevents the nostrils from shrinking too much, and another difference that this surgery has with other surgeries will be the absence of an arch on the back of the nose, and this will cause your nose to be very It looks normal and does not deviate from its normal position, and it may have only a small amount of arch on the back of the nose, or it may be flat.

What changes are made in natural rhinoplasty?
Resize the nasal fins so that they do not shrink too much.
No changes are made to the shape and position of the nasal fins.
The changes are such that the tip of the nose does not become sharp.
Make a slight arch on the nose so that it looks natural.
An angle is created between the forehead and the nose.
A natural and proportionate angle is created between the nose and the lips.
What is the meaning of normal rhinoplasty?
One of the goals of some rhinoplasty applicants is to show no signs of rhinoplasty on the face after surgery so that no sutures or sores are seen around the nose or the nose is in a state of It is normal and only some of the imperfections in the nose disappear.
How effective is a rhinosurgeon because of natural rhinoplasty?
A natural rhinosurgeon plays a very important role in the outcome of surgery. Before surgery, the surgeon must perform the necessary examinations for good surgery. In this study, the nasal surgeon evaluates from different angles. It also measures the fit of the nose to the face by examining the structure and shape of the nose. The surgeon must operate on the nose in such a way that no trace of the surgery can be seen in the nose.

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