Ghasr Hotel

Overview of the Ghasr Hotel

The city of Mashhad is always open to pilgrims and pilgrims. Because of its special attraction, and according to the special days, the number of travelers and ministers of this city is varies. Ghasr International Hotel also has different rate in order to traffic, discounts and, time. it can be a little higher in some time of a year. Apart from this, every time of the year you come to this hotel, you will enjoy a memorable and enjoyable stay with welcoming guests of Ghasr International Hotel. Ghasr International Hotel Features Ghasr International Hotel is about 20,000 square meters with 219 rooms. This hotel is less than 800 meters far from the holy shrine of Imam-Reza, the nearest five star hotel to this shrine. The hotel also features a travel agency and tours of the city and suburbs, cafe, resident physician, taxi service, indoor car parking, dedicated luggage storage, video, satellite, IPTV system and more. Highlights of the hotel include: Airport or rail reception service and reception on arrival. There is a seafood restaurant and fast food restaurant in addition to the main restaurant. A professional coffee shop in the luxurious surroundings of the hotel lobby with 24-hour service is very suitable for passengers to enjoy the view and their drink. Breakfast is served free and with a free buffet of 156 hot and cold Iranian dishes. This restaurant have a Very good quality of food. Hotel also have a Good geographical location and other diverse possibilities.

Cleaning of hotel rooms

Hotel experienced staff are ready to fulfill your demands at any time. In the usual case, if you are not in the room, hotel staff will clean your room unless you inform them with your own card. Everything is fine in terms of silence and calm. Rooms are also decorated with modern designing system.

Hotel access to sightseeing

As the center of gravity, the holy shrine of Imam-Reza sees many hotels and markets around it, this situation blessing the business around there. Pilgrims have easy access to the old Reza market, various restaurants and small markets that sometimes sell Chinese goods. You can find many shops around you to buy items like perfume, rosary, ring, saffron, etc. There is no problem with that. To use other amusements such as water parks, ancient sites, poets’ tombs, prestigious business centers, etc. Taxi and agency services at the hotel are ready to serve pilgrims. This hotel is recommended to anyone looking for a pleasant stay, special experience and professional service. For those who are fine-tuned and meticulous, they pay special attention to every single moment of the journey.


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