karim khan Hotel

Overview of the karim khan hotel

The Karim Khan Zand Hotel is a modern and traditional architecture was opened in 1392 in shiraz. The privileges of this upscale and modern hotel include easy access to tourist sites such as Zandieh complex, Shah Cheragh, Hafez, Saadi, Eram Gardens and shopping centers. With traditional architecture in a modern, tranquil setting, the hotel provides a pleasant and comfortable stay for its guests. The other feature of this hotel can mention to traditional teahouse which design by Colorful glass on it windows And has traditional sofas Which made by traditional iranian cartoon and you could order different Herbal Tea. Shiraz is one of the cities that attracts many tourists every year, with lush and beautiful parks and gardens and diverse and numerous monuments. Not only Iranian citizens but also many foreign tourists choose Shiraz for travel and sightseeing. So the city has a lot of hotels, hotels with different facilities and price levels. One of the hotels you can choose to stay in Shiraz is the Karim Khan Hotel in Shiraz. This hotel offers stylish and comfortable rooms and suites making your stay very pleasant. The Karim Khan Hotel, on the other hand, is close to many of Shiraz’s historical and recreational sites, making it easy for you to commute.
Rooms and suites
In the rooms and suites of the Karim Khan Hotel in Shiraz, you will feel at ease. Clean rooms, comfortable furnishings, a TV, and a cool-heating system are among the facilities at Karim Khan Hotel Rooms. These rooms and suites are modern and stylish on the one hand, and on the other hand they have been used to decorate traditional Iranian patterns. The Karim Khan Hotel has 5 rooms and suites. Some of these rooms are a board. Others have double beds – 2 twin beds or 2 single beds. Couples or groups of couples who want more space can use double suites. Some rooms are triple. And then it is possible to add a folding bed in the rooms.

Attractions near the hotel

  • Distance to Nasir al-Molk Mosque: 1 km and 384 m ( 3 minutes by car)
  • Distance to Citadel Karim Khan Zand: 855 meters (11 minutes walk)
  • Distance to Shahramagh shrine: 2 km 168 m (8 minutes by car)
  • Distance to Eram Garden: 3 km and 766 m (11 minutes by car)

Attractions near the hotel

  • Wireless Internet (Indoor , Inside the lobby).
  • Food and drink (Mini-bar , Coffee Shop).
  • Languages (English , Italian).
  • Facilities for the disabled (Entrance ramp).
  • Services (traditional teahouse , 24-hour housekeeping , Laundry , cab).
  • Public Facilities (air conditioning , Central antenna , Safe Deposit Box (Inside Rooms) , Electronic door card system , Elevator , Fire Alarm System ).
  • Room facilities (Refrigerator, Television , Phone , Bathroom ).
  • Parking ( Parking (capacity of 15 cars)).


+98 21 49763763
Shiraz - Twenty meters from Saadi Cinema - Zarr Commercial Complex - Unit 202