SarayeAmeriha Boutique Hotel

Overview of the SarayeAmeriha Boutique Hotel

The Ameri House was handed over to a capable team of renovators in 1999 to revive part of Kashan’s indigenous culture. The renovation project of this precious house was completed in 2014 with the diligence to revive the original design of the building and its beautiful designs.

History of Saraye Ameriha Hotel

The inauguration of the largest traditional house of Kashan as a 5-star hotel took place in 2014 with the presence of the then Vice President and then Head of the Cultural Heritage, Crafts and Tourism Organization, Honorable Professor Samii and a group of respected government officials. The Ameri Serai Hotel in Kashan now offers a dream stay in Negin Desert, Kashan, with 27 rooms, two restaurant spaces, a coffee shop and a gallery.
The traditional residence of the Ameri House belongs to the Ameri dynasty and dates of the Zandiyeh period. This house is actually one of several nested and interconnected houses and is one of the oldest houses in Kashan. Kashani, which itself is the home of many historic houses. The traditional hometown of Ameri has been rebuilt on a number of occasions, and now, by a simple analogy, one realizes that the house people live in today, in contrast to houses built on the principles of Iranian architecture and aesthetics, resembles an ugly joke and it look childish.

What make this hotel special?

Staying in this beautiful and magnificent home will provide an exemplary example: the sound of water, the combination of the sun. The wind, the trees, and the awe of the house itself, though admirable but welcoming, will only provide a commodity to the traveler. This traditional home has a variety of one-and-a-half-bed rooms and features Royal, Normal, Presidential, Family Suites and King Suites each with their own charm and will definitely please their guests. Apart from the city’s own attractions, such as the Fin Garden and Bath complex, traditional pearls and unique old-fashioned houses, you will visit various parts of the hotel.

Enjoyable things in Saraye Ameriha Hotel

At the Ameri Hotel in the Mirror Hall, you eat your favorite food, spend the night in the traditional chat room with your friends. Buy souvenirs from Kashan handicraft shops. Enjoy the joy of traveling to Kashan and visiting its beautiful tourist attractions by staying at the Ameri House. To reach the address of the traditional Ameri Hotel in a short time, go to the address of 7th Ancient Kashan, Alavi Street.
Surrounded by the hotel, beautiful gardens of Qasrdasht and a variety of restaurants with authentic Iranian music can be seen. Nights for hiking and horse riding are very enjoyable for children.


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