Darvish Royal Hotel

Overview of the Darvishi Royal hotel

The luxurious Darvishi Hotel is one of the tallest buildings in the city of Mashhad, with 20 stories high, is a blend of modern and classic architecture that can be touched upon entering the hotel lobby. This hotel offers excellent amenities such as season rooms, VIP and Royal units with its own unique features, pool and spa, fitness center, stylish and modern shopping center with all kinds of traditional Iranian goods and tea restaurants with its excellent service and conference hall. Royal Darvishi Hotel Located in the center of Mashhad, and just about 300 meters far from Imam-Reza’s holy shrine.

Initial panorama of the hotel

When you arriving at the hotel, you will be greeted by the feeling of entering a 5-star hotel. As you enter the lobby that is decorated with marble stones, stylish chandelier furniture and fancy chandeliers you will feel the luxury sprit of hotel. To enter the room, shopping, spa and pool areas you need to use elevator. What distinguishes this hotel from its competitors in the city is, its first-rate service all day long and providing the most amenities 24-hour ground-floor restaurant with high quality traditional food. Roof Garden Restaurant on the second floor is charming in design. The restaurant is made of wood and there are small gardens with natural palms and two palm trees in the middle of the restaurant. This restaurant is connected to the traditional pond café, and after dinner you can spend hours there. Turquoise Restaurant is also on the 1st floor and dedicated to serve Italian food, quality of this restaurant is excellent. The purple restaurant on the upper floor serves breakfast.

Royal Darvishi Hotel Amenities

Pool & Spa at Royal Darvishi Hotel is Located on the 2nd floor, the unique design of the steam sauna pool and the area make it a unique competitor among Iranian hotels. There is a tranquil atmosphere with fish ponds, dry and steam saunas, separate shower and bath rooms. The hotel’s gym is locate there too. The luxurious shopping mall is a blend of modern and traditional architecture.

Cleanness at the hotel

The hotel rooms are very clean and stylish with air conditioning and lighting. The Rome service is fully compliant with a 5 star hotel and is available 24 hours a day. Hotel elevators can only be used with a secure room door card which can be securely used. This hotel is recommended to people with relatively high budgets who are looking for a comfortable stay in a luxurious hotel with excellent facilities.


+98 51 38080000
Mashhad, Emam Reza Boulevard