Are tummy tuck results permanent?

Tummy tuck: what happen?

In this surgery, by cutting the skin of the abdomen, excess fat is removed and the abdomen is flat and smooth. In fact, the purpose of this surgery is to have a slimmer, smoother abdomen, without sagging and without any streaks in the person.

Most people who are very obese usually think that this surgery can help them lose weight, but in fact we must say that the purpose of this surgery is not to lose weight and this method cannot prevent future weight gain. In people who have undergone this type of surgery, these people can enjoy the results of the surgery for many years by observing the proper diet and proper exercise for more durability. Activity and physical activity cause fitness.

Durability of tummy tuck results

As we have said, having physical activity and proper activities is another important factor in maintaining the results of abdominoplasty or Tummy Tuck. People can tighten their abdominal muscles by exercising. They recommend that you spend at least 30 to 45 minutes a day 5 days a week and exercise.

In addition to sports activities, following a proper diet that contains protein, nuts, low-fat dairy products, fresh fruits and vegetables is also very important for the survival of surgery results, so it is better for people to eat processed foods after abdominoplasty. Avoid fatty foods and sweets and try to eat healthy and nutritious foods.

Are tummy tuck results permanent?

Since the preservation of the results of abdominoplasty (Abdominoplasty) is entirely up to the patient and his chosen lifestyle, abdominoplasty surgery usually requires a lot of care due to its size, so that the results obtained from the operation are more lasting. Therefore, in order to perform such an operation and to maintain the results of abdominoplasty, you should do your best.

Maintaining a stable weight after surgery and maintaining the health of the body is one of the most important successful ways after surgery, so it is necessary to maintain a stable weight after surgery and avoid strict diets that cause severe weight loss or gain. In addition, after abdominoplasty, in addition to neglecting to follow a diet and not exercising, re-pregnancy can also lead to a miscarriage.

Fat cells in very obese people have been found in some studies to contain hormones that increase appetite in these people; Therefore, these researchers believe that the more adipose tissue in the body, the more appetite a person has. Therefore, due to the type of surgery and the major removal of abdominal fat, patients feel less hungry than before. They experience and gradually overeating in them decreases. However, a large percentage of the permanence of the results of abdominoplasty depends on the patient.

So, as we have said, for better and more permanent results in this surgery, proper diet and regular exercise, and having stable weight and not getting pregnant again are among the most appropriate solutions. Abdominoplasty will not reduce the results of cosmetic surgery. And the things that cause the skin to stretch as well as the stretched abdominal muscles, such as: not following the diet, severe weight gain and re-pregnancy, which affect the results of the operation; Therefore, people can achieve more effective results with a little attention and care, and in addition to maintaining health, the results of Abdominoplasty cosmetic surgery for years to maintain and enjoy your ideal body.

The most important factors involved in the return of the abdomen after abdominoplasty

Having a healthy lifestyle is one of the most appropriate methods of body and soul health and all people should always follow this type of health to have health. The most important people who are required to have a healthy lifestyle are usually people who have had abdominoplasty. So keep in mind if these people do not lead a healthy lifestyle after surgery, that is, if they do not exercise and do not get used to a balanced and healthy diet; We must say that unfortunately, the results of surgery will be reversible in these people.

In this article, we will explain the most important factors that can affect the results of Abdominoplasty:

  • Healthy diet:

Lack of proper diet is one of the reasons for abdominal recurrence after abdominoplasty. People who have had this type of cosmetic surgery will surely see amazing results after the operation, because with this auction method, there is no more news about a big belly and loose skin. To have a flat and ideal stomach, in addition to preventing severe weight gain, most nutritionists recommend a healthy diet rich in fruits and vegetables, healthy proteins and carbohydrates instead of fast, fatty and high-calorie foods. By following this type of diet, people can maintain the results after Abdominoplasty and enjoy your ideal body.

  • Lack of regular exercise:

Sedentary lifestyle and lack of regular exercise is the most dangerous cause that can cause irreparable damage to people, so just by following a diet, you cannot maintain weight and have an ideal body forever, because sedentary lifestyle can Again, cause localized obesity in the abdomen. Lack of regular exercise is another reason for abdominal recurrence after abdominoplasty.

  • Re-pregnancy:

As we said at the beginning of this section, this operation is the most suitable operation for those women who have suffered from loose abdominal skin due to multiple deliveries, and this condition has caused their limbs to change shape and have a very bad shape. Therefore, this type of cosmetic surgery is more suitable for women who do not intend to become pregnant again. Due to the fact that a person experiences severe overweight during pregnancy and the skin of the abdomen is stretched and the muscles that were tightened during the abdominoplasty operation are opened and the flatness of the abdomen and the strength of the muscles are greatly lost.

  • Medical condition control:

Due to the fact that the presence of accumulated fats in the body causes diseases such as high blood pressure or heart disease, so people with diseases such as high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease and diabetes are better to control their disease.

Last word

Finally, we must say about the appearance of the wound of this type of surgery that usually people who perform this type of surgery may feel uncomfortable from the wound caused by abdominoplasty, so if abdominoplasty surgery under the supervision of a plastic surgeon If done, it can certainly greatly increase the patient’s satisfaction with the outcome of the surgery. In people who have had this type of surgery, the scar usually disappears after a year. In people who may take a long time to heal, a laser can be used to erase the surgical site.

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