espinas palace hotel

Overview of the Espinas Palace Hotel

Espinas Palace Hotel is one of the newest hotels in Tehran. This five-star hotel offers beauty and splendor to its guests. The interior and exterior of this hotel looks like its magnificent name. Guests of this hotel will really feel like they are in a palace. This hotel is located in the west of Tehran and Far from the bustle place. The hotel is easy to access and the surrounding area is almost quiet. But that doesn’t mean the hotel is far from urban spaces. This hotel is close to famous places like Tehran International Exhibition and Parvazi Park. In just 20 minutes you can reach Milad Tower.
Review of hotel The hotel is also large in size and has 24 floors. Espinas Palace Hotel has over 500 rooms and suites. The hotel also has all the amenities like an amphitheater and a conference room. The hotel is built to the standards of five star hotels. Disabled rooms and strong safety systems set the hotel apart from other Tehran hotels. The hotel has all other amenities like restaurant, coffee shop, pool, Jacuzzi, wireless internet and etc.

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