Lalehpark Hotel

Overview of the Laleh Park Tabriz Hotel

The five-star Laleh Park Tabriz hotel, located on Pasdaran highway, was started 4 years ago. This hotel has 14 story building has 5 modern rooms and suites with all amenities. The location of this complex has made it easy to get to El Goli promenade and Tabriz airport. The upscale Laleh Park Hotel with trained and experienced staff seizes the opportunity to host you and strive to provide a memorable stay for your loved ones.
The Laleh Park Hotel Restaurant (Alakart) is served by Iranian and international delicacies, and the Laleh Park Café offers a varied menu of delicious moments for its guests. The health center provides its guests with a Platts & Yoga room, a dry sauna, a steam sauna, an outdoor bath, and skin care and massage. Additional facilities include a gym, tennis court, car park, taxi service, a 24-hour room service and a pool at Tallinn Park Hotel. Laleh Park Hotel Tabriz is located in a location not only close to the city’s sightseeing and green areas with a very good location making it easy for travelers to shop. You will have a park and you can easily go to Tabriz. Booking Taleb Lale Park Hotel online is a memorable stay.

Attractions near the hotel

  • Distance to Tabriz Il Goli Park (El Goli) 15 minutes by car(10.0 km)
  • 27 minutes drive to Tabriz citadel(14.2 km)
  • 24 minutes by car(13.3 km) to Blue Mosque
  • 17 minutes by car(10.7 km) to Tabriz Tombs Tomb
  • Distance to Qajar Museum 17 minutes by car (10.4 km)
  • 26 minutes by car(13.9 km) to Tabriz Mosque
  • 28 minutes by car to the historic house of Heidarzadeh(14.6 km)
  • Distance to St Stepanos Church 3 hours 15 minutes by car(242 km)
  • Distance to Jewelery Center (Bridge Market) 19 minutes by car(10.0 km)
  • Distance to Laleh Park Tabriz 4 minutes by car (1.1 km)
  • 17 minutes by car to the Crystal Tower(10.9 km)
  • 14 min by car(9.5 km) to Tabriz International Exhibition
  • 15 minutes to airport

hotel facilities

  • Wireless Internet (Indoor , Inside the lobby).
  • Food and drink (Mini-bar , Coffee Shop , Restaurant).
  • Services ( Laundry, Business center,medical services, 24-hour housekeeping, cab , Reception hall , conference room, conference hall , Smoking room).
  • Room facilities (Refrigerator, Television , Phone , Bathroom , Toilets (Iranian Toilets & Toilets,Tea Maker).
  • Facilities for the disabled (Entrance ramp).
  • Services (traditional teahouse , 24-hour housekeeping , Laundry , cab).
  • Parking ( Parking ).
  • Outside ( green space)
  • entertainment facilities ( Swimming pool , Sauna , Jacuzzi,, Gym ,tennis court).
  • Public Facilities( air conditioning , Fire Alarm System , Elevator, Central antenna, Safe box, Power switch).


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Tabriz - Pasdaran highway - Lalehpark Hotel