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Why Iran?

Iran is home to an ancient civilization with a rich culture

Iranian people are known for their hospitality around the world

Iran has some of the most qualified doctors and physicians

Iran’s healthcare system is one of the best in western Asia

Due to Iran’s Rial low exchange rates, healthcare is unbelievingly
cheap compared to many countries

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How it WORKS?

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Send us your medical query by contacting us through our website and social media.

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Choosing treatment

Receiving our doctors initial diagnosis, treatment options and estimated cost.

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Traveling to Iran

Planning your trip according to your needs.

Booking flight and accommodations.

Preparing and reserving hospital for treatment.

Departure from Iran

Receiving you at the airport

Providing 24/7 assistant and translator

Checking in to the hospital

Receiving treatments

Sightseeing tours(optional)

Leaving Iran

We keep in touch with you for the follow up of your treatment.

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