Are male or female plastic surgeons better?

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12 March. 2023
Five reasons to select a female plastic surgeon
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Five reasons to select a female plastic surgeon: Before having surgery, there are a lot of critical factors to think about, including your general health, whether the procedure is necessary, how complicated it will be, the surgeon's experience, the hospital's quality, and its track record for providing great postoperative care.

Is it important whether your surgeon is a man or a woman? It could. According to a recent study, picking a female surgeon may be especially advantageous if you're a woman because they typically produce superior results.

In this article we will read:

  • Five reasons to select a female plastic surgeon (Over a Male Plastic Surgeon)
  • Male or female surgeons are preferred by men?
  • A Study on Plastic Surgeons’ Sexuality
  • Why are the majority of plastic surgeons men?
  • Last Words

Five reasons to select a female plastic surgeon (Over a Male Plastic Surgeon)

While some women feel comfortable discussing their problem areas, bodies, and surgical goals with either a male or female plastic surgeon, there are those women who only feel comfortable with female surgeons. Read on for five reasons to select a female plastic surgeon over a male one if you normally prefer to see female medical professionals:

  1. According to statistics, female plastic surgeons spend more time in patient consultations.
  2. A female plastic surgeon might have an easier time comprehending and interpreting your surgical objectives.
  3. You May Have the Same Body Issues as a Female Plastic Surgeon.
  4. A female plastic surgeon experiences the same effects of aging as you do.
  5. You might feel more at ease revealing your problem areas to another female.

Male or female surgeons are preferred by men?

You might be surprised to learn that patients of all genders frequently favor female physicians for the same reasons. Males frequently anticipate greater compassion and understanding from a female surgeon. Also, because they are competitive by nature, many guys avoid appearing weak or vulnerable with other males. As a result, males may feel uncomfortable discussing their issues and defects freely with another guy, particularly when it comes to procedures like gynecomastia. They may feel more at ease discussing their problems openly with a female surgeon.

A Study on Plastic Surgeons’ Sexuality

A recent survey found that more than 25% of those seeking cosmetic surgery have a preference for a particular gender, and the majority of them would prefer a female surgeon. A male and female surgeon with similar training, experience, and reputation worked in a private clinic that carried out the study.

200 patients from the practice participated in the study, and they were all female. Of those, 26% wanted a female surgeon, 26% wanted a male surgeon, and 46% had no preference. The findings showed that the type of operation generally affected the preference. Patients interested in body surgery were the least likely to express a preference for a certain gender, although nearly 25% of those interested in breast and facial surgery did. It's interesting to note that there was a 50/50 divide for those thinking about genital surgery.

Similar research have previously examined many medical specializations, but there hasn't been much information on cosmetic surgery operations. A recent study from the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) claimed that patients preferred female doctors because they were more compassionate and caring.

Why are the majority of plastic surgeons men?

The majority of cosmetic surgeons are men, even though women receive about 90% of all cosmetic treatments. This has historically been attributed to the fact that female surgeons must overcome gender stereotypes, demanding training, and lifestyle requirements of their chosen career. According to research, women make up 14% of practicing cosmetic surgeons, but this is changing. 37% of the current cosmetic surgery trainees are female, according to ASAPS.

Last Words about male or female surgeons

Whether a person prefers a male or female surgeon, anyone thinking about cosmetic surgery should make sure the surgeon is adequately qualified, trained, and meets a number of other requirements. Finally, the level of experience of the doctor and his record in performing successful operations can be the most important factor in choosing a doctor. But according to the statistics, the number of male cosmetic surgeons is more, but people are much more satisfied with female cosmetic surgeons.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • According to the study, the doctor-patient bond was weakest when there were male surgeons and female patients. On the other hand, it was discovered that female surgeons and female patients had the strongest relationships.

  • Men may feel reluctant to discuss their issues and weaknesses with another male. They might feel more comfortable talking openly about their problems with a female surgeon.


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