Abbasi Hotel

Overview of the Abbasi hotel

Isfahan’s Shah Abbasi Hotel is a unique and international residence that offers unique decorations of the Safavid art as the most beautiful and evolved style of Islamic architecture in Iran, which makes the hotel guests so fascinated by the artisan travelers less so. This hotel is able to embrace traveler who travels to the beautiful city of Isfahan with its beauty. Staying at the Abbasi Hotel is like a visit to the Naghsh Jahan Square. A masterpiece of architecture at the hotel Coming to this hotel, with old designs, arches and beautiful plaster casts, both visiting and beautifying in a modern historic mansion. Of course, taking a picture of its beautiful courtyard with the trees and flowers and the dome of the Chahar Bagh School, which leads to the inn, will also retain its miniature walls and millennia. Abbasi Hotel in Esfahan include: a variety of cafeteria, traditional restaurants and car parking tables. Rental, Taxi Conference Room Service, 24-Hour High Speed Internet Services, Print, Fax, Scan, Landry, VIP Service, Physician, Translator, Shopping Center, Carpet Store, Newspaper Craft Shop, Tailor-Made, Sports Facilities (Pool) Baby pool, Jacuzzi, steam and dry sauna, gym, library, Quran Museum, visual services, ATM And wireless internet.

Room Features of Isfahan's Shah Abbasi Hotel

Facilities of Abbasi Hotel Rooms in Isfahan include: Heating and Cooling System, Telephone, Refrigerator with Mini-bar, Air Conditioning, Safety Deposit Box, Hairdryer, Bathroom with Shower and Bathtub, Satellite TV Channels, Radio and Music Broadcast Panels, Room Service for 24-hour, breakfast buffet, tea and coffee making facilities in the room, and high-speed wireless Internet access. Isfahan Abbasi Hotel has 225 rooms, suites and apartments, consisting of one-bedroom and two-bedded rooms, panorama and campus, ordinary suites, Qajar, Safavid, Green, as well as two-and three-bedroom apartments. Safety systems are special and in accordance with the principles of international standards and the modern day world. Exceptional and beautiful views of the garden and turquoise dome can be found in some rooms, including the landscape and the campus. Exquisite and old art decorations and works in rooms such as Qajar and Safavid decoration and new and beautiful designs that emerge in other rooms during renovations.

Who can enjoy staying at this hotel?

To all compatriots’ people inside and outside the country as well as engineers and architects of architecture and lovers of original Iranian architecture, I recommend visiting the five-star Abbasi Hotel in Isfahan. Clean, unobtrusive exterior, parking, stylish and upscale hotel and good access to the city center and other buildings can be a great option for the well-being of travelers.


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