Aramis Hotel

Overview of the Aramis hotel

Aramis Hotel is a 4-star new hotel located in the Valiasr Square between Africa and Esteghlal Cinema and the corner of Danesh Kian Alley. This hotel is one of the largest hotel chain in the Tehran and has a history of hotel business in many countries of the world including Paris, Prague, Turkey, and Thailand. This hotel is now opened in Tehran.

Where is this hotel located?

This hotel is Located on one of the major highways of Tehran and is accessible to business centers and offices, ministries and businesses with public transport, including the subway, bus and taxi. Aramis Hotel of Tehran has 84 accommodation units, including a Junior Suite and standard double rooms. It operates as a commercial boutique hotel and features a restaurant, coffee shop, Internet lobby, taxi service, a laundry service, an elevator, a conference room, and housekeeping.  

Tehran Almas Hotel, Best choice in Tehran

The unique features of this hotel are located on the outskirts of Valiasr Street and you can walk to Valiasr Street without worrying about the late hours of the night. The hotel staff especially are very warm and cordial as well as experienced workmanship. The housekeeping department also seems to be doing a very good job of keeping the hotel prestigious and always smiling. All in-room amenities are designed to give you the comfort of a room. The rooms of this hotel are designed to make everyone feel comfortable and relaxed. You can also use services such as coffee shop, restaurant, internet, TV and laundry service. Passengers can take advantage of the quiet lounge space next to beautiful aquariums, can lobby and recharge their electronics and watch TV without having to go into the room. Featuring free Wi-Fi, the hotel features free loungers and cool juices in the lobby for travelers. After a day’s work, you can enjoy the Aramis Hotel’s café and restaurant in a peaceful setting and see the bustling Valiasr Street while having coffee or tea.  

Who can stay in this hotel?

This hotel is good To all those who intend to travel for office, carry out administrative tasks, job searches and people who are looking for a quiet and close place to the business work. To everyone who cares about the quality and cleanliness of rooms to everyone who cares about the quality and variety of food in their meals this hotel is the best to stay in Tehran. Aramis hotel is suitable for anyone who wants to travel with different goals and tastes. Even those who love shopping can understand the true meaning of shopping fun, especially at auctions.


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Tehran - Vali Asr Square - valiasr St - No .1752