Dr kasra sabeti

Ear , Nose and throat ( ENT )
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Dr. Kasra Sabeti was born in 1345 in Tehran, and from his childhood, he showed special attention and interest in visual arts and the scrutiny of volumes. In such a way that at a young age he was often engaged in teaching and learning in the same category as older students

After completing high school with the rank of 65th in the country, he was accepted into the medical field of Tehran University of Medical Sciences and always tried to learn and deeply understand the concepts of biological knowledge and the functioning of the human body system.

During his first years of studying medicine, he started learning violin and piano instruments

  In the following years, he appeared on stage as a soloist and conductor in several concerts


After completing the course of general medicine and serving in different regions of the country and gaining valuable experience in treating and caring for patients, he was accepted in the field of cosmetic and ear, throat, and nose surgery by winning the first place in the country's national specialty assistant exam

While passing the residency, he continued to pay attention to understanding the infrastructure of this science, which resulted in obtaining board certificated

After graduating he made great efforts in the field of improving his scientific and experimental knowledge by scrutinizing the post-operative results and their long-term follow-ups.

He also has completed many additional courses to

Increase his basic knowledge and has always participated in conferences and seminars and discussions with colleagues and professors in this field. And  Now with more than 15 years of experience in the field of cosmetic nose surgery, he is busy serving patients.

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