Parsian Safaiyeh Hotel

Overview of the Parsian Safaiyeh Hotel

Safaieh Hotel in Yazd is one of the most memorable resorts in the minds of tourists and travelers. Sweet memories of this trip by staying in a large, lush garden in the best climatic zone of this historic city. Parsian Safaiei Yazd Hotel is the only five star hotel in Yazd with good experience and is one of the best hotels in Yazd in tourism and hospitality.
The five-star Parsian Safaie Hotel in Yazd consists of two parts, the Bagh Hotel and the New Hotel. If you want to experience the masterpiece of dreaming of blending modern and traditional architecture, we recommend you the new Safaya Hotel.
The Safaiyeh Garden Hotel, a 5-minute walk from the new hotel, has been a traditional host for years, since it has been hosting for many years, renovated in 6 Years ago . it cannot be a circle of rooms around a central courtyard. Built, he said nothing; rooms with garden doors and windows overlooking the sky create a beautiful setting.
The new Safaiyeh Yazd Hotel is built in three floors with 2 rooms and suites.

Facilities and Located of Safaie Hotel

The modern facilities of Safaie Hotel in Yazd include four seasons lounge and restaurant, Vision Lounge and restaurant, Narin restaurant with capacity of 40 persons, (KOLAH FARANGI) coffee shop and summer cafe with capacity of 70 persons located in Garden Hotel section, coffee shop. Italians with a glass space in the middle of the garden, a craft shop, a hotel safe and a disabled room are also part of the new Safaya Hotel.
Safaie Hotel in Yazd is located near some of Yazd’s historical sites and tourist attractions, including Zoroastrian Crypt, Museum of Mirror and Lighting, Fire Temple, Haft-e Tir, Cinema Tak, Amir Passage and more. Also, if you are traveling to Yazd for medical services, choosing the traditional Parsian Safaiei Hotel in Yazd, near Yazd medical centers and hospitals, is a good option.

Attractions near the hotel

  • 13 minutes by car to the railway station (9.0 km)
  • 20 min by car (14.3 km)
  • Distance to Zoroastrian Fire Temple Yazd 8 minutes by car(5.8 km)
  • Distance to Yazd Six Windmill Depot 11 minutes by car(6.7 km)
  • Distance to Yazd Grand Mosque 14 minutes by car(8.7 km) Distance from Bath to Khan Yazd (Noor Heating) 13 minutes by car(8.1 km)
  • Distance to Ziaieh Yazd School (Alexander Prison) 15 minutes by car(9.3 km)
  • Distance to Narin Castle Yazd (Orange Castle) 15 minutes by car(9.3 km)
  • Distance to Dolatabad Gardens Yazd 14 minutes by car (10.1 km)
  • Distance to Twelve Imams Yazd 15 minutes by car(9.9 km)
  • 12 minutes by car (7.7 km) to Amirchachmaq Mosque in Yazd
  • Distance to Yazd Water Museum 12 minutes by car(7.7 km)
  • 6 min by car (3.8 km) to Yazd International Exhibition
  • 17 min by car (10.4 km) to Seyed al-Shohada Hospital
  • 9 minutes drive to Dr Mojibian Hospital(4.5 km)
  • 7 minutes by car to Shahda Kargar Hospital(4.7 km)
  • 13 minutes by car (7.6 km) to Star Trading Complex
  • Distance to Sadaf Business Complex 7 minutes walk - 1 minute by car (600 meters)
  • 17 minutes by car to Bazar Khan Yazd 18 minutes by car to Yazd Airport


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