Dariush Hotel

Overview of the Dariush hotel

Dariush Hotel of Kish is one of the most unique hotels in Iran on Kish Island. 5 star residence that symbolizes the splendor of ancient Iranian culture and civilization. The Dariush Hotel is one of the most beautiful accommodation centers in Kish architecture in the ancient history of Iran Enclosed the world.

Unique Features of Dariush Hotel of Kish

The Dariush Hotel of Kish, with its architecture inspired by ancient Iran and superb amenities, makes a pleasant trip for passengers to Kish. The rooms and suites of the hotel, with its attractive views of the garden or the sea and its beachfront villas, have created a cozy environment for your guests to enjoy the true tranquility and enjoyment while staying in Kish.

Access to spectacular places

Convenient access to recreation, tourism area and shopping, varied and delicatessen restaurants and recreational amenities such as billiards, tennis courts and diving facilities are among the best that the Dariush Kish Hotel provides to your family trips in complete relaxation.
The special location of the Dariush Hotel on the east coast of the island of Kish, give you the morning walks sometimes on the beach, watching the sunset and the dock nights make it a great choice for romantic and family trips. Architecture design from the Achaemenid palaces of ancient Iran is the first gift of this 5-star hotel to your eyes. All that is needed for a cozy and peaceful stay is the hotel’s Darius Hotel

Who is the hotel for?

Dariush hotel is the best choice for young couples. This hotel is a perfect choice if you are looking to start your honeymoon with a spectacular sea view and a varied breakfast in your honeymoon. Delicious and fantastic food at the Apadana and Pasargada restaurants doubles the enjoyment of the trip. A one or two minute walk from the Dariush Hotel reach you to the best place of town. Just a short walk reach you to the campus market, and other shopping malls such as Kish Mal, Paniz Market, Kish Hypermarket, Kish Center and Sadaf market easily accessible.
Rooms, suites and beachfront villas are all available at this hotel. The furnished rooms provide guests with a comfortable sofa, TV, minibar, safe case, free internet and comfortable beds for a cozy sleep after a day of excitement and fun. All three types of rooms have separate bathrooms. The rooms are watered and vacuumed daily to provide the same sense of comfort on the trip.
It might be a good idea to spend time staying in the hotel, stroll in the lush garden, enjoy a coffee in the coffee shop, share your travel experiences with other guests in the hotel lobby, and enjoy a pleasant memory of your stay in Kish.


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